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The mission of Unity Labs is to explore how game authoring, AI, deep learning, computer visualization, VR, AR, and storytelling will evolve over the next decade, radically transforming how games will be created and played.

Behind the scenes at Unity Labs

Unity Labs creates prototypes, releases new technologies, publishes scientific papers, gives talks, and works with academia and partners on advanced research. We celebrate moonshot ideas – every project and prototype brings us closer to what Unity will become.

Unity Slices Demo

Coming soon – Unity Slices: Table

Join us in an experimental mixed-reality demo that’s built to bring people together, whether you’re sharing a physical table or are sitting oceans apart. Connect with anyone, anywhere, with passthrough VR for up to four players on the Meta Quest.

This free social demo will be available on App Lab very soon.

Projects and articles

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Learnings from the Unity MARS HMD companion app

The spatial design team, part of the authoring tools group in Unity Labs, is currently working on a head-mounted display (HMD) companion app for Unity MARS.

Unity Slices: Table, the future of social mixed reality

At Meta Connect, the Unity Labs team shared Unity Slices: Table, a new demo to show how Passthrough VR can support mixed reality social experiences focused on tangible interfaces.

EditorXR Runtime

EditorXR lets you create content spatially, bringing the full functionality of the Unity Editor’s authoring tools into reality.

Labs Spotlight: Unity MARS

Unity MARS is a new Unity toolset specifically designed to help our creators make better spatial experiences and games that can run anywhere in the world.

Research papers

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ProtoRes: architecture for deep modeling of human pose

ProtoRes can be used for advanced AI-assisted animation tooling to construct a full static human pose based on sparse and variable user inputs.

A sliced Wasserstein loss for neural texture synthesis

Learn more about the problem of computing a textural loss based on the statistics extracted from the feature activations of a CNN optimized for object recognition.

Shader and texture level of detail using ray cones

Improvements to the ray-cones algorithm improve image quality and performance in game engines.

Bringing an accurate Fresnel to real-time rendering

Discover how a new approximate Fresnel reflectance model enables the accurate reproduction of ground-truth reflectance in real-time rendering engines.

Unity Labs’ past projects showcase

Downloads and videos

Unity Labs has a variety of projects and concepts available for download to build on, try out, use in projects, or get inspired.

From our team

Morten S Mikkelsen, Director of Graphics, Labs

“There is much untapped potential for easy content acquisition using consumer devices such as mobile phones and webcams. And we are on a mission to tap it!”

Morten S Mikkelsen, Director of Graphics, Labs
Amir Ebrahimi, Principal Software Engineer

“As we write software for XR, we need to develop systems that support continually changing requirements due to the pace at which innovation is happening.”

Amir Ebrahimi, Principal Software Engineer
Dominic Laflamme, Head of Unity Labs

“We work with bleeding-edge research of all kinds to explore what game authoring and development will look like in 10 years.”

Dominic Laflamme, Head of Unity Labs
Eric Heitz, Director of Graphics Research

“Unity Labs Grenoble is pushing the math and physics of rendering for better, faster, stronger graphics. We share our discoveries through world-class scientific publications and open-source prototypes.”

Eric Heitz, Director of Graphics Research
Greg Madison, Senior Interaction Designer

“Technical knowledge should not be the boundary of imagination. Instead, thoughts and intents should be interpreted by the machine to become the next programming language.”

Greg Madison, Senior Interaction Designer
Nicolas Meuleau, Director of AI Research

“Autonomous robotics and machine learning open the road to game AIs that are both easier to author and more fun to play with.”

Nicolas Meuleau, Director of AI Research

Research partnerships at Unity

Unity combines the best of academia and industry by doing fundamental and application-driven research. We publish our work and actively engage with the global research community. Our research centers around immersive technologies, robotics, AI and machine learning, and web3 applications.

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