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Gain a competitive edge in the job market by demonstrating your mastery of core Unity skills. Designed for students, hobbyists, and professionals, there's a certification that's right for you.

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Stand out from the crowd

The result of close collaboration between Unity, hiring managers, and testing-design specialists, Unity certifications test the core skills needed for a variety of roles so that you can validate your expertise and showcase your readiness for your next professional career move.


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Find the right certification to meet your needs. Check out Unity’s full suite of Certifications across four difficulty levels and specialization tracks ranging from Programmer to Artist.

Certified User
High school and Unity beginners

These entry-level certifications validate your foundational skills in Unity and ability to create interactive, real-time 3D experiences

Certified User: Programmer 

Certified User: Artist 

Certified User: VR Developer

Certified Associate
Post-secondary and aspiring professionals

Stand out from the crowd with a certification designed for creators with a portfolio of Unity projects ready to apply for their first professional Unity role.

Certified Associate: Game Developer

Certified Associate: Programmer

Certified Associate: Artist

Certified Professional
2–4 years of Unity work experience

Continue growing your skills with a certification that highlights your readiness for your next professional challenge.

Certified Professional: Programmer

Certified Professional: Artist

Certified Expert
5+ years of Unity work experience

Validate your expert-level skills and mastery of advanced Unity concepts

Certified Expert: Programmer

Rigorously designed

We collaborate with subject matter experts, testing-design specialists, and conduct extensive research to identify and measure the most relevant competencies and skills for each role to capture what matters on the job.

Stand out from the crowd

Demonstrate to employers that you possess the technical skills and applied knowledge to tackle your next professional challenge and be successful in that role.

Highlight your achievement

Share your Unity Certification badge on your LinkedIn profile, resume, and professional portfolio to highlight your skills to recruiters and hiring managers.

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Take a course to learn and prepare for your Unity Certification exam.

Practice tests

Do a trial run so you know what to expect on test day.

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Save up to 40% when you purchase bundled resources to prepare for the certification exam.

Frequently asked questions

Taking the Exam

What are the Terms and Conditions that I must agree to in order to take a Unity Certification exam?

You can read the full text of our exam Terms and Conditions here.

Can I take the certification exam at home?

Our testing partner, Pearson VUE, is offering an online, proctored exam. Please visit Pearson’s site to learn more.

What do I need to bring on the day of the test?

You will receive an email from our testing partner, Pearson VUE, after registering for the exam. The email will share what to do on the day of the test.

Please check Pearson’s Coronavirus update and FAQ for the latest information on testing centers and procedures.

How many questions will be on the exam?

Each certification exam is a little different. Unity Certified Associate contains 100 questions. All other Unity Certifications contain 40–70 questions, depending on the exam.

How much time will I have to complete the exam?

Unity Certified Associate
You have 90 minutes to complete the Unity Certified Associate exam. Please allocate 105 minutes for the whole process, including time needed to review the exam instructions and to read and accept the Unity Certification Program Terms and Conditions.

Unity Certified Professional certifications
You have 105 minutes to complete the Unity Certified Professional certification exams. Please allocate 120 minutes for the whole process, including time needed to review the exam instructions and to read and accept the Unity Certification Program Terms and Conditions.

Unity Certified Expert Certifications
You have 165 minutes to complete Unity Expert Certification exams. Please allocate 180 minutes for the whole process, including time needed to review the exam instructions and to read and accept the Unity Certification Program Terms and Conditions.

What are the prerequisites for taking the exam?

The prerequisites for each exam are different. Please refer to each certification exam’s page to learn about its prerequisites.

Do I lose points if I answer incorrectly?

No, you don’t lose points for answering questions incorrectly.

Can I review my answers before completing the exam?

Yes. Before you complete the exam, you will have the opportunity to review your answers to all questions.

Can I take the exam again if I do not pass?

Yes. If you do not achieve a passing score on an exam the first time, you must wait at least 15 days before retaking the same exam. If you do not achieve a passing score on the second attempt, you must wait at least 90 days before retaking the same exam. You do not receive any discounts when retaking the exam.

I would like to request special accommodations for a Unity Certification. What is Unity’s accommodations policy?

If you need special accommodations, please complete and submit our accommodations request form. Test accommodations are individualized and considered on a case-by-case basis.

Once an accommodation is approved by the Unity Education team, Unity will notify you by email and send the request to Pearson VUE Accommodations. Please allow two weeks for Pearson VUE to process the request, then call them at +1 800-466-0450, so you can schedule your exam. Do not schedule through Pearson VUE’s website or registration phone line. 

Please note that the purpose of test accommodations is to provide candidates with full access to the test. They are not a guarantee of improved performance or test completion.

How long is a Unity Certification valid?

Unity Certifications are valid for 3 years from your certification date. To maintain your certification status after 3 years, you must retake the exam.

Scoring and Results

How do I see score reports for exams I took previously?

You can login to the Pearson VUE website to access score reports for all exams you have taken with Pearson VUE.

What if my name is spelled incorrectly on my score report? Can it be changed?

The name on your score report cannot be changed after the test has been taken. Please make sure your name is spelled correct before you start the exam.

What score do I need to pass the exam?

All Unity exams have a scale range of 200 to 700. The passing score is 500. Any score of 500 or above is a “pass.” Any score below 500 is a “fail.”

Unity will not provide information on how many items or what percent of items were correct or incorrect. Also, for security reasons, Unity doesn’t provide the specifics of the questions responded to correctly or incorrectly.

How do I get my score report?

To access your score report, please go to Pearson VUE and click “Sign In.” Once signed in, you can click on the “View Score Report” link to see your score reports. When you take a test at a Pearson VUE Test Center, the test administrator will provide you with a printed score report before you leave the center.

When will I get my exam results?

You will receive a score report with your exam results within a few minutes of completing your exam. If you pass the exam, you will also receive a digital badge in a few days.

Can I find out if I answered a specific question correctly or incorrectly?

No. In order to protect the security of our certifications, Unity does not share information about the specific questions that were correct or incorrect.

Can I request a reevaluation of my score?

No. Because Unity must ensure that candidates who pass exams and earn a certification have demonstrated the required proficiency level(s) across the skill domain(s), the final result of an exam cannot be changed.

Can I get a refund if I don’t pass an exam?

No. Unity does not offer refunds for exams that you do not pass or exam appointments you miss. Additionally, Unity does not provide any discount if you retake an exam.

How do I print my e-certificate when I pass the exam?

If you passed, you can print your certificate from here: If you are a new user, please create a new account by clicking “Never logged in before?” If you forgot your user info, please click “Forgot your password or login ID?”

Once you are logged into your account, navigate to the “Certifications” tab and under “Downloads” click “PDF Certificate.”

What do I receive upon getting certified?

Once you pass your exam(s) and become certified, you will receive a digital badge and a printable digital certificate.

Badges can be easily shared to social networks including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks and can be embedded on your website or blog.

Exam Security Policy

How can I submit feedback about an exam question or an exam experience?

Unity is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality and integrity in its Certification Program. If you have a grievance or issue with an exam question, or want to report a security concern, please contact us at

To report a concern about a testing center or technical difficulties experienced during your exam, please contact customer service at Pearson VUE.

What constitutes a violation of Unity’s Terms and Conditions?

The scenarios below are all examples of how a candidate may violate Unity’s Terms and Conditions for certifications:

1. Cheating during the exam (such as looking at the monitors of other exam takers, using an unauthorized device or looking at notes).

2. Providing or accepting improper assistance during the exam.

3. Falsifying score reports, by modifying and/or altering the original results/score reports for any exam.

4. Falsifying identity or impersonating another individual to gain access to an exam.

5. Unity will perform statistical analysis for each location on a frequent basis. Candidates will be disqualified if Unity discovers any misconduct practices based on the analysis.

6. Copying, publishing, disclosing, transmitting, selling, offering to sell, posting, downloading, distributing in any way, or otherwise transferring, modifying, making derivative works of, reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, or translating any exam in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, verbal or written, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose.

7. Violating the agreement with the exam delivery provider in any way.

What happens when a candidate violates Unity Certification Terms?

If a candidate violates any exam policy or Terms and Conditions or engages in any misconduct that may affect the security and integrity of the Unity Certification Program, the candidate may face severe consequences such as:

  1. Being barred from taking any other Unity certifications in the future.
  2. Losing any certifications achieved in the past, including test scores and badge credentials.
What happens if there are Certification exam security and integrity issues at a Testing Center?

Unity may suspend testing at any Testing Center location where there is a possible security or integrity problem for the Unity Certification program. The candidates involved in testing sessions with improper activity will be banned and their scores will be canceled.

Based on security and integrity concerns, Unity also reserves the right to exclude specific regions, countries, and testing centers from the Unity Certification Program altogether.

What is proxy testing? Why should I avoid proxy testing?

Proxy testing is a situation in which someone takes an exam on behalf of another candidate. Any such behavior is unacceptable and in such cases both the exam taker and the intended test taker will face serious penalties including no further access to any Unity certification exams.

If a candidate engages in proxy testing, the candidate will be permanently banned from taking any Unity certification exams. Additionally, all certifications and test scores will be revoked. These actions may be taken even if the candidate did not intend to defraud the Unity Certification program.

If you believe that a website or a company provides proxy test-taking services, please inform Unity immediately by sending an email message to

Should I use “brain dump” sites to prepare for the Unity certifications?

A “brain dump” is a website that contains certification exam content that has been fraudulently obtained with the intention to share it with, or sell it to, exam candidates. The content included in brain dumps is exactly the same or substantially similar to items appearing on the exam. Because the exam content was fraudulently obtained, using this type of material to prepare for or during an exam constitutes cheating. Brain dump providers are in violation of Unity intellectual property rights and nondisclosure agreements.

If Unity learns that a candidate used a brain dump site to prepare for an exam, the candidate will be permanently banned or prohibited from taking any future Unity Certification. In addition, test scores and certifications, if applicable, may be revoked.

If you think you have discovered a brain dump site with Unity content, please inform Unity by sending an email to

If I report a security concern, can I remain anonymous?

Yes. All correspondence to can remain anonymous, and we will not share your contact information with anyone. Please mention in the email that you would like to remain anonymous. If you choose to include your contact information so that we can follow up with more information, we will ensure that it remains secure.

I think I have more than one profile with Pearson VUE, what should I do?

To determine if you have more than one profile with Pearson VUE, please contact Pearson VUE Customer Service. The agent will guide you through the process to address any duplicate records or accounts.

I need to change my name listed on my account.

To change your name, please contact Pearson VUE customer service. The agent will explain the process and where to send the required documentation for a name change. At this time, only English and Japanese characters are supported for names. No special characters are supported.

I need to update the phone number or email listed on my account.

You can update your address, phone number or email by signing in to Pearson VUE. Click on “Sign In” at the top of the page and click on the “My Profile” link to change this information.

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