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Since 10th April, 2010 Kostya has been unconscious in intensive care treatment department number 1 of North-Estonian Hospital. Kostya’s current condition is reflected in an excerpt from his clinical record.

The excerpt from clinical record and results of encephalogram

German (.pdf, 45 kb)


German (.pdf, 64 kb)

The results of encephalogram of  Konstantin from 5th May 2010

During medical examination the eyes of the patient are open. There is a bioelectrical activity registered in both cerebral hemispheres, mostly of teta and delta frequencies; 2s SW waves of deficient frequency are mostly registered in front zones. Delta and teta rhythms in left back zones are more monoform and with higher voltage than the activity in right back zones. Also, in front and middle zones an amplitude activity is higher and better organized through left hemisphere. During pain test main rhythm is with no particular changes.
Conclusions: Pathological EEG. Bioelectrical activity of the brain is slowed. There is constant epileptic activity linked to this background.