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Kostja's condition

Since April 10th Kostja is unconsciuos in the first department of intensive therapy of North-Estonian hospital. Kostja's condition by the moment of the arrival to the hospital is reported in the statement from the sickness history.


23.10-29.10.2017 Another quiet week. On Monday night, Kostya practically did not sleep. So he had to catch up and slept all day long. On Tuesday KOstya played well with the ball. Every day we exercised on a treadmill and did some physiotherapy. When we had a chance we went outside for a walk.

16.10-22.10.2017 Nothing significant has happened this week. The weather was bad, so it matched Kostya’s mood. Except on Thursday with a smile on his face Kostya was watching his niece playing, but after this he then wept bitterly.

09.10-15.10.2017 On Monday Kostya’s mood was good,  with noticeable pleasure he played a ball. On Tuesday night he wept bitterly. On Wednesday night Kostya saw something in a dream, and it almost made him to jump on the bed, it's very good that Dad managed to catch him. On Saturday Kostya muttered something back, when mum asked him: "Is your name is Fedya?".

25.09-01.10.2017 The week was calm. Kostya’s mood changed often: one moment Kostya was what was  going on around him with a smile on his  face, then the next moment he wept bitterly. On Thursday, when mom asked Kostya: "Are we friends?", Kostya nodded his head. It was difficult to determine for sure, whether this was done intentionally or simply was a coincidence. After  this Kostya tried to repeat the nursery rhyme inner voice.

25.09-01.10.2017 The week was calm. Kostya's mood changed often:one moment Kostya was what was  going on around him with a smile onhis  face, then the next moment he wept bitterly. On Thursday, when momasked Kostya: "Are we friends?", Kostya nodded his head. It was difficultto determine for sure, whether this was done intentionally or simply was acoincidence. After  this Kostya tried to repeat the nursery rhyme innervoice.                                                                

18.09-24.09.2017   At the beginning of the week the weather wasnot very good, so most of the time we spent at home. But on Saturday and Sundaythe weather turned sunny. During the weekend we took some long walks on thestreet. Kostya spent plenty of time walking on his feet, was smiling a lot.While we were walking on the river bank he watched the boats on the river, wasobserving children riding a train  along the promenade, laughed as he waswatching his little niece playing. 

11.09-17.09.2017   This week Kostya got a little cold, but he hadno temperature. On Thursday, it seemed to my mum, that Kostya moved his lips onher request. The weather on Sunday was warm and sunny and we spent a lot oftime walking outsideon the street:

04.09-10.09.2017  The week haspassed more or less calmly with the exception of a small epileptic seizure thathappened on Thursday. During the remaining days everything was as usual: we didsome physical exercises at home, worked on exercising machines and thetreadmill at home. When we had some free time we took some walks outside. 

28.08-03.09.2017  On Monday Kostya was responding to the contactreally well, reacted to humour. After the walking outside his mood has goneslightly down the hill. On Tuesday there was a good and sunny weather. Kostyawalked well along the street, played with the ball on the stadium. As itappeared to Mum, he raised her eyebrows at her request. On Wednesday we visitedfriends. When Kostya sat behind the table he quickly adapted and began to takethe grapes and apples from the table by himself, he also listened to theconversation and smiled. The next day, when mum said: "Get up, let's gofor a walk," Kostya made an attempt to get up from the sofa. On Saturday,it was seen very well how Kostya was delighted that his niece has returned: hewas watching how she was playing, smiled, listened to what she was saying. 

21.08-27.08.2017   On Wednesday evening, Kostya was looking at Mumfor a long time, and then he wept bitterly, it was hard to calm him down. Heseemed like he understands all about his condition . On Saturday we walked fora long time on the promenade, several times Kostya walked independently forabout thirty meters. 

14.08-20.08.2017   On Tuesday, Kostya slept well and was wellrested. On the street he was chasing a ball, walked a lot with some support,was smiling. On Wednesday, while Kostya was in the shower, an epileptic seizurehas happened. The last time the seizure occurred more, than two months ago. OnThursday it was funny to watch the situation, when Kostya's niece  turnedaway, he took away her banana from her hand. 

07.08-13.08.2017   Working week went as usual: before the dinnerwe were doing things with Kostya at home, and after the lunch we went outside.On Wednesday, Kostya took away the phone from the father's hands, which alwayssparks some interest in Kostya and began to examine it  it. In the eveningthey tried to play on the metallophone:   . On Saturday we went to the Ust-Narva for thedays of the town. The weather was sunny. There was plenty of interesting thingsgoing on: some playground with obstacles for children, a concert, a big market   . 

31.07-06.08.2017   We continued our stay in Haapsalu. Afterintensive training in the pool, on physical therapy, all free time was spent onthe street, good weather was good   . On Tuesday, Kostya beat off the ball well,several times on his own, he kept his balance on walking along the street   . On Wednesday, Kostya was very adequate: he wassmiling with a smile, listening to what they were saying.   On Friday we returned to Narva. 

24.07-30.07.2017   On Monday we went to Haapsalu to therehabilitation centre. They got there normally in four and a half hours. OnMonday there were no classes, and starting Tuesday, during the week, I wasengaged with a physical therapist, with a therapist teaching Kostya to dosomething myself, a psychologist, a speech therapist, swimming in the pool.Kostya really enjoyed playing with the ball in the pool   . On Saturday they were engaged only with aphysiotherapist, and Sunday was a free day. On this day we met with our goodfriends who came to visit Kostya   . 

17.07-23.07.2017    Physiotherapy sessions at the polyclinichave ended this week. On Monday during the session Kostya was kept his balancereally well while walking, was trying to catch the ball:   . On Tuesday night when Kostya was as;eep hemuttered something. On Sunday, we did plenty of walking. For about fortyminutes, Kostya walked arm in arm along the street. 

10.07-16.07.2017   Kostya's physiotherapy sessions at the localpolyclinic have began again. During the classes Kostya actively played with thebakk, did plenty of exercises for stretching. When we were returning home,Kostya by himself took off his cap from his head, which disturbed him. OnTuesday evening while sitting on the couch Kostya with pleasure watched hislittle niece playing on the floor. On Wednesday, he was very tense. At somemoment Kostya got up from the couch and started to walk. It's fortunate thatdad managed to catch him. On Sunday we took a long walk on the street  . 

03.07-09.07.2017   On Wednesday, Kostya was in a good mood, he wassmiling when we were talking to him. When mum has greeted him in the morning,he tried to answer something back. On Saturdaywe had a long walk outdoors:   . On Sunday it was fisherman's day and we wentto Ust-Narva to a fair. While all the family were at the fair, Kostya and hisfather rested in the parks of the city. 

26.06-02.07.2017   The week passed calmly. We finished Kostya'smassage sessions at the local clinic. Soon we will be travelling to Haapsalu,to the rehabilitation centre. On the days when there was no rain, they walkedwith Kostya outside a lot. More and more we take Kostya to walk on his feetoutside. On Tuesday Kostya was smiling a lot and responded well to contact. 

19.06-25.06.2015   During some moments, it seems that Kostyaunderstands what he is being told. On Monday, on dads request, he alternatedhis legs while he was going down the stairs. On Friday, during our walk outide,Kostya played well with the ball. As soon as he sees the ball, his moodimmediately rises and he is trying to reach the ball, sometimeseven trying torun towards it. On Sunday, we walked more than a kilometer and then playedfootball:   . We would like to thank everyone, who senttheir kind greetings and wishes to Kostya and us on his birthday. Thank youvery much! All of your wishes we have read out loud to Kostya.

12.06-18.06.2017   On Tuesday, during the physical therapy Kostyawith noticeable enthusiasm played with the ball,    was beating off the ball   well using his hands and feet, maintained hisconcentration and stayed focused for more than 15 minutes. On Fridayphysiotherapy sessions have ended, so now we will go for a massage course. Manythanks to the physiotherapist Nina, who energetically and enthusiasticallydealt with Kostya. Next week, on the 24th of June it is Kostya'sbirthday, he turns 34 years old. 

05.06-11.06.2017   We continued our physiotherapy lessons. OnWednesday while Kostja was walking he managed to keep his balance very well andon Thursday he actively played with the ball:   ,    File / d / 0B2_SbPCpvO2kbkthTGtqUWZubDA / view?Usp = sharing. During this week we spent plenty of  time outside. OnSunday we spent the whole day on the fresh air. 

29.05-04.06.2017   During the whole week we actively were engagedin physiotherapy sessions. Kostya really likes these classes and he is so happyto perform the tasks. He beated off  the ball well with his feet:   , hands:   ,    Https://   , tried to keep the balance while he waswalking:   . On On Saturdaywe went to the annual Town Daysto the park near the castle   . 

22.05-28.05.2017  The weather this week was good, so wetried to spend more time outside. On Tuesday Kostya pushed his wheelchair alongthe promenade:   . On Wednesday Kostya's physiotherapy classes atthe clinic have began. Normally Kostja enjoys these sessions a lot. On Thursday,Kostya was in a good mood:   . On Friday Kostya sat on a chair behind thetable by himself, with a smile he watching the people around him, and in theevening he bursted into tears. On Saturday, we went for a walk on thepromenade:   . 

15.05-21.05.2017   The week passed by very quickly. On Tuesday, Kostya dranksome tea very well from the mug. Usually we give him his drinks through aplastic syringe. On Wednesday night he almost did not sleep at all, somethingbothered him.Kostya likes to play with a mum's phone and he often stretches outhis hand and takes it. On Saturday was night of museums and in the evening wewent to the castle. Kostya was happy and watched people around:   ,   . 

08.05-14.05.2017   On Monday evening Kostya had not very strong epileptic seizure. The nextday Kostya was communicative: he moved his tongue, gave his hand to a father,was smiling as a response to our request. He was just as good on Wednesday. OnFriday afternoon Kostya cried, and in the evening he watched attentively theguests who came to visit us. From a GP  Wwe took a referral letter for amassage and from the 25 of May we will go to the local clinic for thephysiotherapy. 

01.05-07.05.2017   On the 1st of May during the night time, Kostya did not sleepwell, but during the daytime next day he made up for it:   . On the second ofMay he appeared to feel good and in the evening with some noticeable pleasureplayed with the ball. On some warm days of this week we took a long walksoutside. 

24.04-30.04.2017   The week was rainy and cold, so most of the time spent at home. It's veryinteresting to watch Kostya put to sleep. Almost always he smiles, andsometimes he laughs in his voice when the pope sings a lullaby to him. OnTuesday, Kostya played well with a tennis ball. When guests came to see him,Kostya peered closely at their faces and smiled. 

17.04-23.04.2017   On Wednesday evening Kostya had a mild epileptic seizure. On the next day,as it often happens after the seizure, Kostya was in a good mood: independentlyhe ate some potatoes with tomatoes, he also took some nuts by himself and atethem. On Sunday, Kostya enjoyed playing with the ball   . 

10.04-16.04.2017   Kostya's accident has happened exactly 7 years ago. On the 10thof April  2010 Kostya had an accident on the river. Since then plenty ofthings have changed, but also plenty of things remain the same. In regards tothe physical condition everything has improved significantly, butunfortunately we still do not have a sustainable contact with Kostya (whenwe ask him to do things, and he would perform these action). On Sundaynight this week something has frightened Kostya during the sleeping time, sothat from the position of lying on the bed he sat up and grabbed the pillow. OnThursday Kostya's mood was good and on mum's request he moved the index fingerof his right hand several times. 

03.04-09.04.2017  This week was a very positive one: Kostya often was in a good mood, hesmiled at people and was watching what the surrounding people do, played with aball. On Tuesday we spent a long time outside, Kostya walked along the streetfor at least one kilometre. On Sunday we walked on the promenade. 

27.03-02.04.2017   The past week had little difference from the previous one. The weather wasdull, and Kostya had exactly the same mood. Although, the positive thing isthat Kostya began to sleep better during the nights.  On Monday, duringthe feeding time, Kostya pronounced some word. In the evening he was watchinghis niece playing with a smile on his face. On Tuesday he played well with theball and with my mum's hand. On Wednesday evening Kostya was crying again.

 20.03-26.03.2017  The week passed quietly. On Monday and Tuesday evenings Kostya weptbitterly. On Thursday Kostya's mood was good, so he played a ball withnoticeable pleasure. On Friday, during the meal he said some word. Apart fromthat nothing much was happening.

 13.03-19.03.2017   On Monday, after dinner, Kostya listened to the songs and at some point hebegan doing something what looked like he was trying to sing along. On Thursdaynight he had not too strong epileptic seizure. The last time it happened wasalmost a month ago. On Sunday evening Kostya played a ball very well with hissister and niece. He was trying to reach for the ball and push it off thecouch. He actively monitored the movements of girls. Then he listenedattentively to some fairy tales. 

06.03-12.03.2017   Just seven physiotherapy sessions were scheduled at the local GP and theyended very quickly, so we had to take a new referral letter. The rest of theweek was similar to the previous ones: we played the ball a lot, went for a walk,sometimes Kostya cries in the evenings. On Saturday Kostya laughed, when helistened to the tale what his little niece Polina watched on the TV. On Sundaywe went outside and walked on the promenade. The weather was good and therewereplenty of many people walking on the promenade. Kostya was in a good mood,he was smiling and watching people   ,    ? Usp = sharing.

 27.02-05.03.017   During the whole week we went to the physiotherapy sessions at the localGP. Kostya really liked the sessions and was very active. With a visiblepleasure he catched and beated off the ball during the physio:   . On one of thedays, when Kostya was watching one of his favourite films "Three PlusTwo" - he began to smile, when he saw a funny episode in the film.

 20.02-26.02.2017   We try to spend some time outdoors everyday. On Thursday, Kostya waswalking outside on the street,  during his walk he was holding his head uphigh. When mum said, that on Sunday we will meet with the tourist group fromthe Baltiets factory - Kostya smiled in response. On the 24th, on an EstoniaIndependence Day celebration, Kostya walked very well up the stairs, played theball nicely. On Sunday we went out on the Orekhovaya hill   , where  wemet with people and ate some pancakes    / View? Usp =sharing.

 13.02-19.02.2017   Nothing special has happened during this week. On Thursday Kostya took aglass of tomato juice and drunk it all by himself. He wept bitterly in the evening.On Friday, Kostya played well with the ball   . On Saturdayevening, he had a mild epileptic seizure. The last time he ad a seizure was amonth and a half ago. Kostya's physiotherapy sessions at the local GP have beenscheduled from the February the 27th.

 06.02-12.02.2017   Another uneventful week has passed by. On Tuesday, Kostya and his mum weresitting on the sofa. Several times Mum called Kostya by his name. It was funnyto watch how Kostya turned his head and muttered: "Uuu." We had animpression that Kostya understood that mum called him. On Wednesday, Kostya wasbeating off the ball very well with a tennis racket, we also did some exercisesusing a large ball. On Sunday to the mum's question: "Is my nameNadia?" Kostya nodded his head expressing affirmation.

  30.01-05.02.2017   On the Monday night Kostya was frightened of something: he rolled over onhis bed and tried to stand up, what in turn has frightened dad, who wassleeping in a room next to Kostya. On Wednesday and Thursday evenings Kostyawas in a good mood, he was smiling when mum was talking with him. This week wetook a referral letter for some physiotherapy sessions at the local GP.

  23.01-29.01.2017  The week passed quietly. On Monday evening Kostya was sitting on the couchsad and serious. Then mum tried to interact with him and said, that she knows,that Kostya is able to hear her and understands everything, what is being saidto him. In response Kostya raised his head, looked into his mother's eyes andsmiled. On Wednesday evening, Kostya was active: he smiled, listened andwatched carefully what was happening around him.

  16.01-22.01.2017   On Monday, before the dinner time, there was an interesting moment:without waiting for us to start feeding him, Kostya  took a spoon byhimself, which was lying in front of him on the table. On Wednesday, Kostya satwith a sad look on the couch. When mum began to talk to him and said that heloves him, Kostya began to smile. On Saturday, at the lift, mum has strokedKostya's hand. In turn he raised his head and looked surprised, trying tofigure out who has done it.

  09.01-15.01.2017   The week has passed quietly. On Tuesday Kostya was smiling a lot and waseasy to establish a contact with. On Saturday, on a local Orekhovaya Hill,tourists from a former Baltiets factory gathered together for some barbeque,they also had fun together and sang songs. Together with Kostya we also havevisited this event. Unfortunately, most of the time outside on the fresh airKostya spent asleep. On Sunday, we spent a long time walking outside withKostya   .

  02.01-08.01.2017   The first week of the new year has passed. On Tuesday, when Kostya washaving a day nap, he turned over from one side to another. Normally, we have toturn him over. On Wednesday, at mum's request, Kostya wiggled his toes, he alsopicked up some nuts well with his hand. In the evening he was active: he playedtennis with a suspended ball, was beating off the ball with his hands and feet,looked at everyone with a smile, laughed and was watching the concert on TV.From the excess of emotions in the evening Kostya bursted into tears.

  26.12.2016-01.01.2017 Year 2016 has finished. We would like to wish youall a very Happy New Year to thank everyone, who has helped us in the past orhelping us currently. We wish you happiness, love, kindness and health. Letthis all your wishes come true.  Last week nothing remarkable has happened. Kostya played well withthe ball, on mom's request wiggled the toes on the right and the left foot,Kostya also showed great interest in mom's mobile phone: took it into hishands, was looking at it with an interest.

  19.12-25.12.2016   This week, there were few interesting moments. This probably was acoincidence, but on Tuesday on mom's question, whether Kostya recognises herthe mother � Kostya nodded in reply. When she began to sing a song..."Kostya, Kostya, how we gonna live?" -   ​​  Kostya laughed. OnWednesday, Kostya was smiling while looking at mum and also laughed when he waswatching a video record of his niece Pauline play in the nursery. On Sundayevening Kostya had not very strong epileptic seizure. Next week a new 2017 yearill begin. As always, we have prepared a short film about our last year:    year. 

12.12-18.12.2016   There were no changes whatsoever in Kostyas condition. Every day we wentfor a walk outside on the street. Kostya likes such walks very much. On Friday,we put Kostya to sit at the table on a regular chair. He appeared to be veryadequate, was smiling a lot. By the evening his mood has changed. Father had ameeting in the local care department, where he reported about expenditures overthe past year. For  the purchase of Kostya's medications and in order tobuy Kostya a new bed 5527 euros was spent. 

 05.12-11.12.2016   During past days Kostya was rather in a sad mood. On Tuesday  he weptbitterly, fell asleep and when he woke up he tried to get up from the couch.When we were brushing Kostya's teeth, he tried to say something. In theevenings we read Kostya some books, listen to the music, playing a ball:   . 

28.11-04.12.2016 week passed quietly. Every day chosen for a walk.One day, walking late when it was dark. Kostya happy looking around, and themood was very good   . Once again, when descending the stairs, at the request, he changed legsand began to walk one by one, rather than the charge of one foot to the other.

 21.11-27.11.2016   On Monday Kostya has started a course of injections: cortexin gliatilin,tserakson, solkoseril, mildronat. Normally we undergo this course two or threetimes a year.  On Friday during this procedure some medical staff memberplaced Kostya's hand in a way, that he found uncomfortable. He unfolded hishand and put in a convenient way for him. On Saturday, we placed Kostya next tothe kitchen sink and began to help him to wash the dishes. Kostya enjoyed itvery much. 

14.11-20.11.2016 On Thursday, Kostya was sitting on the couch and listening with a smile onhis face, how his sister told us about Pauline's (Kostya's niece) littlemischiefs. Then suddenly he bursted into tears. On Saturday it was cold, so westepped in to some store, where we wanted to warm up a bit. At the store Kostyahad an epileptic seizure. Fortunately it was not very strong. On Sunday thewhole family watched with a smile, how Kostya's little niece Pauline fed himwith a spoon, and he was gently opening his mouth. This evening Kostya was in agood mood. 

07.11-13.11.2016   On Tuesday Kostya's mum has read some story-books to her granddaughter,Kostya was listening carefully and smiled, however when mum has played on therecord player some of Kostya's favourite songs by Mityaye, Kostya suddnelybursted into tears. We have seen such reaction more than once. On Friday Kostyawas touching his lips with a finger, when mother asked: 'Are you playing onyour lips" Kostya laughed. In the evening, he wached some concert on theTV with noticeable interest. On Saturday, Mom asked Kostya: "Do yourecognise us, your parents?". From what we saw, it looked like he noddedslightly in reply with his head  and raised an eyebrow. On Sunday Kostyaate some  black pudding. Mom told Kostya, that it resembles Christmas. Sheasked: "Do you remember when we came to visit you in Tallinn for aChristmas?". After these words Kostya bursted into tears. Based on all ofsuch observations we have a feeling, that Kostya understands something of whathas been said.

 31.10-06.11.2016 It seems, that Kostya finally recovered from his viral infection. Heexercised well using the machines for a workout. On Tuesday, when walking downthe stairs, he walked his feet alternately, rather than bringing right leg tothe right. As he normally does.  He pleased us on Saturday: he kept hiseyes on parents, at our request he gave us a hand, was trying to lift his armup:   . When he saw a phone in mum's hands he took it from her hands and waslooking at it for a long time. After he was poorly it is for the first time hedemonstrated such interest and engagement. 

24.10-30.10.2016 Kostya is continuing to recover from being ill and having some virusinfection recently. Kostya sweats a lot while walking on a treadmill, whichsuggests that he still feels weak and has not recovered 100%. On some days, heis showing some interest in these around him. On Thursday evening he weptbitterly. We go for a walk outside when possible.  

17.10-23.10.2016 During all ofthis   week we continued some treatment of Kostya's viralinfection. After illness's peak Kostya still feels weak and getting tiredeasily. He sleeps a lot during the day time. Little by little we started to dosome exercises again, were walking on a treadmill, playing with a ball. OnSaturday, for the first time we have got outside on the fresh air. 

10.10-16.10.2016 this week was quite busy. Kostya has caught some viral infection. Within afew days his body temperature has reached 39.2 degrees. Kostya has got weak,was sweating a lot, ate very poorly, and of course we did not go for a walk; wealso massaged Kostya's muscles . Only by the end of the week, after taking someantibiotics, the temperature has dropped and normalised. Closer to the weekendKostya's appetite and mood had improved. On Saturday, Kostya tried to pick upthe biscuit, which was on a table with a spoon and when this did not work heput the spoon down and took the biscuit using his hand alone.

 03.10-09.10.2016 On Monday Kostya was not in a great mood: he cried all night. But onTuesday his mood has improved significantly: he was walking well and withnoticeable enthusiasm has kicked the ball. On Sunday, Kostya has got somefever, he probably catched a cold somewhere. Maybe it happened during thenight, as quite often he throws down a blanket while with his feet. 

26.09-02.10.2016   On Tuesday night in family circle we were remembering different storiesfrom Kostyas childhood. Kostya smiled and laughed, kept some eye contact, we'vegot a  feeling, that he understood what e were saying. On Saturday, we hada long walk on the street. The weather was sunny. When we were walking by theriver, Kostya  saw the canoe passing by, he watched it going, looked atparents and laughed. In the dark garden we have met with Lena Sabinina, who isa well- known song performer from Narva, she has showed us some ofher  paintings:   . 

19.09-25.09.2016   The week did not start very well: on Monday at 3:20 Kostya had some moderately severe epileptic seizure. Last time this happened almost twomonths ago. The rest of the day passed quietly. During the night on the 24.09Kostya has slept peacefully throughout the night, which happens quite rarely.In all other respects everything remains the same: we walk as much as we can,do physical exercises, read some books out loud to Kostya and watch TV. 

12.09-18.09.2016 This week wasfilled with some positive moments and most of the time Kostya was in a goodmood.  On Tuesday Kostya was actively playing with a balloon   . On Wednesday, hewatched his little niece playing with a smile on his face, he also turned hishead, when we were calling out his name. On Friday, he sat on the couch andwithout any requests he raised both of his hands up in the air and above hishead. Played well with the ball. Since the weather was good we did a lot of walkingoutdoors. 

29.08-04.09.2016   A new school yearhas began. Since dad works as a teacher,  due to his working schedule itis not always possible to go outside with Kostya for a walk, certainly notevery day. But when we are lucky and we have a chance to get outside, usuallyKostya is in a a good mood. Normally he walks a lot on his feet, but sometimesfalls asleep in his wheelchair on the street. This week on two occasions Kostyahas cried in the evening, as if he was aware of his current situation.  Wewere trying to calm him down in every possible way. 

22.08-28.08.2016   this was a quietweek. When the weather was nice, we did a lot of walking outside. On Sunday,the weather was sunny and dad has walked with Kostya along the entirepromenade, which took approximately 45 minutes. No changes to report. 

15.08-21.08.2016   On Tuesday nightKostya slept very well. In the morning he appeared to be in a great spirit:https: //    usp = sharing?.He was actively playing with a ball: he bounced back the ball using his handsand feet. During the day time we put Kostya to seat on the chair behind thedining table-  Kostya ws looking at the family members and smiling. Atthree o'clock we went to the dentist to put a filling in his tooth. With greatdifficulty, we have managed to do it, but Kostya's mood after visiting a doctorturned bad. On Saturday evening Kostya watched some TV. When mum stepped in frontof him and shielded the screen Kostya was trying to look out of mum's shoulderin order to see the TV show. 

08.08-14.08.2016   Our stay in theSPA centre has came to an end. On Monday, he took some cake from the plate andate it by himself. When Kostya was walking down the stairs, he alternated leftand right leg when taking steps. In the evening, it seemed, like he wiggled histoes at mum's request of her mother. The most exciting moment occurred onTuesday when Kostya went to the dentist. Though with great difficulty, but wemanaged to do some gilling on his tooth. On Friday, when mum was cleaning histeeth Kostya has pronounced something, which sounded like the word"Kostya". 

01.08-07.08.2016   On Monday eveningwe have settled in the Ust-Narva Resort. Kostya was paying particularattention, hence the new places cause some anxiety in him. The next day, Kostyaand mum has enjoyed some treatments: massages, soothing baths, mineral wax andoxygen. On Tuesday we went for a walk on the beach, where we managed to seesome sand sculptures competition    
Kostya liked the soothing baths with lavender, lemon balm, pine needles androsemary a lot:   .
Basically for the whole four nights of our stay Kostya very well.We sepnd a lotof time walking around the Ust-Narva, as well as were resting on the balcony   . On Fridayevening we have returned to Narva. 

25.07-31.07.2016   week has passedquietly. No changes occured. Plenty of time we have spent oudoors, often wetook a walk on the promenade. Next week for the first time we will visit theUst-Narva Resort. A voucher to spend four days in this resort was given toKostya  and mom as a present by the organizers of the dance marathon,which was took place in February in Jõhvi. Many thanks to them for such a greatopportunity. 

18.07-24.07.2016   On Friday havespent outside a lot. While Kostya was sitting on a bench with his parentssuddenly he expressed some interested in his mum's phone: he took it with bothhands from mum's hands, and it looked as if he wanted to call somewhere. OnSunday the whole family went to the farm in Konya, where we saw plenty ofdifferent animals and could taste local specialties. It was apparent, that thistrip gives him the pleasure of being in touch and connecting with nature,animals and his niece Pauline:   . Then we arrivedin Toila, where we spent about 3 hours walking in the park. 

11.07-17.07.2016   we have continuedour stay in Haapsalu. Every day Kostya had his sessions with a physiotherapistand in the pool. Kostya enjoyed swimming in the pool a lot, but since classeswere scheduled early: 8.15am or 8.45am in the morning, Kostya had to catch upon his sleep while he was lying on the water:    ,   . After that weoften went to the physical therapy:   . Periodically,there were lessons with occupational therapist or massage sessions for Kostya.In our spare time we normally went to the town centre: we walked on thestadium, or were taking a walk along the promenade. .

    During oneof the evenings, Kostya was holding the hands of both parents, and walked onhis feet for about an hour. Before Kostya was discharged from therehabilitation centre, on Doctor's request, he tried to raise his hand andsqueeze his fingers. On Thursday evening we have returned home. 

04.07-10.07.2016   On Monday morningwe went to the Haapsaalu Rehabilitation Centre. Our journey was alright andstraight on the next day after our arrival the physiotherapy, pool,occupational therapy and massage for Kostja have been appointed. Unlike inNarva, which was flooded by rain, here we did not have any rain at all, soevery spare minute we spent outside. On Tuesday, Kostya was in a good mood, butwhen the doctor entered the ward Kostya became very quiet and did not move atall. When the doctor left, he looked at mum and dad and smiled. On Fridayafternoon Kostya was fast asleep on the bed. At that time mum was on the phone.When she mentioned Kostyaäs name, he raised his head and said,"Huh?". On Sunday, Kostya has made independently, without any supportmore than 50 steps. 

27.06-03.07.2016   This week haspassed uneventfully. Nothing special or significant has happened during theweek. More congratulations and kind wishes were received for Kostya's Birthday.All of them we have read to Kostya out loud. As usual, during the day we didsome physical therapy, after lunch we normally go outside for a walk on thestreet. On Monday, we will be visiting and stay for while in the HaapsaluRehabilitation Center. 

20.06-26.06.2016 On Monday we wentfor a walk to the river side. Kostya was in a good mood:

 And on Friday, it was Kostya's Birthday.   Kostya's little niece came to visit Kostya and to celebrate:�

On this day Kostya received many congratulations and well-wishes fromvarious people. Here are just citations of some of these: Aliine Li:    ... 'I wish you a good health, love, and to besurrounded by only the good people' ... Katerina Vlassova from London, GaliaRose from Australia has also forwarded their greetings. They were joined byDenis Biryukov, Natalia Kuvaldina, Marina Marinikus. Ene Tartes, who wishedKostya ....'plenty of    health', andJaroslav Petruschak ... 'every day brings new victories.. All the peoplesupport you ... and, more importantly, your family. ' Thank you so much toeveryone for their kindness and lovely greetings. We hope that they all of youwishes will be fullfilled in the future.  

On Sunday, we went to the beach in Ust-Narva  >:

13.06-19.06.2016  On the 24th of June it is Kostya'sBirthday!We would be extremelly glad and thankful to hearing from you and toread all of your good wishes!  

In general, the whole of the last week wentsmoothly, without any incidents. However, we went a bit worried when on Tuesdaymorning Kostya spat some medications out. Fortunately everything worked outwell in the end and missing the meds did not provoke the epileptic seizure.During the week the weather was rainy and cold, so we did not go out much andstayed at home. Due to such weather Kostya often felt asleep during the day.  An interesting thing occurred on Sunday morning.Kostya woke up and when he saw dad he mumbled something, then when he also sawmum he tried to say something with a smile on his face. 

06.06-12.06.2016 On Monday,during our walk outside, Kostya again, as it already has happened few timesago, took off his cap from his head and smiled. On Wednesday evening, Kostyahad not so strong epileptic seizure. The last seizure was two months ago. OnFriday we put Kostya to seat on a chair next to us at the table. He tried totake the biscuits with spoon) improves motorics), ate some nuts, and it wasnoticeable, that he enjoyed it:

On Sunday, when Kostya was sat again at the table with the whole family, hewith a smile on his face looked at his sister and tried to say something. 

30.05-05.06.2016 OnTuesday wewalked with Kostya outside along the promenade and most of the way he walked onhis feet with some minor support, he also climbed up the hill    walking along the Rakvere street. During therest of the week Kostya was nervous, did not sleep well. However, during theDays of our town he was very good.  We also went with Kostya to the national hikingevent. Of course, all of this long way Kostya spent in his wheelchair, butstill , Kostya received some prize- an umbrella, one of the prizes rfrom theprize draw among the participants. At the castle Kostya classmates came alongto say hello. It was apparent, that Kostya was in a good mood:


  > sharing. 

23.05-29.05.2016 On Tuesday, when it was sleeping time forKostya and Kostya was laid to sleep and dad, as usually,    sang him a lullaby. Kostya tried to singalong and was humming with his inner voice. It was fun to watch their duet. OnFriday we had a long walk outside on the street. This is not for the first timethat we have noticed,    that when we put acap on Kostya's head, he raised his hand, took the cap off, and then tried toput it back on. On Saturday, Kostya woke up early in the morning, glancedaround with a surprised look, and after he saw dad he smiled. On Sunday, duringour walk outside,    Kostya was beating offthe ball vewy well using his arms and feet. With visible joy he ate thebiscuits which he was taking    from thehands of his little niece. In the evening Kostya fell asleep on the couch, andwhen he awoke up he looked frightened and tried to jump up on his feet. 

16.05-22.05.2016 On Monday andTuesday Kostya was in a good mood. We went outside walking and walkedarm-in-arm    with Kostya up and down thestreet, played the ball outside, he picked some nuts by himself and drank someActimel from the bottle. On Wednesday, Kostya had some acupuncture andacupressure session. Later in the afternoon we went for a walk    in Ust-Narva:

On Sunday Kostya woke up in good spirit, nut   in the evening    he wept bitterly,with mournful look in his eyes he looked at relatives. Kostyas niece was tryingto comfort    him, stroking his head. 

09.05-15.05.2016 On Monday, whilewalking outside, there was an interesting moment when Kostya took off his capfrom his head, and then tried to put it back on again. On Tuesday, he could notwait for his food and took a sandwich from mothers hands by himself. OnSaturday, we had a long walk on outside on the street. The weather was good. Wewere walking non-stop for about an hour and Kostya was walking on his feet. Forsome short distance Kostya has walked without any support independently,holding his balance very well. Upon our return back home Kostya played wellwith the ball. He smiled, when mom said that she loves him. 

02.05-08.05.2016 The weatherwas good during the past week, so we have spent a lot of time on a fresh air.On Tuesday Polina shared her biscuit with Kostya and he happily immediately ateit:  

On Wednesday, he walked    arm-in-arm   down the street an Kostya was up on his feet for about an hour. He waslooking around with a notable interest. On Saturday, we went to the stadium bythe local school. Kostya with some great pleasure played with the ball: beatedit back with his hands and kicked with his feet:

25.04-01.05.2016 On Wednesdayevening Kostya with a smile on his face was watching others. He turned his headto see his niece and wanted to give her a hand. In general, forthe whole ofthis week Kostya was in a good mood. So on Saturday, when he was put to bed, hesaid out loud and clearly, "Oh, heck ..". For quite a while he didnot surprise us with such good diction. When it did not rain we were trying tospend as much time out on the fresh air as possible. 

18.04-24.04.2016 On Friday itwas one of those rare ocassions when Kostya slept well. The following day hewas in a good mood. During the breakfast Kostya ate very well some cottagecheese, nuts and cookies. It was interesting observe how he reacts to his niecePolina, who has turned 1.5 years old. When Paulina began to take some nuts.Which were on the table in front of Kostya, he began to pick these by handquicker and eating them faster.    Havingnoticed this Polina pulled the tissue with the nuts closer to Kostya. Duringthe day Kotya was kicking the ball with his hands and legs very well. He alsowas watch the others and looked up when we were calling out his name. 

11.04-17.04.2016 On Tuesday, the weather was good. Dad with Kostya went outside for a walk, we managed to walk arm in arm for one and a half hours, Kostya also was holding up his head high very well. . On Thursday Kostya played well with the ball. Everything else stays the same at the moment. 

04.04-10.04.2016 The week passed quietly. On Thursday and Friday Kostya was active. With interest he watched others, listened to the music, was muttering something. During the week, we were trying to get outside more often in order to walk on the streets. We carry on with the exercises at home and at the gym.

28.03-03.04.2016 On TuesdayKostya was in a good mood. He reacted to our talk, when we had a conversation -remembrance of the interesting moments of life. In the evening Kostya said afew words. Mum heard that one of the words was "Dad." On Wednesday,the Kostya had some acupuncture session. After it we laid him on his stomach.Like it happened two weeks ago, after a little while of lying on his tummyKostya got up on his feet and almost sat on the sofa. On Saturday night Kostyaslept well. In the evening, he was crying and muttering something. 

21.03-27.03.2016 No significantchanges has occurred in Kostya's    health,except for a small    epilepsy seizure at 4am on Saturday. On Friday, we walked on the promenade along the river. Kostyawas in a good mood .On Sunday we went out with Kostya to the local school stadium (sport grounds),where we walked on whole lap. Local magazine TIIU has published an articleabout Kostya and his mum: .

14.03-20.03.2016 Ourphysiotherapy sessions in the local surgery came to an end. We took thereferral to the physician, who teaches the patients to cope with day to dayroutine tasks and household objects such as a spoon, toothbrush, etc.(occupational therapist) and also were referred to the    relaxing bath sessions. On Saturday we didsome exercises with Kostya    on the floorand put him to lie down on his stomach. When eventually he fed up with lying,he    got up suddenly, so that we barelyhad any time to catch him. Every day mum performs some massage on Kostya: .   

07.03-13.03.2016 during thewhole of this week we attended some physiotherapy sessions at the local GPclinic. On some days, Kostya worked on the tasks with some evident pleasure . On the eighth of March some guests have visited us to    congratulate Kstya's mum with theInternational Woman's day.    Kostyalistened carefully to all the conversations, watched everyone and smiled. OnThursday, mum has asked Kostya to look into her eyes, he looked at mum andbursted into tears. On Saturday, Kostya's little niece gave him some pancakes,which Kostya took and ate with pleasure. On Sunday, we went fora walk to alocal hill, where we met a group of tourists, with whom previously Kostyarepeatedly went kayaking. Unfortunately on this day Kostya was very sad: .  

29.02-06.03.2016 On the 1st ofMarch we had some physiotherapy sessions in the local GP clinic. Kostya was ina good health and spirits and diligently carried out all the activities: .  

Our appointments with Physiotherapist continueduntil the end of the working week. On Thursday, when mum gave Kostya somemedicines, hewas muttering something and it did sound like a complain    and when mum has mimicked his mutteringKostya laughed. On Saturday evening, while Kostya was sat on the couch watchingTV, Kostya bursted into tears, so we could not comfort him for a long time andhe was sad. 

22.02-28.02.2016 On Monday,Kostya had some acupuncture session, after which he was very relaxed and sleptwell at night. In the evening, Kostya's sister played    Kostya's favorite songs on the mp3 player.Before this moment Kostya were sat in a chair with his head tuned down, butonce he heard the music he looked up, began to smile and was looking at his sister.On Friday he looked at his niece, but then suddenly bursted into tears, so ittook us a long time to comfort him and calm him down. On Sunday Kostya managedto pick up the nuts. He was watching the parents and gave a hand for thehandshake at the request. 

15.02-21.02.2016 This week washumdrum. Nothing special has occurred really. A few nights Kostya was sleepingmore or less well. On some days, Kostya was in a good mood. During the past fewdays, we went for a workout to the gym, were taking some walks on the street,Kostya had some of his supportive injections. We've got an appointment to thelocal GP Physiotherapyst fot some physiotherapy sessions, which will commenceon the1st of March. 

08.02-14.02.2016 . This week wehave started to administer Kostya some supportive injections:    gliatilin, cortexin, tserakson. Continuedwith the head massage sessions. A few nights Kostya slept relatively well. OnFriday, Kostya was watching how mum was using the internet on her phone. OnSunday, something funny has happened: Kostya was sat in his    chair behind the dinner table, the table withsome nuts was in front of him. He ate some nuts, but then saw, that Dad iseating some cookies. Kostya reached out with his and took his dad's biscuits,then he did the same with mum's biscuits. Well, something that others havealways appears to be more delicious. Due to the bad weather conditions we didnot go out much during last week. 

01.02-07.02.2016 On Mondaymorning when Kostya was still asleep, the neighbours began to do some houserenovation works.    When Kostya heard thenoise of the drill, he got up and looked frightened , then covered his ear withhis right hand. On Thursday Kostya was sitting in front of    TV and watching some program. Suddenly hejumped up from his chair, so that mum barely had time to catch him. We do notknow what caused such a reaction. Mum said, that Kostya    began to wiggle his tongue in his mouth more,as if he is tries to remove the food, that stuck. On Sunday, Kostya was in agood mood, and he helped Dad and sung along the lullaby song. 

25.01-31.01.2016 On Tuesdaynight Kostya slept well, so his mood was also very good during the day. Duringthe day he bounced back the ball very well by hand, and also raised and lowereddown a plastic stick, while trying to put on in staking rings her rings of thepyramid. On Wednesday, after the massage session, we were walking around theapartment with Kostya, when he walked past the large mirror in corridor hestopped, turned his head and looked at his reflection in the mirror. OnThursday and Friday night Kostya hardly slept at all. 

18.01-24.01.2016 On Wednesdaynight Kostya slept very well. Whether the good night sleep was caused by themassage sessions or that Kostya has swallowed the holy water from the church,it is not known. In the afternoon, when Kostya was walking on the treadmill,mother asked: "Why are you puffing like a steam train engine?" Kostyasmiled when he heard these words. On Thursday, as per doctors recommendation,we replaced the medication, that is used to reduce the spasticity: fromSirdalud to Mydocalmum. On Friday, Kostya was observing people around verywell, was mumbling something and playing with a ball. On Sunday, in Jõhvi, inthe sports hall, fitness marathon was held. The organizers fundraised 735 eurosfor Kostya treatment    and Kostya also wasawarded a voucher for a four-day stay with a carer in the    Narva-Jõesuu health resort. For now we onlyhave got this image from the health marathon, but we will try to replace itwith better image : .Many thanks to Natasha and organizers of this event for their support. You helpis very highly appreciated! 

11.01-17.01.2016 week was quitebusy. A famous vertebrae-neurologist in Narva called Valentina    has visited Kostya. She is a neurologyspecialist, physiotherapist. During her visit she    gave some recommendations for Kostyas routineand treatment. In addition, almost every day, the massage specialist, whomastered several different techniques and kinds of the    massage Tonya from Ust-Narva came to see us,she is a very dedicated practitioner who loves her work.    We cannot thank them enough for what they dofor Kosta. We hope that they will carry on their work with Kostya. On Thursday,Kostya had a mild epilepsy seizure.One month has passed since the last timeKostya had a seizure � it took place exactly a month ago. As it usually happensduring the next day after the epileptic fit, Kostya was very adequate andresponsive. When during the massage Kostya neede to turn around    mum said: "See Kostya, three ladies cannot cope to turn you around". Kostya laughed in response. On some of thedays, Kostya was in a good mood  https   ://  drive   .  google   .  com   /  file   /  d   /0  B   2_  SbPCpvO   2  kZVk   0  MXlkbzZJWWc   /  view   ?  usp   =  sharing    

04.01-10.01.2016   On Tuesday Kostya was in a good mood. He waspaying a great deal of attention while he was listening to one of his favouritemusician Mityayev songs, was putting together a toy pyramid, said somethingback with his inner (humming) voice as a response to our questions, waswatching the others. On Friday morning Kostya said something loudly, but couldnot make out the exact words. On Sunday, he muttered something during thebreakfast time, then with a smile on his face he was watching other people. 

28.12-03.01.2016 The first weekof 2016 has passed. We have celebrated the New Year�s Eve meet in our littlefamily circle. Kostya was in a good mood.  https ://   uMV9lWUtnLVk/view?usp=sharing

Kostya was fast asleep even before watching thecongratulations of presidents on the TV at half past nine. Because of the noisefrom the fireworks, Kostya did not sleep well, so he had to catch up and sleptduring the day. During this week, on Monday and on Saturday night, Kostya weptbitterly. We do not know what thoughts overwhelmed him. 

Many people sent Happy New Year wishes to Kostyaand parents wishing strength, health and patience on the Facebook page  


21.12-27.12.2015 The year 2015came to an end    and it is time to takemake some annual summary. During this year Kostya became more confident in hiswalking and also he holds his head up high when walking. Though slowly, but weare moving forward and doing some small steps. On the 22nd of December wereported to the Social Department of the local Borough Council regarding ourannual expenditure. During this year was spent 5678 euros on treatment(medicines, visit to the Brain Institute in St. Petersburg, and arehabilitation center in Haapsalu, stem-cells treatment, payments to the homevisiting physical therapist, etc.). After the publication in"Delphi", we received some donations for Kostya and as of today, theyamounted to more than six thousand euros. That's enough to buy a new bed, and,we also consider the wheelchair replacement, as the wheelchair has already beenwelded and we had to change the wheels. Thank you very much for your kindnessand warm attitude to Kostya and ourselves. It is a great pleasure to read yourwishes to Kostya and us. Here are some of the touching words that can not beread without tears from the guest book: "Let the miracle will happen toyou (the parents), and Kostya, and also my son (who has a head injury), as wellas all the other people and their most special dreams come true�; "Godgives his trials only to those who can handle these and survive throughthese"; "Your son is a real man and a wonderful person" ... We thankdearly everyone, who supports us. And, as per our little tradition, at the endof the year we share a small video about Kostya�s year with our seasonalgreetings:

14.12-20.12.2015 week has begannot very well. On Tuesday night Kostya had a mild epileptic seizure. As isoften the case, the next day after the seizure, on Wednesday Kostya was in agood mood: he was responding to communication, smiling and muttered somethingwhen we asked him some questions. The same mood was during the next day. OnWednesday, at the school, where Kostya used to study (School Number 10) acharity event to support Kostya was held, during which 350 euros were raised.Many thanks for all the people, who donated, Tatiana and the organizers of theevent.

07.12-13.12.2015 week haspassed quietly. On Tuesday Kostya took a cup of tomato juice by himself anddrunk it. He also took some mandarins, cookies, and bananas from the tablesurface and ate them. On Sunday, we had a long walk on the promenade outside.Kostya was walking almost without any support, he held his head high, we wentup the hill to the Swedish lion statue. On Sunday in Tallinn cafe 'Nikolai', acharity concert was held .    305 euros were raised by volunteers and weretransferred to us for Kostya treatment. We thank Maxim very much for organizingthis concert.

30.11-06.12.2015 On Monday,after the physiotherapy session, we�ve put Kostya to lie down on his stomach.After lying down for a moment he suddenly got up so quickly, that barely hadtime to catch him in order to support him. When mother was saying to Kostyathat she loves him, he raised his eyes, looked at her and smiled. Kostya lovesto watch his little niece. On Thursday, with a laughter, he was watching how"neatly" she ate, and then she was running around the room. OnSunday, while sitting on the couch, mum took Kostya�s hand and began to saysome nursery rhyme.   Kostya at first smiled and then laughed.

23.11-29.11.2015 Thephysiotherapy sessions at the local surgery has ended and now we train at home.Week went quietly.    Due to the currentweather Kostya was in a sleepy mood. During the week, Kostya has done plenty ofwalking on the street. On Wednesday Kostya sat with his head bowed. Mum said:"Kostya, look how your little niece walks on your (rubber ) mat."Kostya looked up and smiled. Usually Kostya clenches his fingers into fists.When    mum asked Kostya to show her histhumb, he relaxed his hand and raised his thumb.

16.11-22.11.2015 On Friday wehad a penultimate session of physical therapy in the local surgery. Both theparents and Kostya liked the classes: . During the sessions Kostya did plenty balancing and stretching exercises : .This week, on Tuesday, at five o'clock in the morning, Kostya had some not sostrong epileptic seizure. On Wednesday Kostya was a smiley and played well witha ball. On Thursday Kostya was again in a good mood: was having some fun, whiledoing the physio therapy, walked very well outside on the street; was smilingat his niece, who turned one year old this Sunday. When we asked Kostya to saysomething, he made an attempt, moved his lips, but did not manage to do it wellenough yet.

09.11-15.11.2015 Starting thisweek we will attend 10 physiotherapy sessions ( hour each ) in the localsurgery. On Monday Kostya was in a good mood and he enjoyed the session a lot.He especially enjoyed the exercises with a ball:  file/d/0B2_SbPCpvO2kdHNOa  09EYTBmZGs/view?usp=shari  ng . During the day mum was trying to open a jar of jam, but could not do so. Whenmum asked Kostya to help her, he smiled at her. On Tuesday, he took and gave aball back very well, which happens very rarely. On Friday during thephysiotherapy session Kostya did some balancing exercises. Kostya was givensome sticks to hold in his hands and Kostya has managed to walk few metershelping himself with the sticks to keep the balance. He smiled shyly each timewhen mum praised him for his successes during the training. In the evening, hewas crying and was also turning his head when we called his name.

02.11-08.11.2015 On Mondaymorning, Kostya was crying. When mum made a joke and said,    that will gather your tears, dry them andmake the salt, he laughed in response. On Thursday Kostya woke up with a smileon his face, listening to the pioneer�s songs. During the day he playedglockenspiel, and on the street he made 20 steps without any support onhis own.On Sunday he began to cry, when his sister was feeding him. We took a referralletter from our GP    and from the nextweek we will attend some physiotherapy classes in the local    surgery.

26.10-01.11.2015 Except for thecase of article in the newspaper, in general, this week passed quetly. OnTuesday Kostya played well with the ball; with a smile, on his face he watchedhis niece (who soon will turn 1 year old) playing. On Wednesday, Kostya laughedwhen his sister Tanya read him some funny stories. On Friday we went outside,.Where Kostya was walking    very well byhimself, he also was holding his head well. In the evening for some reasonKostya was crying bitterly. On Saturday, he was trying to play theglockenspiel.

29/10/2015  Accidentally we got to knowthat the local newspaper "Viru Prospekt" (quoting the article in the  published an    article about Kostya on the 10/28/2015 "Helpis needed for a person who saved a friend�s life". We hurry to inform youthat this article was published in the Postimees newspaper in October 2013 andat present moment the facts contained in it are obsolete. Now we're notcampaigning and deliberately not fundraising for the the purchase of the cyclingmachine and treatment with stem cells. Thanks to the donations Kostya hasundergone the treatment in St. Petersburg where 4series of injections of stemcells were made (the last time in April this year -2015). The treatment withthe stem cells is experimental and no one can guarantee a successful result. Atthe moment we did not notice any significant improvement after the injections,so currently we consider whether to continue with the introduction of stemcells. The possibility of the treatment at the Ivo Kolts Clinic,    that also includes some unconventionaltreatment ways, currently also remains open. The spinning simulator (cyclingmachine for the legs and hands), which was discussed in the article we boughtfor 2000 euros long time ago from the money raised by kind people, willing tohelp Kostya. Our appeal to the county governor, for the partial compensation (partial rebay) of this machine has not found support from his side. We wouldlike to thank the newspaper "Viru prospect" of a desire to help, butwe will make sure, that we will inform the editors of about their error. Westill get help from some kind people and do not know how to thank them enoughand how to express our gratitude and recognition. In December, Dad as a formalKostya carer will send a report to the Social Department and the sum we spenton Kostya's medications, treatment in St. Petersburg, the purchase ofurine-collection bags    from Germany willpublished and publically available )we will inform you), all the figures willbe    evidenced by the receipts. Once againmany thanks to all the people with big hearts, who have helped and remembersus. THANK YOU SO MUCH! The updates regarding Kostya�s condition and all thechanges can be found on our website (  ntin-eng/?Kostja%27s_cond  ition )    or on Kostya�s Official Facebook page (in the�Condition Updates section�:   >  K.Zivetjev/photos/a.13816  74275386523.1073741828.13  81665235387427/1382246785  329272/?type=3&theater
  >Sincerely yours, Kostya�s parents.

19.10-25.10.2015 The week wentquite ordinarily. On two occasions Kostya was trying to get out of the chair byhimself. At mum�s request Kostya gave her a hand. Mom told Kostya � Enough ofsitting down, lets go dancing. At the very least, but Kostya tried to move hislegs in a dance.Mum managed to dance a bit better. On Saturday, Kostyawaswalking on the street for more than half an hour, and in the afternoon    he was "fighting" with the ball:  file/d/0B2_SbPCpvO2kb2xIe  nNSaDNIUGM/view?usp=shari  ng

12.10-18.10.2015 Another week flew by.Kpostya still has bad night sleep.During the day time Kostya�s mood isconstantly changing.    If Kostya wants toeat something tasty,    he often helpshimself and takes sweets or fruits by himself. For ecample on he took a bananafrom mum�s hands and ate it. During the day time Kostya bounced back suspendedtennis ball very well: https: //  B2_SbPCpvO2kRy1tYUtMbzNPU  DQ/view ? Usp = sharing.  Inthe evening Kostya had a small epileptic seizure (the last one was 1.5 monthsago). Kostya always smiles shyly when his mum says she loves him. During thisweek we managed to get outside for a walk every day.

05.10-11.10.2015 This week has passed quietly. No significantchanges has occured. On Thursday Kostya played a ball game with mom very well.On her request watched her straight in the eye, whereas normally he is tryingto turn away and hide the eyes. He laughed when mom made a joke and stuck hertong out at him. On Saturday and Sunday we walked a lot outside on the streets.We visited GP and were referred to some physiotherapy sessions at the localclinic. In all other respects, everything went as usual, we do plenty ofphysiotherapy at home as well as do training on the machines. 

28.09-04.10.2015 On Monday wewent with Kostya to the Epileptology Clinic of Tartu University. On our way tothe clinic Kostya watched around with interest. However in the clinic, his moodhas changed: he became anxious and looked somewhat frightened. When we wenthome, it was very noticeable, that Kostya�s mood has changed and he cheered.The visit to the doctor itself left somewhat painful impression. When thedoctor has asked us about the purpose of our visit, we answered, that we wouldlike to register in order for us to be able to undergo studies every six monthsand to come to the examinations, as well as to correct medication list forepilepsy treatment. Feedback from the doctor was not original: he said, that itis unknown how to treat hypoxia, researches and studies in this area are notcarried out (including stem cells), if there will be problems in the form ofchanges in the frequency of epileptic seizures we ought to contact the doctorand to make an appointment, but better to make an appointment in Kohtla-JarveHospital. With prescribtions from the St. Petersbur doctor fully agreed. Hisonly additional recommendation was to do more physiotherapy. Nearly four monthsof waiting to see the doctor turned into a complete disappointment.   >An interesting point was made by mom. OnWednesday, when it was pretty chilly in the house, mum said to Kostya:"Shal we buy you some felt boots and so you can stomp across theapartment." Kostya looked at the mum and laughed. On Friday, the weatherwas sunny and Kostya walked 1.5 km without any rest or stop.

21.09-27.09.2015 On Tuesday,during the dinner, while my mom looked away, Kostya suddenly all by himselftook some marmalade from her hand. It looked very funny. In the evening, Kostyaenjoyed playing with the ball:  .On Wednesday, he gave his hand for the greeting, and in the evening Kostya weptbitterly. On Thursday, Kostya watched with a great deal of interest a TVprogramme about the oceans and the ships, after it he cried again. On Friday,Kostya was in a good mood, alert, adequate, responsive. When mum has asked him,"Do you hear me?", it seemed to mother, that Kostya nodded his headslightly. And to the question, �can you move your ears�, Kostya laughed inreply. After taking the pills at 18.00- he wilted. On Sunday night Kostya sleptwell, which happens very rarily. During the day, Kostya was walking outsidevery well,    in the evening Kostya smileda lot, while he was sitting on the couch 

14.09-20.09.2015 This weekpassed quietly, except the fact that Kostya did not sleep well during thenights. On Tuesday, mom gave Kostya to drink milk from a mug , and Kostyamanaged to get on with this very well. On Thursday Kostya woke up during a walkand became anxious, he has started to look about, and when he saw his mother hecalmed down and smiled. We do not know what caused this, but on Friday morning,Kostya wept bitterly.    Kostya�s moodalways cheers up, when he watches his little niece playing. The rest of ourroutine remans pretty much the same: we try to spend more time walking outside,train using various machines and do some physiotherapy.

07.09-13.09.2015 On MondayKostya played well with a ball, wasreacting when we were talking to him. OnWednesday, after a short afternoon nap, he was looking at parents withsurprised expression of his face, as if he was trying to remember something. OnFriday, when Kostya�s niece was visiting him, he was watching her with a smileon his face and was giving her a ride on his leg bouncing it back and forth.Over the weekend, we made some long walk outside. With a visible interestKostya was watching the old Soviet films. When we left Kostya to sit on thecouch alone for the couple of minutes he began to cry.

31.08-06.09.2015   This week haspassed relatively quietly. Kostya catched some cold, so was sluggish and had arunny nose. On Wednesday, the Kostya hit back the ball very well using his armsand feet; with a smile on his face he was watching how his nine-month old niecewas eating. On Friday,    he was beatingback the ball very well, and on several occasions did it with both hands. Bythe middle of the week had a very runny nose. On Sunday during the walk mom hasasked Kostya, that it seems that there is nothing to write about this week,only about the fact that Kostya is unwell? Probably by accident, but Kostyapronounced in reply something that sounded like word "Yeah."

24.08-30.08.2015   Nothing unusualhas happened during this week. Kostya slept badly during the nights, so wassleepy during the day time and was not in the good mood. Perhaps this is due tothe change of weather and the arrival of the seasonal rains. On Wednesdayevening Kostya�s mood became better and he played with a ball. One night, heraised his hand up in the air and was exploring it by looking at it for a longtime. Everything else is pretty much the same: Kostya is walking on thetreadmill daily, does his physio exercises with dad daily, and we are trying tospend as much time as possible outside on the fresh air.

17.08-23.08.2015   week passed relatively quietly. On Monday nightKostya slept badly. In the morning Kostya appeared to be very excited. Hesmiled on our request, and also, in our opinion he was reacting to some jokesand humour. On Wednesday Kostya was walking on the treadmill very well and withlittle support, he also was holding his head up high independently. On Sundaymorning, while you sleep, he sat up on the bed, as if its something frightened,and then lay her head on the other side of the bed. Well, that fell out of it.Since the weather was good all week, every day is a long walk on the street.One of the moments of walking in the photo at the fountain near the castle: .

   10.08-16.08.2015   During the week, Kostya had a few positive moments:on Monday Kostya managed to catch a ball which we threw at him and gave it backon our request; On Tuesday Kostya began to laugh, when mum has offered Kostyato play some clapping game (�Pat-a-cake gam�); On Wednesday Kostya attentivelyand with interest watched some TV programmes; On Thursday Kostya out of thesudden has bursted into tears, and only when we went for a walk his mood hasimproved and he cheered up; On Friday Kostya was very active and excited, hewas smiling a lot; on one occasion he evn stuck his tongue out as per ourrequest and he also was wiggling his toes; On Saturday he was sleepy, however,when mum made a joke and said that Kostya does not pay her any attention helooked up at her and laughed. On Saturday night Kostya slept badly and in themorning Kostya wept bitterly. When we went outside Kostya�s mood became better:he smiled a lot and mumbled something in response to our questions.

   03.08-09.08.2015   On Tuesday Kostya had an epileptic seizure and ithappened when we were walking on the street. Luckily it was not very strong andhappened when Kostya was in a wheelchair. On Wednesday we had guests who wereheading back home from Haapsalu to the St. Petersburg. Kostya was in a goodmood ( ).In the evening Kostya was watching with a joy and interest his favorite movie"Ivan Brovkin on the virgin soil." Thursday Kostya smiled, gave ahand in greeting, laughing watching the little niece. On Sunday Kostya sleptvery well (which is a very rare occurrence). Nevertheless, during the whole dayon Sunday he was a bit sluggish, sleepy and has fallen sleep early in theevening. Perhaps this is due to the stifling and stormy weather which has asignificant impact on Kostya and he reacts to it very strongly. 

   27.07-02.08.2015   During the whole week we attended the PhysiotherapySeesions in local narva Surgery: https: // ?Usp = sharing. 

   Unfortunately, there were only fivesessions which lasted 30 minutes available, which is not enough. As always,Kostya was very happy to do some exercises and stretches. On Monday, at onDad�s  request Kostya gave his hand for a hand shake greeting. For therest of the week, nothing much happened. Due to the bad weather, it is just atthe end of the week we have managed with Kostya to get outside for a long walk. 

   20.07-26.07.2015   in comparison with couple of previous weeks there arenot as many remarkable news. On Wednesday Kostya played very well with theball, was bouncing back a tennis ball with a racket, tried to put some rings onthe stick (toy for motorics development). On Saturday Kostya was very livelyand active, was smiling a lot when we were talking to him. On Sunday Kostya wastrying to say something, when he saw his sister a with his little niece. Asusual, all the days routines are quite similar. In the morning Kostya does somewalking on the treadmill, then he does some physiotherapy with dad. Afterdinner, we go out for a walk, but while outside we also try to find as muchtime as possible for Kostya walking with little support. After 6pm Kostya takeshis evening medications and watches TV (very often pays a lot of attention tothe programmes and watches these with interest), we read Kostya some books orlisten to the Radio Show. After nine we put Kostya to bed, however Kostya doesnot really like sleeping in the dark, so he sleeps well just in the earlymorning hours.  

   13.07-19.07.2015   On Monday morning, during Kostya�s massage session,he said loudly "Oh, sh.." From our point of view it is better if hereacts in this way, rather than being silent all the time. On Tuesday andWednesday Kostya did not sleep very well, so has fallen asleep during hisphysio and occupational therapy ( ).Kostya highly enjoyed his physiotherapy sessions and was making considerableeffort while performing the tasks ( ),but during one of the lessons he broke into tears and was crying bitterly. Thereason was unknown, but he was comforted by three young ladies ( ).Kostya was doing some walking exercises on the standing frame ( ).In the evenings we went for a walk to the promenade ( ),where we were walking or sitting on the bench. On our way back home on theFriday night Kostya was smiling, kept his head up very well and watched theroad. On Saturday and Sunday we were resting, as well as took a long walk onthe street.

   06.07-12.07.2015   On Tuesday we have left our home at around 2:30 pmand in about two hours arrived to Haapsalu, to the Rehabilitation Center.Kostya survived the journey very well. On the first day in the Centre we havemanaged to get a swimming session in the swimming pool ( ).On Wednesday Kostya was appointed physiotherapy and occupational therapysessions, massage, swimming sessions in the pool. The same sessions repeatedevery day in due course. Unfortunately speech and language therapist turned outto be on holiday. On Wednesday Kostya touched his face with a finger, as if hewas exploring it. After the full body massage session, while he still was lyingon the massage table, he jumped onto his knees and then stood on his feet, sowe had to catch him in order to prevent from falling. Here is the healing powerof massage fully proved. In the evening Kostya spent quite a long time watchinghimself in the mirror.
Kostya loves physiotherapy sessions:

   (   )  as well as occupational therapy sessions (   ). 

   It is hard to tell what was the reason,but on Friday night Kostya had an epileptic seizure (the latter was five weeksago). But on Saturday and Sunday he was very open and communicative: he smileda lot, raised his eyebrows on our request, laughed when mum gave him a kissed.On Sunday there was the parade of American cars, which captured Kostya�s interestat times ( ),but during some moments Kostya got rather bored ( . com /file / d / 0B2_SbPCpvO2keGYyek9IaHFyTEE / view? usp = sharing). Besides we werewatching how people were getting a ride on a helicopter ( ).

29.06-05.07.2015 > No significantchanges has occurred throughout the week. On Wednesday, when Kostya was walkingdown the stairs, he swaped his legs on our request. On Thursday evening, mumhas called Kostya by his name, he turned his head and stared intently with asmile,without a pause. Kostya does not sleep well during the nighttime, even whenthe eyes are closed, legs are restless and moving. Next week we will be goingto a rehabilitation center in Haapsalu.

   22.06-28.06.2015 > This weekpassed quietly, without any bouleversement, except Kostya had a Birthday. Wereceived plenty of Birthday wishes from both the visitors of Kostya�s website( as well as visitorsof Kostya Facebook page( Many thanks toeveryone for their Birthday wishes! We have read out loud all of your wishes toKostya and hope that this will give him an extra motivation for recovery. 24.06our good friend Bronislava came to visit Kostya with her children and forwardedKostya a present � a fruit basket and a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Kostyafrom herself and her support group. Just to mark this moment an attempt to makea poto was made,    but so it happened,that at that very oment Kostya was not in a mood for taking a picture ofhimself:

15.06-21.06.1015 > On Wednesday,we had a long walk outside. We were listening to the birds songs in the parkand Kostya was smiling, his mood appeared to be good. On our request Kostyawiggled his fingers. On Thursday, While Kostya stood in the doorway he lookedaround and then on our request he began to walk down the stairs and wasalternating his left and right legs, while usually he puts his right foot firstand then brings the left leg over. On Sunday, while being at home, Kostyaplayed    very well with the ball, wasbouncing it back with    his hands andfeet, and was smiling while listening to the music. When we asked: "Kostyawould you like to eat some cherries?" he nodded in reply.    We want to hope that this was donedeliberately.

08.06-14.06.2015 > Nothingparticularly special has happened this week. Except, that on Monday, Kostya hasscratched his nose with his right hand. On Wednesday, Kostya played nicely witha ball, was smiling while he was watching his niece playing. On Saturdaymorning on mum's request Kostya has raised his eyebrows twice. On Sunday, wehad a very    long walk outside, Kostya washolding his head very well and looking forward. During the week we did plentyof physical exercises. In the spare time we encourage Kostya to    listen to the radio Kostya performances. Soonit is Kostya's birthday (24.06) and we would be delighted to see you or to hearyour greetings.

   01.06-07.06.2015 > week was notvery good, because on Wednesday at one o'clock and six o'clock in the eveningKostya had some epileptic seizures. During the rest of the day Kostya playedwell with the ball, was walking outside on the street and held his head highand was smiling. At the weekend the celebrations of the Town's day were heldand Kostya was watching with interest what was happening on the promenad  

>On Saturday, Kostya with his parents went to thenational hiking competition. Moreover, he walked part of the way almost byhimself, but holding hands with dad, who was supporting him and the other parthe travelled in the wheelchair:  

>Unfortunately, Kostya did not win the prizesfor the participants of the tour, but they mom and dad has got them.

   25.05-31.05.2015 > On Tuesday, wespent a long time outside and were walking a lot up and down the street. Kostyawas walking by himself with the little help from the dad and holding the headupright, he also looked around a lot. On Thursday, during his session with aphysical therapist Kostya broke into tears and was crying. On Friday night someof Kostya's friends came to visit and it was obvious that Kostya was pleased,he smiled several times  

>On Sunday,we had a session with the dog, though it appeared that Kostya was turning awayfrom the dog deliberately several times and was quite inattentive. In theevening he appeared to be in a cheerful mood and was touching his chin with hisright hand.

   18.05-24.05.2015 > On Wednesdayand Thursday Kostya's niece was visiting us. She just turned 5 months old.    Kostya was smiling while he watching Polina,tried to stroke her with his hand, laughed, gave her a hand. Periodically,    his eyes were welling with tears. To ut thelong story short, it was apparent that Kostya displayed wide array of emotions.When Polina was getting ready to go back home, mom has asked Kostya:"Well, Kostya, is Polina going home now?" Kostya muttered somethingwhat sounded like "yeah" and tried to say something else. OnSaturday, when Kostya went to bed, he was trying to sing along with the dad,who sang him a lullaby. During the week, went a lot outside and were walking ina good mood.

  https:// ?Usp = sharing.  


>11.05-17.05.2015 > Overall, theweek went pretty well, except that on the 15th of May Kostya had some epilepticseizure. On Tuesday Kostya paid a careful attention while he was listening tothe Pushkin's "Eugene Onegin" audio book. During the day he walked upand down the stairs on his feet. On our request he raised his head severaltimes and looked at the road. On Wednesday night, Kostya had a nightmare andsaw something scary, in his sleep he sat upright on the bed and gripped the bedrailings with both hands.    During the daynap, while being half asleep several times Kostya said: "And m ..."Kostya loves to watch his little niece and always looks at her with a smile.Normally, on the next day after the epileptic seizure Kostya is very responsiveand alert. On Saturday, the 16th of May, Kostya smiled at all of his hisrelatives, it was apparent that he reacted when he saw a mug, which he hadbrought back from one of his trips and gave it to her sister as a present. OnSunday Kostya was walking very well independently while being outside, wasgiving a hand for the greeting and was playing and catching the bubblesproduced by the bubble blower.

   04.05-10.05.2015 > On TuesdayKostya was in a good mood. He was cheerfully smiling when some cheerful phraseswere    spoken out loud by us. On Thursday,when his mother gave him a spinach leaf Kostya made unhappy expression on hisface and muttered something what sounded like "I do not want". In theevening, Kostya was watching with the interest the movie "The Taming of theShrew." On Sunday, the weather was very nice and Kostya walked arm in armwith a dad, and was holding his head independently very well. The whole week wewent to Ozokerite treatment sessions. Twice a week Kostya had physiotherapysession with a physiotherapist. During the week Kostya managed to walk 1,600meters on the treadmill independently each and every day.

   27.04-03.05.2015 > This week haspassed without any bouleversements. On Monday, Kostya took some nuts and appleusing his hands, he even picked up some flat-shaped rabbit, a part of thewooden toy. On Tuesday, Kostya was in a good mood: played very well with aball, was smiling a lot. As always, he laughed when he went to bed and dad sanga lullaby. On Saturday, while Kostya was sitting at the table he raised hishand on our request and tried to wave with his hand. On Sunday, the weather wasgood. We went for a long walk in a wheelchair, but Kostya also was walking onhis feet. Kostya was pushing the wheelchair independently holding the handles: .   >During the week Kostya had two treatments withOzokerite on his hands and    twice had hissessions with a physiotherapist.

   20.04-26.04.2015 > On MondayKostya reached out with his right hand, touched his face and rubbed his cheek.On Tuesday night Kostya did not sleep very well, or rather, did not sleep atall until four o'clock in the morning. During the day mom was trying tomotivate Kostya to talk to her. She asked: "Kostya can you talk to meplease or are you mute?" Kostya said something in reply and smiled. OnThursday, he laughed when Mom was filling a ball with the air. Worked really wellwith a physiotherapist and was hitting back a tennis ball. On Friday, we wentwith Kostya to one of local care homes (it is not far from our house) to findout what rehabilitation services, you can get there. We agreed to conduct 10Ozokerite treatments sessions in order to remove the spasticity of hands.

>13.04-19.04.2015 > Our stay atthe Institute of Human Brain is continuing. On Monday Kostya had his heartelectrocardiogram done as well as had few injections. Then we were visited aphysiotherapist, she was praising Kostya and complimenting him on hisachievements, she also said, that if Kostya is walking and able to eat byhimself then how possibly it can be called little awareness? After returning tothe ward Kostya cheered up and a smile appeared on his face. During the entireevening Kostya was responding to the conversations and also was raising hiseyebrows on our request. We had a feeling, that Kostya understands everything.On Tuesday Kostya had �erebrospinal fluid (CSF) transfusion    -    anoperation when the cerebro-spinal fluid obtained from the donor was changed.    On Friday, outside the institute,    Kostya had the stem cells injected.

   06.04-12.04.2015 > On Mondaymorning we departed from Narva and at 7.30 am we arrived to the    Institute of Human Brain in St. Petersburg.The in-patients �6 was ready for us. On Tuesday Kostya had his blood test andcardiogram done, doctors checked the condition of the brain vessels (everythingis alright), as well as performed checks on conductivity signals of themuscles. Injections of Tseraksona, Cortexin, Kokarboksilaz and    Solcoseryl were prescribed. When Kostya hasfallen asleep, then he said something in a dream what mum heard to be:"Let's go." On Wednesday morning, Kostya turned his head when wecalled him by his name. Refused to eat pasta, which he never liked anyway. Inthe evening, was trying to say something. When mother asked him to speak moreclearly, Kostya began to chant    louder.On Friday, a two-hour video monitoring was performed in order to adjust themedications for the treatment of epilepsy. Over the weekend, we went outsidefor a walk on the Institute territory.    The weather was good. Kostya was walking veryt well on his feet and heldhis head high. This week is remarkable by the fact, that five years ago on the10th Of April,    Kostya had an accident.

   30.03-05.04.2015 > Earlier thisweek, Kostya was sleeping badly during the nights,    during the day he became agitated, then arunny nose and cough emerged. On Friday, with a smile on his face Kostya waswatching how his niece was fed and then Kotya began to cry. In the evening wastrying to assemble a toy pyramid and cubes. Kostya was laughing when we toldhim that he was sitting in a "The Thinker's" pose. On Saturday, whileKostya sat at table, suddenly he reached over and picked up a banana byhimself.    On Sunday, we had a short walkoutside and then during the whole evening we were preparing staff for our tripto the Institute of Human Brain.

23.03-29.03.2015 > Generally thisweek passed uneventfully, but on the weekend Kostya was communicatice: he wassmiling a lot, on numerous occasions gave us his hand at our request, listenedattentively to what was said by others: Usp = sharing. OnSunday, we were walking around our house, as well as climbing the stairs bothstraight and sideways. We have received a letter from the Institute of theHuman Brain informing us that they cannot admit us at the planned time theyoffered before (from 6/04/2015), although Kostya already has his visa andinsurance done, and dad had to book an annual leave for week in order to go fora treatment in St. Petersburg. We will try to arrange for the treatment to beconducted at the planned dates in April (for two weeks), as we would not wantto be in the Institute of Human Brain during the local May Day celebrations.

   16.03-22.03.2015 > No significantchanges has happened during this week. On Monday, Kostya played ball game withmum very well. On Tuesday we walked with Kostya outside for about half of hour.On Wednesday evening Kostya had not very strong epileptic seizure. On Thursday,on mother's request Kostya was moving his fingers and toes. In all otherrespects everything is the same way: during the nights Kotya sleeps badly;twice a week we have physiotherapy sessions with a physical therapist; daily wedo some extra workout using the machines at home. We have received aninvitation to the Institute of the Brain and going to St. Petersburg from the 6April 2015.

09.03-15.03.2015   During this week Kostyawas more lively and active. On Wednesday, he took a cup of cottage cheese andate with a spoon independently. On Thursday, Kostya smiled, a lot, was tryingto answer the questions, frowned his eyebrows upon request, wiggled his toes,was performing an energetic and rhythmic handshake reacting on the word"hello". With visible delight and a smile Kostya was watching herniece, when she tried to roll over from her back to the stomach and back. OnSunday, upon dad's arrival home Kostya stretched his hand for a greeting.

   02.03-08.03.2015  Kostya's flu has finallycleared away, so in that sense Kostya's health has stabilised more or less. Onone of the days mum intentionally stood in front of Kostya obscuring the TV andKostya began to try to peek out trying to watch some sports programme.   During the next week we are expecting to receive the referral tothe Institute of Human's Brain St. Petersburg, which we are planningto visit in April 2015. Professors from the the Institute propose the injectionof the stem cells  in line with the following patent ,transcranial direct current stimulation , cerebrospinal fluid replacement. Ifsomeone came across these techniques before we would appreciate if you couldshare your treatment experience and provide some feedback? In all otherrespects everything remains the same.

   23.02-01.03.2015  During this week Kostya wasnot particularly well: he was coughing, however, the temperature did not riseabove 37 degrees. On Monday Kostya was in a good mood. He was watching hisniece, who has already turned three months, with an interest. This week Kostyawas sleeping throughout the nights much better than on a previous week.Otherwise, nothing special has happened. Twice during this week Kostya hasworked with a physiotherapist, during the rest of the time Kostya wasexercising with dad and walked on a treadmill 1600 meters every day.

>16.02-22.02.2015 > On Mondaynight Kostya had a mild epilepsy. And, as usual, on a day after the seizureKostya appeared to be in a good mood:,he was cheerful, adequate, was trying to answer our questions and to performsome actions as instructed. During the rest of the week nothing extraordinaryhas happened. Kostya had a very bad night sleep during the whole week and evenwhile fast asleep was still trying to move his feet. We made an enquiry foroutpatient visits for Rehabilitation centre in Haapsalu. In Russian language,terms rehabilitation treatment and the rehabilitation have the same meaning. Inthe Estonian medicine these are two different concepts: rehabilitation treatmentis 5 days, which should be claimed through the pension office (money from thebudget, which are very scarce resource and there is not enough), and hence ithas become ambulatory treatment, but rehabilitation treatment - 10 days (isstill inpatient) and should be made by a referral from a GP and is paid by thehealth insurance funds, meaning that in this sense everything remained thesame. So due to this clarification in the beginning of July, as planned, wewill be visiting Haapsalu Rehabilitation Centre.

   >09.02-15.02.2015 > On MondayKostya was listing attentively to the poems of Pushkin, with a smile on hisface he was watching his mother and a small niece (who soon will turn threemonths old), played very well with a tennis ball. On a Tuesday evening duringthe dinner Kostya took away the spoon from a mum and began to eat by himself.On these couple of days Kostya slept badly. On Thursday Kostya was a bitnervous and was crying, was cheered up by playing a ball with a mum very well.We always enjoy to watch how Kostya smiles when Dad sings him a lullaby atnight. At the end of the week, Alexander, a spokesman from the "NarvaUnited" football team, forwarded us an additional donation of 200 euros,which was collected for the Kostya's treatment during the match with a Tallinnteam called "Cosmos", and also these two team gave us their presents:the FC scarves and the"Space" team t-shirt (last time formerly Kostyareceived a present with �Narva United' team t-shirt). We would like to thankheartily for all your help and gifts. We wish local    "Narva United" team plenty of luckand more sport achievements to come.

>02.02-08.02.2015 > This week haspassed quietly, without any unexpected events. We keep on using the trainersfor some physical exercises, as well as still have some physio sessions with aphysiotherapist. Kostya was trying to some eat potatoes, cereals and nuts byhimself:, http: // Kostya swore neatly during the night. We try to spend as much timeoutdoors as possible. We have received a letter from Haapsalu RehabilitationCenter, informing that from the 1st of April 2015, the Center will providerehabilitation services only on an outpatient basis (we were referred to thiscenter in July 2015). So from now on it turns out that the bedridden patientsand the patients in wheelchairs must rent an apartment in Haapsalu in order tobe able to come to the procedures by themselves and receive some services inThe Haapsalu Rehabilitation Center. Probably the National Health InsuranceServices had run out of money.

   >26.01-01.02.2015 > This weekKostya was sad, inactive and was not sociable. On one of the ne evening hecried. Perhaps this is related to the occurrence of magnetic storms or weatherconditions? Kostya was taking some small objects independently using his rightand left hand, was playing with the ball: http: // has had four manual massage sessions, continued to exercise with aphysiotherapist. Almost every day we managed to get outside for a walk.

   19.01-25.01.2015   The week has started not very well: on Monday, while returning from awalk outside, in the house hall Kostya had an epileptic seizure. Luckily it wasnot very strong. On Tuesday Kostya was in a good mood: he smiled a lot, paidattention and listened very well, while mum was reading a book out loud to him;turned his head when we were calling out Kostya's  name and was trying todraw with his finger on the tablet. On Wednesday night Kostya did not sleepwell, however despite almost the sleepless night next day he was communicative:on mum's request he raised his hand up. On Saturday, mum has asked:"Kostya, would you like to help me to do some clean-up in theapartment?" Kostya sheepishly mumbled something (probably it meant thatmother would have to do all the cleaning by herself). In the evening after somewalk he took bread with his left hand, and then using his right handindependently.

     12.01-18.01.2015    OnMonday Kostya played well with a ball and was smiling frequently. On Thursday,while walking downstairs, on Dad's request Kostya switched his leg. NormallyKostya puts down his left leg first and then brings the right leg across to thesame stairs. This time, as per dad's request, Kostya put down his right leg onthe step and then without bringing the right leg on the same stair he walkedstraight to the next stair with his right leg. Otherwise it was a quiet week.
    05.01-11.01.2015   The most important event of this week took placeon Saturday  the 10th of January. On this day the Narva United FC wasraising some funds for Kostya treatment during their match with Rummu Dünamo.During this eVENT 803 euros were raised. On arrival Kostya was smiley and wasin a good mood. But later on he became a bit tense and stressed due to theamount of people and the noise in the hall. At this moment we were worryingthat this might trigger an epileptic seizure. After sometime Kostya relaxed abit and everything went fine. You can take a look at some video and photoeshere: .A huge thank you to the United Narva Football club and many thanks to all thepeople who organised this match.
  During this week we did not have any significant changes. On Sunday Kostya didnot want to wait until we are going to feed him and took some minced crepe fromthe plate independently. During the evening Kostya was bouncing off the tennisball very well and played nicely with a large ball. 

29.12.2014-04.01.2015  The NewYear has come. Kostya has spent the New Years Eve with his family. As usual, weput Kostya to bed at around 10pm. But he could not fall asleep due to the loudfireworks sound (due to the time difference firstly people were celebrating theNew Year in Russia, and then 2 hours later � Estonian New Year). So Kostyacould not sleep very well on that night. On Friday Kostya was watching hisniece Polina, who is now a little more than 1 months old. In the evening Kostyawas trying to draw on the Tablet using his finger. On Sunday he woke up in abit nervous state, but after the walk on the street he calmed down and becamevery adequate and communicative: he found mum with his eye on our request, gavehis hand for the hand-shake. During this week we have managed to get outsideevery day, however the weather was not always good.   Father as a registered Kostya's carer had to submitannual report to the Social Department of the local Borough Council. Only onthe following things alone: medicines, trip to the St. Petersburg Human BrainInstitute; staying at the Haapsalu Rehabilitation centre; urine collection bags(which we order from Germany) and buying of the Motomed trainer we have spent7,640 euros last year. All this was possible only thanks to all the people whohave helped and keep helping us to the present day. We would like to say a hugethank you to all of you.

22.12-28.12.2014   nothing exceptional has happened during this week. OnWednesday night Kostya  slept peacefully. In the afternoon was playingball with the dad. On Friday night said some not too bad swearword. On Saturdaywas very excited. When we laid Kotya down on the floor on his stomach,  he stood up with little support on his feet. All days are like one another. Atabout 6 am Kostya is taking some medicines, at 10 am we are feeding Kostya,then we are walking on a treadmill and do some physical exercises with dad until12 am.  About two 1 pm o'clock in the afternoon we are having luch and gooutside for the 2-hour walk at about 2 pm, then feeding, after that taking somepills at around 6pm and then another routine feeding. In the evening, usuallywhen dad  is still at work, mum plays the ball with Kostya,  readshim some books or trying trying to entertain Kostya in other possible ways.Last feeding Kostya has at 9 pm and then we put Kostya to bed. Thus ends ouryear 2014.

We would like to thank all the people whohelped us and keep helping us and wish you all happiness, success, fulfilmentof all your dreams and health to you and your loved ones. You can remember whatKostya's year was like if you follow the link:

   15.12-21.12.2014   OnSunday night Kostya did not sleep well  .   During the day heindependently picked up some nuts from the table as well as clementins and atethese. On Tuesday we gave Kostya a spoon and he ate some cottage cheese from heplate all by himself. He managed to do it quite well.  On Thursday andFriday Kostya played some ball game with mum very well. In the evening hemumbled something. It seems that Kostya mixed up day and night: He is sleepingduring the day and he is very restless during the night. So even on Sunday hefallen asleep just before our session with a dog. We continue our trainingsessions with physiotherapist as well as on training machines at home.


  08.12-14.12.2014      On Monday Kostyaplayed with a ball very well: he was kicking the ball in turns using his handsand legs, gave the ball back on our request. During the day time Kostya wastrying to pronounce something. In Tuesday Kostya was playing with the ball againand demonstrated some excitement and happiness when mum catched the ball.Kostya managed also to kick back the tennis ball very well. On Friday nightKostya did not sleep well, this has triggered some epileptic seizure.Fortunately the epileptic seizure was not too strong. During the weekend wemanaged to spend long time outside. Two times during the past week Kostya hadhis physiotherapy sessions with physiotherapist. In addition to this Kosya waswalking for 1.5 km on a treadmill every day.  
    01.12-07.12.2014   At the beginning of the week Kostya was in a good moodfor quite a while: he was looking at his niece with a smile on his face, whoturned just 1 week old; on Kostya's mum's request Kostya was trying to lift hisright hand and left leg; was also trying to pronounce some sounds. On WednesdayKostya played with a ball very well, took an apple and some cookies from thetable by himself. Before the sleep dad has asked Kostya to close his eyes.Kostya fulfilled the request twice. On Thursday after the shower we askedKostya to dry his feet with a towel and Kostya was stamping his feet on thistowel. During Friday daytime Kostya was crying. In the evening we watched someTV programme and as it appeared to us Kostya was smiling during all the rightmoments. He was watching the news afterwards with a serious look. On SaturdayKostya wept bitterly. On Sunday Kostya enjoyed his session with a dog verymuch: he was monitoring the dog's actions with his eyes and was smiling. Duringthe week we carried our sessions with physiotherapist, as well as were doingsome exercises and using trainers at home independently.
    24.11-30.11.2014  This week has passedrelatively quietly. On Thursday night Kostya slept well. During the day happilyand with enthusiasm played with a ball: he was kicking the ball using his armand leg, played with a tennis ball using a tennis racket. On Friday Kostya didvery well while picking up the nuts from the table using his left arm. AlsoKostya has attempted to take some cottage cheese from the plate using his handand a spoon. During the Saturday night at five o'clock in the morning Kostyahad a mild epileptic seizure. In the afternoon we planned to go out and havesome session with the dog, but could not go outside due to the broken lift.Twice a week had some physiotherapy sessions with a physio therapist

   17.11-23.11.2014  On Wednesday we have shown Kostya some different images, he was looking atthem without demonstrating particular interest. However, when we put a pictureof a kayak in front of him he held his eyes for longer and even bent his headslightly to see it better. During one of the nights Kostya swore and madeparent happy with the fact that he said something. The rest of the week went asusual, except that on Saturday night Kostya became an uncle, as Kostya's sistergave birth to a little baby girl.

10.11-16.11.2014   All days are different and unlike one another: during some days Kostya is very calm, during the other days he is very excited.On Monday Kostya aunt came to visit Kostya. It was evident that Kostya was veryglad she came, he was looking at her and smiling. On Wednesday night Kostyaslept well, in the morning he appeared to be in a good mood and merry. In theevening Kostya played some ball-game with his mum using his right arm and legto kick the ball back to mum. On Saturday Kostya was playing with the ball verywell: ( ).On Sunday mum moved her cheek closer to Kostya and asked him to give her a kissand Kostya managed to do it quite successfully. We we walking the dog again:Kostya watched the dog, was turning his head monitoring dog's actions, wastrying to stroke the dog and was holding the dog by the collar.  

03.11-09.11.2014   The weekpassed uneventfully. None of important events had happened. On Monday Kostyawas sleepy. In the evening Kostya has stretched his hand in order to shakehands and to greet dad. On Tuesday Kostya was a bit excited and restless, hadsevere spasticity. We took a walk and for the whole hour Kostya was walkingwith dad among the steet. On Thursday night Kostya did not sleep well, so hehad some day nap during the day. On Sunday we went for a walk with the dog.Several times Kostya tried to stroke the dog as was  watching as the dogobediently executed some commands. However occasionally he was losingconcentration and stopped paying attention to it. Twice a week Kostya had hissessions with physiotherapist,  we also did some exercises independentlywith Kostya on the trainer.

27.10-02.11.2014  During the beginning of the week Kostya had adisturbed sleep. On a Wednesday night he said some swearing word and woke uppretty nervous and restless. In order to calm Kostya down and to remove theexcitement we are trying to increase his physical activity: put him to walk onthe treadmill or give him to rotate the hand grips of Motomed ( the handtrainer). This week during the walk with a Dad Kostya walked hand in hand for 1hour (from the former slaughter house to the end of the upper promenade). OnFriday Kostya was in a good mood: he looked at everyone and was trying topronounce something. On Sunday he was sleepy all day long. Perhaps it was dueto the rainy weather. During the week Kostya had 2 sessions with aphysiotherapist.

   20.10-26.10.2014  It was a positive week. On Tuesday evening on ourrequest Kostya was lifting his hand quite a few times. He also was trying towave with his hand:    
When mum asked:'Would you like to finish your tea?' Kostya pronounced somethingthat sounded like negation. On Wednesday few times Kostya was stretching outhis hand for greeting. On Saturday we walked with a dog once again. But thistime Kostya was apathetic (perhaps it is due to the fact that Kostya did notget enough sleep during the night. 

   However Kostya was turning his head andwatching the dog, unclenched his fingers in order to touch the dog. In theevening at home wept bitterly. Twice a week Kostya engaged with aphysiotherapist at home and also walked on the treadmill, was spinning armstrainer and did some exercises.


13.10-19.10.14  On TuesdayKostya independently took some apple pieces from the table; was kicking theball which mum was throwing at Kostya with his hands and legs. During this dayKostya had a good mood,was trying to pronounce some sounds. On Wednesday Kostyahad some mild epileptic seizure ( last one took place 1 month ago). During thisweek he was doing really well during his sessions with physiotherapist. OnSaturday we received a phone call from Regina ( Kostya's friend) who has aspecially trained dog and she offered to go for a walk together. In thebeginning Kostya was cautiously watching how the dog was obeying the commands,was bringing the ball back, carrying the bag. But gradually he relaxed andbegan to smile and was turning his head watching the dog's actions, was tryingto stroke the dog. 

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    In the evening Kostya was in a good mood: he waswathing the parents all the time, was smiling and was trying to open his mouthin order to say something.     Parents would like to express the sincere appreciationand the deepest gratitude to Regina and Bronislava, who made Kostya such awonderful present as spending time out with a dog and getting close to theanimal.   


  06.10-12.10.2014  On a Monday nightKostya had a disturb sleep. He woke up very excited and worried. During thebreakfast Kostya was crying really hard and said something what sounded like'where?'. On Thursday Kostya has tried independently to eat with a spoon,turned out not so well yet, but we will keep on trying. He managed very well totake some items with his left hand all by himself. Kostya was 'communicating'with mum: was smiling and muttering something, while mum was telling somefamily stories from the past, was drumming with his fingers on a computerkeyboard and was laughing during this process. Kostya also listed carefully tothe songs and paid attention while listening to the radio play(spectacle).  

  29.09-05.10.2014 On Monday and Tuesday Kostyawas in a good mood: he was trying to pronounce something and was smiling whenmum was talking to him. On a Tuesday night he was restless and did not sleepvery well, so next day he appeared to be a bit gloomy and unsmiling. On Thursdayevening he was very excited and we were worrying, that an epileptic seizuremight happen after this. Luckily it did not happen and everything was fine. OnFriday, during the feeding time Kostya did not wait when he will be givensomething and took some raisin bun all by himself. On a Friday night he saidsomething while he was still asleep. One time he said some swear word. Duringthe evening he was serious, but when dad started to sing some songs Kostyabegan to smile.

22.09-28.09.2014  During this week Kostya did not do anythingparticularly exceptional. Week went normally and quite uneventfully. Kostya hastwo sessions with a physiotherapist throughout this week, and also was walkingon a treadmill, spinning Motomed with his hands (a machine for training handsand legs muscles). When we first had a chance we went for a walk, Kostya waswalking arm in arm with Dad.


   15.09-21.09.2014  This week was very positive. On a Monday morningKostya was playing with mum very well, he was trying to copy her facialexpressions and mimics. On Tuesday he reacted when we made some jokes and wassmiling a lot. On Wednesday he took some raisin bun from the table all byhimself and ate it. With interest and passion he played some ball game withmum. Kostya also was trying to play glockenspiel with his left hand. OnThursday he was picking up some apple slices with his right hand, with greatexcitement watched some soap bubbles and was trying to catch them. On SundayKostya was paying very good attention when watched the kayaking slalomcompetition on a telly. Two times during this week physiotherapist came tovisit Kostya at home and to have some sessions.

    08.09-14.09.2014    On Monday and Tuesday Kostya was very excited. When we went outside hewalked continuously for about 1.5km and we walked not only by the smooth footpath surface, but also on the uneven roads with small holes and with someincline. On some occasions Kostya lifted his head as per our request andwatched where he was going and what was in front of him. Three nights in a rowKostya slept well. On Sunday Kostya was in a good mood. He was cheerful andwith joy picked up some grapes from the table by himself, on our request he wastrying to unclench his fingers and was moving his lips and it looked like hewas trying to tell us something.

  01.09-07.09.2014  On Monday KostyA was in a good mood: during our walk he was lookingaround with an interest, revitalised and was smiling when he was spoken to byother people.  On Wednesday Kostya was trying to say something, drunk fromthe cup independently and very well, with his right hand picked up some smallobjects from the table. On Saturday we went to the forest. Kostya sat in hiswheelchair and was listening to the book his sister read him out loud. WhenKostya saw that mum comes out from behind the trees he began to smile. At 5:30pm Kostya had a minor epileptic seizure.

   25.08-31.08.2014  We have completed our physiotherapy sessions in the hospital. Kostyaloves being physically active and highly enjoying his exercises. Throughout the week Kostya was holding his head very well when we wentoutside. He was watching with interest the surroundings and the cars which werepassing by. When mum asked Kostya: "How we are going to cope now, as dadhas to return to full time work?" - Kostya answered with a smile.

18.08-24.08.2014   On a Tuesday night Kostyaslept well. He woke up being cheerful and happy and was trying to pronouncesomething. On Saturday he took the ball out of the box by himself, but droppedit. He did help to pick up the ball with his left hand. During the night hesaid something, while he was asleep. During the whole week we went to aphysiotherapy lessons, where we mainly did some stretching exercises thisweek..

11.08-17.08.2014   On a Tuesdaymorning when Kotya woke up mum said: 'good morning!'. Kostya began to smile andwas trying to say something, his lips and eyebrows were moving.  
Mum asked Kostya 'do you want to tell me something? I have to go to the kitchenfor a moment. You think about what you want to say and when I will return yougoing to tell me everything'.  After a while Kostya shouted: 'A-a-a'. Mumrushed back from the kitchen and they both had a laugh with Kostya. OnWednesday morning when we were brushing Kostya's teeth Kostya was trying topronounce something. We heard a word : 'which'. On Friday Kostya picked thegrapes all by himself and put them into his mouth. On the rest of the days hewas sluggish and inert.

04.08-10.08.2014   Last week Tatyana (whois from Narva and currently lives in Norway ) made Kostya a present � shebrought him a waterproof warm cover for Kostya's wheelchair, so now he willfeel even more comfortable when the weather is not brilliant outside.  Wealso went to the dentist. Kostya did not want to pen his mouth, but in the endthe doctor managed to perform a general check-up on  Kostyas teeth andalso to put some   dental dam.During our walk Kostya was actively reacting on a dog: was smiling andmonitoring what it was doing. On a Saturday morning dad asked Kostya whether heis planning to go for a walk today. In response Kostya was trying to pronouncesomething. In the evening Kostya had some minor epileptic seizure.

   28.07-03.08.14   An interesting thinghas happened on Monday. Sometimes during the night-time we put some sleep eyemask to cover Kostya's eyes. In the morning Kostya took his mask of and when hesaw a dad he began to smile. On Thursday we went to a small trip to the lakebehind the Jõhvi town. Kostya was merry:   . The water in the lake was quite warm, so we walked on a water and evenswam a little bit with Kostya. Kostya enjoyed swimming a lot. When Kostya'ssister comes home to visit us all Kostya looks at her with a smile and watcheswith an interest what she is doing. This week Kostya has his finalphysiotherapy sessions and we took a referral from the GP.

   21.07-27.07.14  During our stay inHaapsalu Kostya slept very well, but on arrival back home his sleep becamerestless again. We moved Kostyas bed to a slightly different location andchanged its position. Not sure whether it directly responsible for a change,but Kostya began to sleep better.
On Tuesday while sitting by the table Kostya raised his hand � it seems like hewas trying to show something outside. On Friday during our walk outside atapproximately 5pm Kostya had a minor epileptic seizure which did not last long.The last epileptic fit Kostya had exactly 2 months before. Surely it wasrelated to a very hot weather outside.  On Saturday the parents had toleave Kostya for a while with a carer (a family friend), as they had to attendtheir daughter marriage registration ceremony. When the parents went back homeKostya was happy to see them and began to smile.

   14.07-20.07.2014  We continued Kostya'streatment in the Hapsaalu Rehabilitation Centre. On Monday Kostya had his firstsession with speech and language therapist, where Kostya also had a nice facemassage session. After a short day nap, Kostya said some sentence and he wasvery focused and confident, but unfortunately we did not get it. His looked atus meaningfully and smiled with his eyes. In comparison with sleeping patternat home, Kostya slept well during the nights in the rehab centre. Maybe it islinked to the abundance of physical activities and also the walks in a freshair.  We also continued Kostya's sessions with ergotherapist where he waslearning how t drink from the cup: Kostya enjoyed a lot his sessions in the swimming pool:   ,   .

   When we had a free time we went on a promenade andKostya felt exceptionally well:    

   On Thursday Kostya's 10 day visit to HaapsaluRehabilitation Centre came to an end. We got back home at around 11pm andvisited our good friends on a way home. On Saturday on a stadium Kostyaindependently made 40 steps, all by himself. During that day he responded verywell to the humour.

   07.07-13.07.2014   On Monday we went to HaapsaluRehabilitation Centre and arrived there at 3 pm. After the examination bydoctor and a a general check-up Kostya was assigned some treatments. During theweek we had 4 physiotherapy sessions, 3 sessions with ergotherapist (thetreatment of disease by physical work and recreation), 2 sessions of massageand 3 sessions at the swimming pool. Regretfully, the speech and languagetherapist was on annual leave. Kostya enjoyed a lot the sessions in theswimming pool. On Tuesday the swimming sessions made Kostya feel very relaxedto the point that has fallen asleep during his session with ergotherapist,which followed.
During the evenings we went on a promenade, took a walk around some small locallake. The weather was nice, and the site had many places where we could stopand rest. On one of the evenings Kostya was holding his head exceptionallywell, was very alert and was watching around with an interest, he also turnedhis head when we were calling him, gave his hand and raised his eyebrows coupleof times on request. Kostya was in a good mood throughout the week: he smiled alot, especially when we sang some songs to him. On Saturday Kostya  '  s friends from Tallinn hasvisited him  .

  30.06-06.07.2014 Kostya's mood is different everyday: sometimes he is happy, the next day he is sad or even apathetic, the day after he is very energetic and excited. On Moday Kostya was rather sad, but was holding his head very well independently when we walked outside. On Tuesday during the physio therapy sessions Kostya began to cry. In the evening we watched a comedy called 'Three plus two' and Kostya responded well to the jokes: sometimes he cried and sometimes he laughed. Was very responsive and lively. On a Thursday morning and during the day he behaved in a very appropriate manner and adequately responded when we were talking to him, was trying to answer the questions and was smiling a lot. Night sleep is disturb and Kostya is restless during the nights. On Saturday made 30 steps completely independently while walking. He was trying to walk straight, but not always it was easy. On Sunday he was sleepy all day long.

23.06-29.06.2014 On Tuesday we celebrated a little bi Kotya Birthday a home with family members only. We read your birthday wishes to him and will read your warm warm words to him time to time. Unfortunately we cannot say, that Kostya has had some special reaction while he was listening to the birthday wishes. But like always he was crying when we turned on his favorite trip songs on the computer. It was quite quiet week. Three days Kostya managed to sleep well. Twice a week physiotherapist visits Kostya and does some physiotherapy sessions at home. Kostya responds very well to these sessions and build up strong professional relationship with his physiotherapist. On the 7 th of July we will be visiting the Haapsalu Rehabilitation Center.

    16-22.06.2014   Nothingremarkable has happened during the first half of the week. On a Wednesday nightKostya slept well and finally got enough sleep. After his physiotherapysessions Kostya was holding his head well independently, picked some fruitsfrom the plate using his hands, when mum was asking some questions Kostya wasmuttering something back. On a Friday morning when neighbors began to do somerestoration works and to drill the wall, Kostya said some phrase, whichconsisted of approximately 6 words. During the day an interesting event hashappened: Kostya was walking on a treadmill and tilted his head a little bittoo much, so he accidentally pressed the acceleration button and the beltspeeded up at least two times, so Kostya had to jog a little bit, which he didbrilliantly well. On Saturday and Sunday Kostya responded well to the humor.
It is Kostya's Birthday on the 24 of June and he will turn 31. Your kindwishes will be much appreciated and we will be glad to read these out loud toKostya. You can leave them on a Kostyas web-site or on his Facebook page:

    That is how Kostya looks just couple ofdays before his Birthday: ,


  09.06-15.06.2014    During the pastwhole week we have visited the hospital, where Kostya had his hands and legmassage sessions. We also put down Kostya on a waiting list for physiotheraphy.On Monday Kostya was in a good mood, he watched what was happening around witha lively interest, responded well when were talking to him. 

    On two occasionsduring the week Kostya was crying: first time it happened when we were talkingto the family friends and mentioned that we are not totally sure, whetherKostya fully understands us. The second time it happened when Kostya'sgrandmother visited us and offered to feed Kostya.

    Kostya's mood isvery dependent on the weather. When it rains he is very sleepy and flaccid. OnSunday Kostya gave his leg and hand on our request.    

 02.06-08.06.2014  On Tuesday Kostya was in a good mood, he respondedwell to the songs. When we were talking to him he was smiling when it wasappropriate. He was doing some physio independently using his fingers. Duringthe nights Kostya is restless and does not sleep well.  

On Thursday when we were getting readyfor a walk Dad accidentally mixed up Kostya's left and right sandals and putthem on the wrong feet. While walking downstairs Kostya was looking at his legsand was trying to pronounce something indignantly. When we got out of thebuilding and swapped the sandals, Kostya began to smile joyfully. On Fridayjust before the dinner we gave Kostya to try a green salad. He wrinkled hisforehead and pronounced something, which sounded like 'I don't want'. On SundayKostya was very responsive: reacted brilliantly when we were talking to him,smiled a lot and even laughed, ate very well by himself. 

26.05-01.06.2014 On Sunday night Kostya did not sleep very well and at5 am he had a minor epileptic seizure. On Wednesday Kostya was very excited: hekicked the ball with his legs and hands beautifully, he also made some addlesteps sideways across the room, 'wrestled' with mum using his hands. Kostya'smood depends heavily on the weather during the rainy days Kostya is very sleepyand slack. On Sunday Kostya was looking at himself in the mirror with anoticeable interest. During our walk outside Kostya was holding his headindependently very well. When mum was calling out Kostya's name he turned hishead.

19.05-25.05.2014   Kostya's current rehabilitation plan wassuccessfully completed and came to an end. Some specialists from NarvaDepartment of Health and Social Services and from the Hospital have visited usto reassess Kostya's condition and to develop a new rehabilitation plan. Kostyahas completed his 10 sessions allowance with speech and language therapist. Thespeech and language therapist praised Kostya on his hard work and said, thatKostya orienting in environmental spaces well, he has a meaningful glance, hefollows the images with his eyes, Kostya likes to listen to the music andreacts on jokes and humor. On Saturday the whole family went to the Toila Park.The weather was lovely so Kostya was in a cheerful mood and smiled a lot: 

12.05-18.05.2014   Kostya keeps attending his sessions withspeech and language therapist. On three occasions during our visit Kostya hasshown with his hands how the plane is flying as per therapist request and alsolooked at the correct picture in the book. When we did some physiotherapy athome and we put Kostya to lie down on his belly, he got up on his legs all byhimself. On Tuesday he was very responsive and smiled a lot, was trying to singalong some songs. Kostya was watching his sister with a smile on his face. On Fridayhe was also well and in a same good mood and very responsive. He was looking atmum and a sister and after a while began to cry. The weather was good duringthe week, so we went outside a lot. Kostya began to hold his head by himselfquite often and does it quite well. On Sunday Kostya had some mild epilepticseizure. 

05.05-11.05.2014   We have visiteda speech therapist   2   times during the past week.During these sessions Kostya responded well to the request to sniff some theperfume. On Moday evening Kostya responded very well to the humor and jokes.For the second week Kostya is having some massage therapy. During on f thenights Kostya said a foul language word. On Saturday and Sunday Kostya washolding his head very well, when he sat in his wheelchair. During our walks onthe stadium Dad asked Kotya to lift his head and look where he was going. 2times Kostya raised his head and look ahead. 

On a Sundayevening Kostya had a mild epileptic seizure (one before this happeed on the02/04/14).  

Kostya also ishaving his treatment with A.P. Tolmachev (Anapa,    http  ://  putcheloveka  .  ru  /   ). 

28.04-04.05.2014 The sleep is disturbed during the nights and thereforeKostya is and little bit nervous ad agitated during the day. However duringsome days Kostya had a good mood and he smiled a lot. Few times we went to thesports stadium where Kostya independently and without any support made about 15steps by himself.

   After that Dad and Kostya made two morefull circles and Dad was holdig Kostyas had to support him.   Was exercising well with a suspendedball:    https  ://  drive  .  google  .  com  /  file  /  d  /0  B  2_  SbPCpvO  2  kalI  2  d  1  RNYS  1  YSmM  /  edit  ?  usp  =  sharing   .

    Kostya was doing some physio by himself:was lifting a plastic stick and was raising his legs. On one occasion Kostyawas using foul language. 

21.04-27.04.2014 On some days Kostya wasadequately responding to the humor and jokes. On Wednesday we watched somephotos in family albums. During this process Kostya began to cry and was tryingto pronounce something. During dinner time Kostya seats in a chair next to thedining table. He controls his balance very well, however quite often we need tosupport his head, so he does not bring it down. When Kostya seats at the tablehe likes to look out the window and with interest watches what's going onoutside. When were doing some waking exercises in our apartment, on a fewoccasions we walked past the ball which was lying on a floor .  Kostya kicked theball couple of times. When we go outside for a walk, Kostya is not only capableof standing next to his wheel chair, but also is trying to walk independentlyand does it with minimal support.

14.04-20.04.2014   OnMonday mum has noticed, that on three occasions she asked Kostya to give herthe ball, which Kostya was holding in his hands. He refused all 3 times and wasshaking his head from side to side (seems like he was expressing a 'no') andwas trying to pronounce some words. After all he did not give the ball to mum.On Tuesday mum asked Kostya to repeat after her the names of the family members� mum's, dad's, sister's. It was very clear that he was trying very hard and made a great effort: opened his mouth, the upper lip wasshivering/quivering, he was smiling. But this time it did not quite come outvery well. On mum's request Kostya blinked couple of times, but maybe it isjust a coincidence. On Friday after Kostya has finished his meal, dad wastrying to take away a spoon from Kostya's hands, but Kostya said somethingscowlingly. On Saturday and Sunday Kostya was a bit nervous and excited, maybeit is because he did not sleep well over the weekend. 

07.04-13.04.2014  This week it has beenexactly 4 years (10.04.2010) since Kostya had his accident on the Pirita river.Currently it is our second week in Human Brain Institute in St. Petersburg.During the past week we had plenty of physiotherapy and sports medicine sessions(  ).Kostya liked a lot the hydro massage with a pine extract, which helps to relaxall the muscles in the body ( ).

  On Tuesday, in Military Medical Academy named afterS.M. Kirov (which is also located in St. Petersburg) Mesenchymal Stem Cellswere administered to Kostya intravenously (200 million units) that wereisolated from the bone marrow donor. Kostya was alright during the procedures,no complications. On a very same day spasticity decreased and Kostya smiled alot. On Wednesday Kostya visited speech and language therapist. 

  On Friday we returned back home and spent plenty oftime outside walking during the weekend. We've noticed, that Kostya becamethoughtful and when something suddenly occurs in his field of view he winces.

  We've got an offer to do perform some CSF-therapythis summer (partial replacement of cerebrospinal fluid ), but currentlywe are in a process of consideration (researching and compare associated risksagainst benefits). 

31.03-06.04.2014  On Monday we stared our tip to St. Petersburg and at 3 am we crossed theboarder and already at 7 am we arrived to the Human Brain Institute. There wediscussed Kostya's treatment plan with a doctor. During the day time mum askedKostya to find her with his eyes (to look at her), but Kostya looked up theceiling. When mum said, that she cannot possibly seat on the ceiling and it isvery unlikely, Kostya began to laugh. On Tuesday Kostya had his cardiogramtaken. He also received ceraxon, gliatilin and cortexin intravenously. Has hisophthalmologist check-up, everything is fine with Kostya eyes. 

On mum's request Kostya lifted his thumb and indexfingers on his left hand. In the evening when mum asked him to repeat what hedid- he muttered something back. 

On the Tuesday night Kostya did not sleep at all from1 am. In the following morning he was very excited. 

Kostya had his  Video EEG Monitoring Testdone and also had his heart checked. 

Kostya had a check up by a therapeutist (GP). Doctorsmade some corrections to Kostya's epilepsy medications in his Drug Chart, so itis in line with  his current condition. 

Kostya also had a nerve impulse conduction test. Wewill post all the results later, on the Kostya' s official web-site in the'Medical Examinations' section. 

During the evening time Kostya became more like hisusual self again. When mum was taking some nuts from the chest drawer Kostyawas stretching his neck in order to see better, where from mum takes the nuts. 

On Thursday night Kostya slept well. During the day hewas sleepy. 

We went for the physiotherapy sessions. Kostya alsohad a test which checks blood vessels that carry blood to the brain
On Saturday we managed to go for a walk, as there is no medical treatments orchek-ups during the weekend. 

24.03-30.03.2014   On a Sunday night Kostya has fellen asleep just after2am. During the day he took a nap, but when Kostya woke up, he looked at mumwith surprised and happy facial expression. When mum was combing Kostya's hairand reminded Kostya a story of how they went to the hairdresser's for the firsttime � he laughed. After this Kostya began to cry. On Tuesday Kostya was veryexcited and when we put him to lay on his belly he stood up all by himself,without any help or support. During the night time Kostya made his father, whosleeps in the same room, scared because Kostya was trying to stand up from hisbed independently and nearly fell down. Kostya managed to kick the suspendedball very well using his legs and hands. Night sleep is still disturbed. 

On Sunday we packed all the necessaryitems including medications and documents, as we were getting ready for ourtrip in St. Petersburg for Kostya's treatment. 

17.03-23.03.2014   On a Monday evening Kostya had an epileptic seizure.Usually after the seizures Kotya falls asleep, but this time he did not sleepuntil 5 am. Next day during the day time he had a smiley face, however in theevening the mood has changed and he became very serious.  

    On Tuesday when Kostya and Dad werewalking in corridor, Dad asked Kostya why he was going very slowly and walkedwith no enthusiasm whatsoever. A smile occurred on Kostya's face and he startedto walk faster and more cheerfully. During the week Kostya reacted well on somejokes. Kostya controlled his hand movements very well when he was picking somesmall items from the table. 

    On Thursday night did not sleep well.Maybe it was related to a weather change. Mum and Tanya (Kostya's sister)decided to check Kostya's memory: they gave him a piece of lemon. Kostya's hada disgusted expression on his face. Then they gave him a piece of lemon withsome sugar. The response was the same. On a third time Kostya refused to openthe mouth and looked at relatives reproachfully. On Sunday morning he waspronouncing something. 

10.03-16.03.2014   During this week Kostya slept well during 3 nights. Onone of the mornings during the breakfast Kostya was taking some nuts by himselfusing his hand and ate them. On mums request he put his legs on mum's laps. Healso managed to walk independently and without any support for about3 meters. Few times we put Kostya to lie on his tummy and he was trying tostand up. Several times he succeeded and stood up with little support. Duringone of our walks the strap which helps Kostya to hold his head has fallen offand covered Kostya's eyes and he expressed his perturbation.  

Finally we have got the long-awaitedinvitation to the Institute of Human Brain and we hope we will have a chance togo for the treatment in St. Petersburg on the 31st of March 2014,however currently we are awaiting for the confirmation on whether there are anyspaces for the treatment which we hope to receive next week). 

03.03-09.03.2014    Kostya's night sleeppattern varies all the time: sometimes he does not sleep at all, and sometimeshe sleeps more or less satisfactory.  Most often, even after a sleeplessnight Kostya does not sleep during the day. On a Wednesday Kostya was in a goodmood: he was muttering something and smiling a lot. In the evening he hashelped mum to sing a song and was singing along. On Sunday he was eatingindependently some cottage cheese, was raising his head and looking around,following others. For several times we put Kostya to lie on his belly. Afterspending some time lying flat on his tummy Kostya attempted to stand up. He didit well with a little support from mum and dad. 

24.02-02.03.2014   On Tuesday Kostya was tryingto pronounce something in reply to  mum's questions. He was demonstratinga good control while kicking a hanging ball with a stick (physio). Kostya'smood is unsettled and changes during the day. This week we managed to get outfor a walk almost every day.  This Sunday we went for a picnic in theforest, where our friends were celebrating Maslenitsa ( local folk holiday).Kostya seemed to enjoy our time out and his mood was cheerful:   ,    , Kostya atepancakes, listened to the songs accompanied by guitar and watched the fireflames burning. However in the evening when we got home Kostya was crying.  

17.02-23.02.2014   On Wednesday evening Kostya had 2 minor epilepticseizures. During the epileptic fits Kostya was muttering 'mum-mum'. On ThursdayKostya picked up the apple which has fallen from his hand. When greeting DadKostya gave dad a hand for a handshake. He slept well during the night. In themorning he woke up in a good and cheerful mood. Kostya was sticking out tongueas per mum's request (part of speech and language therapy), was responding tosome some jokes nicely. When mum asked Kostya to say something � he shouted outsomething and then started to laugh. 

10.02-16.02.2014 On Monday we put Kostya to lay down on his tummy. Thensuddenly he sat up on his knees and after this he got up on standing on hislegs by himself, so we barely had a chance to support him. When Kostya isexcited he does his physio well, spins the trainer pedals and handles, kicksthe hanging ball with his feet and hands. Yet again (this situation hasoccurred previously) Kotya was crying when he listened to the song ' YellowGuitar Curve') of his favourite artist Mityayev. On Sunday Kotya was smiling alot, was trying to pronounce some words and sounds, played well with Dad.   Restlessduring the nights and does not sleep.   

03.02-09.02.2014  Kostya'smood was constantly changing: sometimes he was very excited and vivacious, butother days he appeared to be rather apathetic. Perhaps these frequentalterations are linked to the weather changes. When Kotsya was full on energyand excited he was doing some physio, spinning trainer's pedals using his handsand legs. He was looking at mum as per her request, gave her a hand when sheasked him to do so. When mum was reading aPushkin's fairy-tales Kostya was listening very carefully. DuringFriday night he was sleeping well. Next day was smiling a lot and was mutteringsomething. Was holding spoon well and raising it independently, ate a platefulof cottage cheese.

27.01-02.02.2014  On one of thedays Kostya was kicking the football ball well, played with a tennis ball and aracket. During the few days in a row Kostya was very restless and excited andon Thursday, the 30th of January, he had two epileptic seizuresat 4pm and 6:45 pm (one was stronger, than another). Didn't sleep well duringthe nights, kept throwing off his blanket although it was notthat warm in the room. We continued our sessions with speech and languagetherapist, but this week Kostya did not do something outstanding. Due to the increased workload at Dad's workplace we could not go to the gym andtherefore we exercised using a trainer at home  . 

20.01-26.01.2014  Nothing outstanding hashappened this week. We had some episodes, when Kostya ate very well using aspoon, was taking nuts with his hand, holding head nicely, was playingglockenspiel. Due to the doctor sickness the speech and language sessions werecancelled. At home we did plenty of physiotherapy and trainer sessions. Duringthe Saturday night Kostya nearly fell out of bed, he screamed, raised suddenlyand sat on the bed. It looked like something frightened him. We comfortedKostya helping him to calm down. On Sunday he was smiling a lot and wasmuttering something. Overall it was pretty ordinary quiet week.

13.01-19.01.2014  On Monday Kostya respondedcorrectly, when speech and language therapist asked Kostya to point at theimages, where mum cooks the dinner and then where dad reads the newspaper.During most of the nights Kostya did not sleep well.
On one of the days he was smiling a lot and was humping something, when wecalled his name out loud. Managed very well to pick up a piece of apple whichha fallen out of Kostya's hand. When we were brushing Kostya's teeth, yet againhe pronounced something what sounded like 'prickly'. 

06.01-12.01.2014    Last week we have visited a speech therapist twice. Speech therapistnoticed the positive dynamics in Kostya's progress. On our way to theappointment, the strap which helps Kostya to hold his head has fallen off andcovered Kostyas eyes. Kostya started to mutter expressing his dissatisfaction,and when we placed the strap back onto its place he began to smile and wasobserving passing by cars with an interest.  

On Friday evening Kostya has responded to his sisterjoke with a laughter. She asked: 'maybe we should try to wax you beard, so youdo not have to shave every day?' 

When Kostya went to bed, he was helping dad to sing alullaby song and was humping along. So it turned out to be quite a nice duo. OnSaturday when an apple has fallen out of Kostya's hand he picked it back upnattily.    

30.12.13-05.01.2014   Kostyahad a severe epileptic seizure just in the beginning of this new year, whichhappened on the 1st of January at 16:30. This night Kostya stayedawake almost during the whole night. Like always, on the next day after theseizure Kostja was in a cheerful mood, was smiling a lot and was trying topronounce some words and to answer some questions. As per our request Kostyawas trying to lift his legs and to unclench his fingers. Kostya's mood isunsettled. On some days he was crying hard. The stoma from the gastrostomy isslowly healing. Now we got used to administer medications at 6 am orally.   

23.12-29.12.2013  The last weekof the year has finished. However in a last few days we had some adventures. OnSaturday and Sunday Kostya was very excited. We reacted quite late inresponse,that Kostya pulled his gastrostomy out. Through it we usuallyadministered some soluble medications at 6 am, when Kostya was asleep. Wecovered the stoma with a plaster and it should heel by itself nicely. We werethinking about removing gastrostomy anyway, as Kostya now eats by himself.Maybe it is even for the better, who knows.

    During the week Kostya did not sleep well. OnWednesday there were some sign of epileptic seizure coming, so we administeredsome Diazepam, which has helped to prevent seizures.  During the day wewere training on the trade mill, spinning the Motomed handles and pedals(spasticity is decreasing), were exercising, and when we only had a chance wewent outside for a walk.
On Sunday when Kostya was sitting in a wheelchair mum was coming from behindfrom the both sides and asked Kostya whether he recognises her? Kostya wasshifting his eyes towards the side from which mum has approached, was raisinghis eyebrows and was smiling.
Finally, we would like to wish everybody veryHappy New Year ahead! 

16.12-22.12.2013  During this week Kostya kept parents very happy: he was holding his headvery well and was following mum with his eyes with a smile on his face, onseveral occasions he was trying to say something. When mum was brushingKonstantin's teeth, he pronounced 'Kostya' and when mum touched Kostya's upperlip with a brush Kostya said: 'Prickly''This Thursday he said:' what do youwa'' (probably he meant 'want'). During the day he was saying different sounds(beginnings of some words): 'Nata.., mu, du'. Usually Kostya is pronouncingsomething when he is very excited or nervous. He was touching mum's face withhis hand. When a ball has fallen down from his right hand, he picked the ballup with his left hand. 


  On Friday, in the school, where Konstantin used to goto secondary school  (Paju school) took place a charity concert and raisedfunds will be donated to the Kosya's treatment. 


  On Sunday from Tallinn was delivered a long hoped-fortrainer-machine Motomed VIVA 2. Trainer cost 2810 Euros and was paid for fromthe money, which were raised by compassionate people who have made donationsthis autumn. We would like to thank them one more time for all their help andsupport and also wish everyone a very happy festive season ahead! 

09.12-15.12.2013   It wasa relatively quiet week. On several occasions mum did ask Kostya whether herecognises her? He responded with a smile on his face. For Kostya's  motorskills development we are trying  to use playing cubes, chestnuts andacorns. Kostya is progressing well in the gym. On Sunday Kostya's friends cameto visit: Andrey and Volodya.  Kostya was looking at Volodya almostnon-stop and was holding his head very well. When Kostya ate a walnut hisfriend Volodya said some joke about it and suddenly Kostya, who beforehand wasvery serious, started to smile.  After such reactions we are left to keepguessing, whether Kostya understand what we are talking about?


02.12-08.12.2013   Konstantin and mum are communicating very well. When mum is talking toKostya, he is trying to answer. In the gym Konstantin was rotating the weightlifting bar by himself. He is doing well when stepping over from one steppingfitness board to another and manages not to touch the floor. On Friday eveningKontantin had 2 epileptic seizures, but they were quite moderate. On Saturdayand Sunday Konstantin was in a good mood and was smiling a lot was watchingwhat people around are up to and was paying attention when he watching TV.

25.11-01.12.2013  It was quite a difficultweek. Konstantin did not sleep well during the night time, and during the daytime he was restless and a bit nervous. We managed to go out for a walkjust  on the weekend. On Saturday evening at 4pm and 7pm Kostya had two epilepticseizures. On Sunday he was in a good mood and smiled a lot. Kostya is like being reborn after the seizures. He is trying to pronounce something whenwe brushing his teeth and also tries to stick his tongue out. When Kostya doeshis physiotherapy sessions he likes sitting or he lying on the large stabilityball.

18.11-24.11.2013  We continue to exercise withKonstantin in the gym. We were stepping over obstacles to improve walking,using a ball to exercise muscles holding the head, doing some hands and legsstretching exercises. When the ball crosses the way and comes under Kostya'sfeet he is trying to kick the ball. Often Konstantin's mood changes throughoutthe day. Kostya responds well to the lullaby song, when he goes to sleep. Ournews: an article about Konstantin was issued in the Õhtuleht news-paper on the21.11.13: .However there are some discrepancies in the translation, but we don't think,that these discrepancies play the most important role and do not concentrate onthis. With our permission there was created the Konstantin's support communityon the Facebook: ,which is run and edited by one of volunteers. There you can find the latestnews about Kostya, photos, news-paper articles and comments in three languages:English, Estonian and Russian.

11.11-17.11.2013  Konstantin responds emotionally to the music and in to some familiarsongs in particular. Just a moment ago, he began to cry when he heard one ofhis favourite musicians called Mityayev. On Tuesday Konstantin had 2 epilepticseizures at 8pm and at 10 pm. After the seizures he has fallen asleep and sleptpretty good through the whole night. Following morning he ate his breakfast allby himself. Did really well while playing with metal triangle (motor skillsdevelopment). With a joy and a smile on his face Konstantin worked out in the gym   :

  He also made a few steps independently.

    Whenwe were asking some questions, Konstantin was trying to answer something backand was muttering. On Sunday morning Konstantin said couple of words out loud,but we did not quite hear what exactly did he say, as at the time we were inthe kitchen.    

04.11-10.11.2013. We continued our visits to fitness club. Konstantin is enjoying variousactivities. If he keeps this up soon he will be able to do some weight lifting:  Konstantin is restless during the nights. On Wednesday evening Konstantin hadan epileptic seizure. On Friday he was very cheerful. When mum asked Konstantinwhether he recognises her he smiled back.
Was trying to answer some other questions (but speech is a bit incomprehensibleat the moment).
Konstantin was building a pyramid (exercise to improve motor skills), took somepieces of fruits using his hands. He was like this during the whole week:

    28.10-03.11.2013  . OnSunday night Konstantin was restless during the night. In the morning he wokeup very excited and during his grooming routine Konstantin made few soundsmaking words: �father, Konstantin, toothpaste'. Was ready and willing toexercise with a ball, put his feet on it. Konstantin responded with a smile,when we were talking to him. On Tuesday and Friday we went to MyFitness Gym, asowners of this health club have kindly invited us for a visit. Konstantin wasexpressing an interest in this new environment and had a nice workout on themachines. It was very handy, that Fitness Club is located nearby. We believe,that new experiences and associated new emotions are very beneficial forKonstantin. When mum is helping Konstantin to brush his teeth, she asksKonstantine to stick his tongue out, which he does and also is trying to saysomething during this time. This Sunday he was eating some fruit, but before hefinished it he took the next piece by himself from mum's hands. 

21.10-27.10.2013 . When we help Konstantin to brush his's teeth we are trying to do some tongue massage. Whiledoing this activity Konstantin is trying to pronounce some sounds and issticking his tongue out. He watches the TV with interest. Also Kostya respondswell, when he sees kayaks: he appears to be very focused - on one occasion ithappened during our walk by the river and other time, when Konstantin saw akayak on the TV. Konstantin is smiling when he is praised by us for doing thingswell and being very serious and tightens his lip when he is being 'told off'.
He loves to listen to the poems. Assisted mum to get himself in a wheelchair.Was playing well with a pyramid. We ordered some spinning machine for legs andhands physiotherapy.
Currently we are organising a treatment in Pärnu Hospital (in Estonia). 
In a local newspaper Postimees (issued on 22.10.2013) you can find a mostrecent article about Konstantine: .
14.10-20.10.2013. This weekKonstantin responded to a joke and smiled back at mum. Almost every day we wentoutside.
Konstantin is learning how to drink from the cup. We also began to learn how towalk sideways: Konstantin is doing well while walking on the right side, and abit less well, when walking left.
We are continuing to walk on a treadmill and doing physiotherapy activities aswe were advised.

  Westarted to administer new medications according to new Drug Chart ( which wasadjusted to Konstantin's current medical needs). Probably that was the cause,which triggered Konstantin's epileptic seizures: 1st one at 4:30 pm and thenext one on 8 pm. On the 9.10.2013 Konstantin's father Yuri participated incurrently developing Tallinn Carers Union meeting (the Carers Union is firstbeing developed in Tallinn, Estonia). He also gave some interview to a localradio � Radio 4 and local TV news program 'Actual Camera'. The links are here:  

30.09-06.10.2013. On MondayKonstantin's family has travelled to the Natalia Behterova 's St. PetersburgInstitute of the Human Brain.
Multiply blood samples were taken � all observations seems to be fine. Konstantinestarted to receive some medication courses: gliatilin, cortexin, tserakson.Konstantin was assessed by neurologist and ophthalmologist. We also had two EEGstudies - and conduction of impulses to the upper and lower limbs. Somepositive dynamics in comparison with previous studies was noticed. On Friday inthe Military Medical Academy named after S.M. Kirov (which is also located inSt. Petersburg), Mesenchymal Stem Cells were administered intravenously (200million units ) isolated from the bone marrow donor. Doctors do not rule outthe possibility of a rather favourable outcome. For this treatment and stemcells injections we spent 4,000 Euros. And all this thanks to financial supportfrom friends and donations from all the compassionate people all over theworld.
On Sunday we watched one of recent TV programs about Konstantin:    .We felt very emotional and cried a lot. Medical examination results will besoon posted on the web-site (Russian page, please use Google translate fortranslation) under the section called 'Medical Examinations'.  

26.08-01.09.2013.  Onceagain we have got a confirmation that Konstantin responds well when seesfamiliar faces, he can recognise people. While we were walking with Konstantinwe bumped into a girl, who Konstantin used to stdy with at school. After fewseconds Konstantin started to cry.   One day Konstantin and his father were listening tothe music. Father started to sing along and Konstantin began to laugh. It seemsthat the father cannot sing very well.   Nowadays we walk a lot with Konstantin in the town (with some support). This week Konstantin slept well during the most of thenights, but the mood in the begining of the week was somewhat indifferent.   We used up all of Konstantin's free O.T. sessionsallowance and got an appointment with speech theraphist. At the moment we aretrying to take part in stem cells tratment, but in order t do so we need toraise some signifficant funds ( we need toinject cells at least 4 times andeach injection costs 3,000 euros).

02-08.01.12 The condition during a week is variation: Kostya can sleeps a lot, sometimes he restless, nervous, sometimes plays with objects well, unfolds his arms and took items. In the middle of the week he ate by a wooden spoon and did that pretty well, although preliminary, we have to put food into the spoon.  Kostya stretches his hand when greeting him. Three times we visited the speech therapist in the clinic, where him did the massage of face, hands, taught the perception of objects of different materials and different shapes. Kostya likes a lessons, because often on his face we see a smile.

26-01.01.12 Was the last week of 2011. There was not something special. During the day Kostya slept more, but nights can behave restlessly. In the middle of the week one night, not sleeping, was nervous and tense. Fortunately, this condition is not happened into attack, which we feared. Perhaps this can be attributed to the unstable and stormy weather, geomagnetic storms. The New Year night, together with Kostya, we met 2012 year.

19-25.12.11 Gradually motor skills of Kostya's hands is improving. When Kostya brought a piece of apple to his mouth and he fell from his right hand, Kostya by his left hand held the piece and did not let him fall, then the right-hand he took it and sent into his mouth. It is noticeable that his hand movements became more confident. When Kostya gets in the simulator to walk, then he raises his legs to climb up on it. Finished the massage in the clinic, on the second of January we will visit there a speech therapist.

12-18.12.11 Two times were in the clinic, where Kostya were made a hand massage. The following three sessions will be held on the next week. At home when mother done the massage of his right thumb, he slowly but distinctly uttered the word "Hurt." According to mother there is a impression that Kostya can evaluate his condition (for example, in Germany before the attack, he said the word "Bad"). Slightly improved coordination of hands, because Kostya, though not very confidently, takes small pieces with his fingers. We Increase the number of steps and a daily pass at least 200 meters. However, during the week, was anxious, nervous. On Saturday to Sunday did not sleep until 4 o'clock in the morning, sometimes he laughed, uttered some words, which we could not understood.

05-11.12.11 The week passed usually: nothing remarkable happened. Completed the physical therapy in the clinic, next week we will go there for a massage. Kostya for a long time sitting in a chair, occasionally distracted by the physical exercises and walks with father in the apartment. In good weather, we go for a walk. He plays    with ball always happy. Putting the pyramid. Sometimes he gives back subjects, but sometimes not. We are reading a alphabet, came to the letter A.

28.11-04.12.11 On the 1th of December Kostya has not strong attack of epilepsy, so the whole day was sleepy. In order that Kostya trained his fingers and learned to take things we began to spread on a plate of fruit slices. It is interesting to observe how he chooses what is proposed. He takes often a slices of mandarin. One evening, when Kostya was lying in bed, father asked him whether he would close his eyes to sleep, to which he nodded his head three times. We continue going by bicycle simulator, we going through the apartment, doing physical exercise. In free time we are listening Mozart and Russian folk tales.

21-27.11.11 Because employment at work at this and next week is not possible to carry Kostya to physical therapy, and last two classes moved to on the fifth of December. Nevertheless, we continue to work with him at home. Every day he goes with the support at least 100 meters. Became more confident to take things with his hands, if necessary, helps the second hand. Upon request, paid items, trying to assemble and disassemble a pyramid, but does not relax the fingers. We began to give to hand  a wooden spoon, so that he himself tried to eat, get a little bit.

14-20.11.11 Continued attendance at physiotherapy. On one of them Kostya walked on a treadmill for 6 minutes, with little support for his hands. Was only two sessions with a speech therapist, but, so far, nothing remarkable not happened. Over the weekend, with pleasure, with a smile on his face, looked at your favorite movie about Ivan Brovkin. Good eats by mouth, has learned to swallow the liquid. Likes fruits very.

07-13.11.11 We visited four classes of physiotherapy in Narva clinic.  On the classes Kostya are taught to keep a balance, roll from side to side, sit on a chair, walk, see the link:   .
At home we are engaged in physical exercise too. Here you can see how Kostya goes by bicycle (bicycle is not plugged to socket):  

We invited a speech therapist, who will do exercise with Kostya several times a week. There was the first lesson.

31.10-06.11.11 Something special and memorable is not happened.  We are continue going through the apartment, playing with a ball. Kostya squeezes fingers into fists rarely, but, anyway, he releases rings difficulty when collects pyramid. We visited a doctor of rehabilitation medicine finally (visit to the doctor we had to wait a month) and received a referral for physical therapy at a city clinic.

24-30.10.11   We were sit down Kostya at a normal chair,   so he leaned his arms on the seat. Kostya keeps his head well. When we went to bathe with Kostya to wash him, he saw the threshold booth (height 25 sm), he overstep it himself. Every day, Kostya, with father support from behind by the armpits, go along the apartment not less than 250 meters. In good weather, more than two hours, we walk with Kostya on the street.

17-23.10.11 This week remember that when mother was cleaning  Kostya´s   nose, he clearly said to her, "go away." After what mother was surprise and stopped touch his face then    Kostya smiling. Kostya mood is changeabl  e  :   he can   smile, or might cry. He can sit in a chair much longer now. He learned to wear a ring on the pyramid, but does not want to unclench fingers with a ring. Kostya likes to play   with   ball.      He   eats with a spoon   very good  , so we give him food through a gastrostomy only two or three times at day. He eats six times per day now instead of seven times per day how was early.

    10-16.10.11 Every day we walk through the apartment with  >Kostya  .   >We do with him physical   exercise  >s  . In good weather,   >go for a walk  . In the "Photo Album"   >there are new photos   "After Germany." You can watch how Kostya exercises in Haapsalu on the simulator for the development of equilibrium:

     Here Kostya walks on a treadmill:  

  >Here   Kostya is trying to play tennis:

  Kostya dons sneakers:


03-09.10.11 It was the last week, when Kostya was in a Haapsalu Neurological Rehabilitation Center. On Saturday evening we went back to home, to Narva. On this week Kostya set a record: he walked 150 meters by foot on a treadmill for 15 minutes. On the physiotherapy Kostya sat himself, holding the base by hands and kept head himself. When  he, sitting on a chair, slipping down, he helps to get up himself, when we try to sat him on place. Became more confident move his hands. At home we will try do all what we learned in Haapsalu. One of these days  we will publish Kostya's photos and videos and will do documents that at a time, six months later, again go to Haapsalu.

 26.09-02.10.11 During the day does not sleep. On the physiotherapy lessons do different exercises: fencing light swords, playing different sizes of ball, etc. Kostya became consider more time the objects around and watch what is happening around him. Put him on the walker, but him was hard and uncomfortable, so he tears. But in another lesson, on the treadmill, he walked 90 meters for five minutes. The second of October, when mother nursed Kostya, he smiled and uttered the word "Mother". In the evening, mother puts music for Kostya, reading a Russian folk tales. In good weather, walk on the promenade along the bay (a very beautiful place, where many ducks and swans).

 19-25.09.11   On t  his week, Kostya is more active. During the day sleeping after   that he is   tire   on   the therapy.   On the   physiotherapy Kostya was laid out on his stomach, chest tucked under a special roller. Kostya was on his knees and tried to crawl. Put   him on the on the track   tied up his shoulders and legs. Led Kostya by the hand around the room, and he understands the command to go forward, back, sit down. Do exercises to stretch and strengthen muscles in the neck.   Doing   exercises Kostya watching what is happening around them. Hand spasticity decreased.   He   try to take things with two hands   now  . Showing     Kostya   items mother asked: "This is a spoon, cup, etc.?" He replied   and say   "yeah".

 13-18.09.11   Pass the   second week how Kostya is in a rehabilitation center in Haapsalu.   O  n occupational therapy   lessons  , for sensitivity development, Kostya was performed on the skin objects of different materials: fur, sandpaper, corrugated objects cold and warm. On the physical therapy Kostya was attached on special equipment and him    rocked from side to side, twisted his body left and right. Sitting in an armchair   ride on the   bicycle, yet independently. The physiotherapist said that   Kostya   understands the Estonian language and after some time does the command: to relax, give, turn the hand. Were at the reception of ophthalmologist, where the doctor was prescribed an ointment. Now the eye is not red and it looks fine. True, the past week almost never opened his eyes. But at the weekend his eyes were open all day. The mood and the weather   were   good.   We   walking along the sea   for a long time with Kostya  . In the evening   we   gave to Kostya in his arm the table tennis racket and he sitting in a chair at the tennis table, trying to beat the ball. One night, very clean uttered obscenity, than we are very pleased

 07-12.09.11   Pass a   week as Kostya is in Haapsalu Neurological Centre. Every day,   is writing   by the minute: studies with a speech therapist, psychiatrist, physical therapist, massage therapist. Sometimes it is difficult   to be on   lessons at time, because    still need time for    eating and taking medication. Feels like after the ozokeritotherapy sessions spasticity    of hands were less. The difference      between this      clinic   and      in Germany in that there is treatment for these patients - the norm, but here rather an exception. It's safe to say that the quantity and quality of   equipment of   Haapsalu center exceeds a clinic in Berlin. Taken blood and urine tests. Two or three days Kostya almost did not open his eyes, perhaps due to the fact that the left eye turned red and   him was   hard  ly   to open it.   Washing   has not helped. Recently, he recorded   to   the ophthalmologist. On Saturday and Sunday, walked with him along the shore of the bay. The weather was sunny and warm.   Kostantin´s   mood was variable, he smiled, hearing our voices, he tried to cry and had to calm him down. A psychiatrist, who   watch   Kostya, had impression that Kostya understand a lot, because    was visible reaction to   the request to him.

 01-06.09.11 On the 2th of September Kostya had an epilepsy attack, which the last was almost a month ago. We Introduced diazepam. On this day was sleepy. Interesting that usually epilepsy attack is at six o'clock on morning or six o'clock on evening, so in this time when we take him medication. On the one day, when we are sitting him at a table, on which was a sweet, fruit, toys, Kostya himself led his hand and took the windy toy. Received the test results, which confirmed that Kostya has not contagious infections, so we can go to Haapsalu (see News).


 25-31.08.11   P  eriods, when Kostya sleeps, followed by periods when he is awake. On the mother's birthday was a sunny day and we are walking with Kostya on the street during four hours. On this day, he had a good mood, he gladly took and gave the ball. When   we   asked him some questions in response he    shrug his left shoulder. Passed more tests. In the case of positive results (which will be available   on the 2th of        September) will be decided question about sending Konstantin to Haapsalu Rehabilitation Center from 5th of September.

 18-24.08.11 Recently Kostya  a lot of sleeping, awake, mainly during walks. Perhaps this is due that increased to 20 mg per day of akatinol-memantine. We continue doing  physical exercise with him, play ball, try to blow on the paper ships on the plate. When Kostya is sitting on the edge of the bed, dangling his feet on the floor, be always moves up to the center of the bed. We give him foods with different taste, which he eats himself.

12-17.08.11  If the weather is good we walk with Kostya for three-four hours. One of these days Kostya was in very good mood: he took and gave the ball unfolding and unclasping his hand. He likes when he is washed in shower stall. He likes a lot eating watermelon and bread.

07-11.08.11 When his mother asked him if Kostya wanted some ice cream he nodded his head affirmatively. He held out his hand to his sister when she asked him to shake hands with her. He tries to take and give back a small ball, however we should unfold his arm ourselves. From August 29 (or the week later) Kostya with his mother will go to rehabilitation center in Haapsalu; there is a prior agreement.

31-06.08.11 While we were walking    he try to keep his head, turns it behind moving objects. We try to give Kostya an apple slices, cucumber, so he unwrapped his hand and took them, after which he brings them to his mouth and gently bit off, so do not bite his fingers. On 31th there was a short epilepsy attack. One day, Kostya abruptly turned from back to side (this was the first time), and he have been frightened face, after that, seeing the father, relaxed and smiling.
25-30.07.11 Continue daily exercise. While we were walking along the river, when Kostya saw floating kayaks, he burst into tears. At the request to look mother for by eyes looked from father to mother. When we are planting Kostya on the edge of the bed, he always moved from the edge of bed When we planting him in a wheelchair and showing him his shoes and we ask him to wear them, he lifts his legs and inserts them into the slipper. We take Kostya under his arms and go with him throught the apartment, and he raises his legs. We try do this more often. In accordance with the instructions on the packaging drugs we increased the dose of Akatinol-Memantine to 10 mg. We were on the reception by a neurologist, who was pleased with the physical condition of Kostya    and offered us to visit the cabinet of rehabilitation in September.
19-24.07.11 Sometimes, at night, not sleeping.   After feeding in 24 hours if Kostya is awake, we read the book by L. Panteleyev. It happens that his eyes are open in three oclock in the morning and six in the morning. One day, walking, uttered some words, but what did he said it was impossible to make out. On the 18th we start give him the drug Memantine-Akatinol to activate the brain.
13-18.07.11 On Thursday there was a short epilepsy attack, have done without sedation.   On the other days was quite active.   When we wanted to plant Kostya into chair, but first of all we sat him on the edge of the bed, then he moved away from the edge of the bed. The first time we went to the Narva-Jõesuu, to the sea by car. Kostya was sitting on the first seat of the car, was relaxed and looked with interest on both sides. We began to give him the apple slices, to hand and he tried to bring his hand to his mouth and gently bit off (see He watched the log and remove thumb from the magazine when turning the pages (see     
07-12.07.11 Mood and condition are changeable. Perhaps this is due to the weather (heat, thunderstorms). Feeding via gastrostomy seven times in 200 ml. Gradually (up to four times) trying to give natural food: soups with meat, cereal with fruit and berries, cottage cheese, yogurt. One day, when the father greeted with Kostya, he nodded his head and when his mother asked him: "Do you want to brush teeth?" - he frowning. When we tried to put shoes on his feet - he raised his legs. During the walk, when hat began to slip from the head - he tried to hold her hand.         
30-06.07.11 Finally Kostya    learned to blow bubbles (see video, which is very good for the lungs. One day mother asked Kostya if he wants an apple, and he nodded, and wants a kiwi - shook his head. With gladly he eat peeled apples, strawberries. There is an article about Kostya in Postimees (see links for 07.06.11).
24-29.06.11 At his birthday (June 24) Kostya was in a good mood. We went with him to the river where he observed fishes with interest. In the evening he listened to friends' congratulations over the telephone with smile. Unfortunately, there was a short attack at 10 p.m. On June 27 there was another attack; we had to give him the sedative - diazepam. Sometimes he slept bad at nights. One of these days he tried to blow bubbles. During a walk it was visible how he reacted to the dog that approached to him: he became tense and moved his legs together. We washed Kostya in shower stall at the second time and he bore it well. We led Kostya to the stall and back on our arms and he moved his legs himself.

19-23.06.11 At the first time Kostya was put on the abdomen; it was difficult, because he was standing and then he began to move them when trying to lay him. After teeth brushing his mother asked him to spit out the saliva; it was visible that Kostya did three attempts to do this. He ate apple slices very well. We have received a letter from Kostya's doctor of Polenov Institute Sergei Kondatyev. He writes: "I have watched Kostya's video and I can tell that you achieved very good results. The level of contact, amount and difficulty of movements are impressive. Kostya have done a great advance".

12-18.06.11 Massage and gymnastics sessions are continued. During a walk (in the invalid chair) when we were playing with a ball he tried to give back the ball; to do this he had to turn his hand himself. Unfortunately, the following days he did not respond to request to carry out any command. Lately at the most part of a day (about till 4 p.m.) he sleeps and closer to evening he is active. He falls asleep after 0 a.m.

06.06-11.06.11 On Monday it was impossible to put Kostya in the armchair; it was visible that touches on his leg cause him pain. He had to be taken to hospital to take an X-ray of his hip joint and knee. Fortunately, there was no damage detected. Probably he had strained his leg when he had moved his legs actively in the bed or during the exercises or putting him in the armchair. Now it is alright. We has begun to give him strawberries through the mouth. With a great pleasure he eats peeled tomatoes. Sometimes Kostya is in a good mood, then he smiles, plays actively with a ball, turns his head.

31.05-05.06.11  During the week massage sessions continue. On June 4 at 5 o'clock in the morning there was a weak attack. We try to leave Kostya alone less. We sit Kostya in the armchair to table when we eat. On Saturday evening he was listening attentively and was smiling when we were talking to him. When the weather is good we go for a walk with him. On Sunday he was in a good mood. During the walk he was smiling, taking things that he was given, was trying to shift his legs moving in the invalid chair. He was searching for birds on a tree that were singing. Twice he raised his brows when he was asked to answer the questions affirmatively.

26-30.05.11  The second day massage was done to Kostya. Possibly due to the massage or due to fatigue of sitting in the armchair there was a weak epilepsy attack but sedatives were not given. Sometimes he sleeps bad at nights that probably connected with the intestines work. One of these days his friends made a standing verticalizer so that now we put Kostya almost vertically for some time and play with a ball.

21-25.05.11  On Sunday there was a short epilepsy attack. When moving in the invalid chair, Kostya tries to move his legs himself. One of these days a windmill as a present was given to him. After his father had shown him that it rotated and he had asked Kostya to blow on it, he carried out the request and blew on it from the left side of his mouth. The mood is changeable: now tears appear, now smile appears. Yesterday evening  he pronounced some phrase several times, although sounds were distinct enough, we could not get the meaning.

16-20.05.11  When Kostya is hot, he throws off the blanket with his legs. His mother has begun to add fruits to porridge for the intestines work improvement. During the week he was calm. He listens to audio books attentively. Sometimes he tries to take things that we give him. He let us clean his teeth but practically he does not open his mouth, due to that saliva is collected.

11-15.05.11  There are no significant changes. At times he sleeps bad at nights. Feeding is carried out through the gastrostomy tube seven times a day with 200 ml. Nutrison is replaced by porridge, meat soup, vegetable ragout. In the afternoon Kostya's cat was brought to him. When he saw him, he pouted his lips and began to cry but after some time he began to smile. Today he swallowed jelly well, he ate whole pot (125 grams).

05-10.05.11  On May 7 there was an epilepsy attack that lasted half a minute. We had to give him diazepam. During the next two days he slept all the time. Yesterday when Kostya's girlfriend told him about tricks of his cat, he listened attentively and laughed at some moments.

30.04-04.05.11  Every day we put Kostya in the armchair for two-three hours. We read him tales. German doctors have not recommended to watch television transmissions, because they believe that television can cause an epilepsy attacks. Spastic is strong enough but it becomes less strong after some exercises. Sometimes when he clears his throat, he pronounces words among which we can understand "���" (where), "����" (damn). Twice a week a nurse visits us, that we have found with the help of family doctor. The pressure holds around 100/60, the temperature is from 35,9 to 36,3.

25-29.04.11  Some days Kostya is sleepy, some days he is active. It is hard to say what it is connected with. When he does not doze, there are moments when he laughs trying to say something but we cannot understand it. There are some interesting observations: when his mother wanted to give him a tea bag, he stretched out his hand and took it; after he caught a ball, we asked him to give it back to us and it was visible that he moved his hands to carry out our request. Today we talked to him a lot. It is possible to say exactly that he understands something: when recalling the past he sobbed and we had to calm him. The pressure and temperature are normal.

21-24.04.11  On 21 April in the afternoon Kostya was moved to his parents' home. Three times a day we give medicines. Feeding is carried out through gastrostomy tube with the help of 200 ml of special nourishment called Nutrison (in all 1,5 liters per day). He smiled when he saw his sister. The pressure is 102-105/62-71. The temperature is from 35,6 to 36,5. We continue to do all that we did with him in the hospital: body care, cleaning teeth, exercises, putting in an armchair, ball catching. During the day we read him books and give him to listen to music.

20-21.04.11  Kostya is provided with good care in the therapeutic section. Attitude to him is very warm. During these four days physiotherapy sessions were held and blood tests were done. The condition is normal but sleepy.

18-19.04.11  Kostya is put to therapeutic section of Narva city hospital until April 21. There was an epilepsy attack at night.

  Today we arrived in Narva from Berlin. He slept all day. We got to Narva normally.

  Kostya was bathed in the morning. There are no changes in the rest.

  Periodically Kostya is now active, now flabby and sleepy. Today at physiotherapy Kostya tried to raise slightly his head and shoulders when he was lowered from a standing position. Sometimes he cries, sometimes he laughs. Kostya is returning to Estonia on April 17.
10-11.04.2011 A year has passed since the accident. In physical respect all is more or less fine. Today physiotherapist praised Kostya as he caught a ball well. His mother noticed that Kostya stretch himself when he woke up.

  There are no significant changes. Kostja is being set vertically using a device, they through him a ball and he catches it. He swallows some jelly from a spoon. He is being put into the armchair up to three hours. There were some problems with nourishment while changing from drop nourishment to three meals per day using  gastrostome. From time to time Kostja reacts to his mother's words by laughter or tears.

   On the other day, when Kostja was awake, mom was telling him names of relatives and asked him whether it was right or wrong. He nodded his head for three times. Consequently he sometimes understands questions he is being asked. There are no other changes.

  Work with speech therapist, ergo-therapist and physiotherapist continues. Kostja started to swallow some jelly. When he stood vertically on device, he was catching a ball, which was thrown to him.

  The other day epicystostomy was taken away. When mother greeted Kostja in the morning, he smiled.

  There was the attack again. At that time the pulse rate was unstable. During a walk when the feet support was removed Kostya began to rise his legs high as if stepping and looking for the support, after that he pronounced something. His mother believes that Kostya realizes his state but he can not come into contact. When by chance he was given tea, that his mother had made for herself, joking she asked Kostya: "Why have you drunk up my tea?", and he begin to laugh.

  There are not any changes. It seems that it is succeeded to select the feeding and the liver is not grown any more. When the weather is good Kostya goes for a walk on the invalid chair in the inner yard of the clinic.

  One of these days there was an attack that was rapidly stopped. On the whole he was sleepy. The sessions of therapy continued. Almost every day he was put in the armchair for three hours. Anything special was not noticed.

  Kostja was bathed. Ergo-therapist gave him to take different smells. He was put vertically for some time. For a first time Kostya was taken out in the inner yard of the clinic on an invalid chair. After his feet had slipped from the invalid chair support he put them in their place himself.

  There are not any changes. Periods of keeping awake are giving way to the periods when Kostya is not active, he is in condition of a drag. Possibly, it is connected with periodic epilepsy attacks that hinder him from his rehabilitation. It has passed a few more than a month since Kostya receives treatment in Berlin.

  The sessions of therapy continued. On the 9th of March Kostya was very active, he coughed, then he said '���� (Damn it)', he was smiling and laughing when his mother was reading him 'Barankin, Be A Man'. He was laughing when his mother was doing exercises in front of him. He was smiling when the speech therapist was doing exercises with him. He swallowed four small spoons with jelly. He was moving his tongue in the mouth.

  Amount of medicine has been reduced. There are three therapies a day. Kostja is doing physiotherapy with pleasure. He was sitting in the wheelchair for hour and a half in front of an open balcony. On Saturday he pronounced: "Mum, don't you kno..." and something not understandable after that... We can't understand whether he recognises his mother or not.

  The exercises with ergo-therapist, physic-therapists and speech-therapist continue. He is in sleepy condition in the afternoon.
The doctor is going to reduce a dose of medicines. Kostya is put in the armchair for an hour and a half and is put vertically. He is taught to recognise his body. He has been bathed.

27.02.11 Today, when his mother held out her hand to Kostya, he tried to reach it with his right hand. He tried to say something. His mother noticed that he react to smells.

  He was half asleep in the afternoon, so measures were not carried out regularly. One of these days there were four epilepsy attacks that probably says that appropriate medicines are not selected till now.

  He has been sleepy for two days. Today we put him at an angle of 60 degrees for a short time. It has been decided not to change the gastrostomy tube yet.

  On Sunday there were no treatments. Today they are changing Kostja's gastrostoma, so they didn't give him any food in the morning.  In the afternoon Kostja was bathed.

17-19.02.11  Several days ago his mother made out that Kostya said the words such as I, You, Salni...(possibly, Kostya pronounced the surname of his friend Salnikov who had been rescued by him), Natasa (probably, Natasha). During two following days he was sleepy. He slept when we seated him into armchair. Due to this condition exercises with speech therapist were not carried out. Although no measures are carried out on days off, during one and a half hours massage was done to Kostya today.

14-16.02.11  Kostja started to get nourishing diet, because his weight is currently 43 kg. He started to pronounce the sounds actively. During one of the days he was crying hard with tears. It is difficult to say what it was connected with. Today he was put in the bath, he relaxed well. The exercises with ergo-therapist, physic-therapists and speech-therapist continue. They should put him in an armchair during these days. Mother is with Kostja during the whole day. She lets him listen to the music, reads books and speaks to him.

  Two Russian nurses and a doctor work in the medical department and also one German doctor, who speaks Russian, that is why mother, who is always in the room, can see and understand everything. The care in the clinics is good, though the rooms, where the patients are placed, are quite simply equipped. Mother was reading Zoshchenko to Kostja today. He was listening very attentively and was laughing aloud in two places. Read our thoughts about the medical treatment approaches in Estonia, Russia and Germany in the section 'Guestbook'. 

   Kostja is placed in a separate room. During the second day there was an epilepsy attack with Kostja, probably because of the long transportation time and change of the medicaments. There is an isolation period set for three days. When the personnel goes into the room they put on pink hat, mask and mantle. There were first exercises done. Speech-therapist worked out the face muscles. His task is to teach Kostja to swallow, pronounce sounds and words. Then, physio-therapists was with Kostja, who did exercises with his legs and hands. His task is to take away spastics of muscles and teach Kostja to sit in the armchair. Ergo-therapist teaches Kostja to feel his body and take care of himself.
  Ambulance with Kostja went from Saint Petersburg to Berlin. The trip to the clinic took 25 hours. Kostja was OK during the trip.

  Kostja is going to Germany in the ambulance car tomorrow, to the clinic Vivantes Spandau in Berlin, where they deal with patients who have cerebral trauma and brain ghipoxia. Today, according to the nurse, Kostja showed a tongue, which is a very good sign.

  They put Kostja on the exercycle, put on the legs near the bed for a short time. He started to turn the head following the glance.

  Temperature and blood pressure are normal. The sessions of cryotherapy and hivamat countinue.

  Because of flu epidemic the visits are limited. Only one person can visit Kostja for one hour. Physiotherapy and massage are carried out at the weekends too. Doing his exercises  Kostja tried to prevent his leg's bending with his hand.

  Planned course of physiotherapy is carried out: massage, hivamat, criotherapy. Kostja is put on his legs for a short while close to the bed. When mum asked Kostja to imagine that he had an orange in his hand and he had to peel and eat it, you could see Kostja's salivation.

  They use criotherapy for taking down spastics of joints. The pressure is low, temperature is 35.2. Kostja is apathetic.

  Course of physiotherapy was started. There is a body massage three times a day. Kostja was sitted on the bed and for the first time he stood for a short while.

  In the morning the temperature was normal, by the midday it rose to 38.5. The tests were taken. By  15.00 the temperature became normal.

  Today Kostja was taken from Polenov's institute to Sogas clinic (St-Petersburg) for rehabilitation treatment (see the Guestbook).

  The temperature is normal. For the third time PET examination was carried out. We will have the results later.

  Pressure is very low - 82�65, the temperature is just a little bit above 35. We didn't mention any reaction.

  The eyes were open during the visit. When he was asked to find a nurse with his eyes Kostja shifted his gaze.

  The eyes were closed during the visit. When his mother asked him to squeeze her hand he did it faintly. The temperature is normal. There are no other changes.

  There are no changes. The temperature was changing from normal to 37.5. Treatments: ozoterite is put on the joints, inhalations and hivamat are carried out. If there is no high temperature sometimes Kostja is sitted in the armchair. 

  Kostja sat in the armchair for a short time. He holds his head on his own. The temperature is normal.

  Temperature is about 37. Kostja felt sick. He didn't open his eyes the whole day.

Kostya was sitting in the armchair during about an hour. When his mother asked him: "Do you want to lie in the bed?", he nodded immediately, moreover this reaction was noticed by medical personnel. When he was put in the bed, his mother asked him if she should call his father to the ward, he reacted to it also nodding his head. We did not write being afraid to mistake but this week Kostya began to pronounce sounds and separate words. When a nurse was turning him, she heard clearly words "leave me alone", "go away". This repeated with another nurse. We are not sure that he will recognize us but we have confidence that he understands the speech addressed to him.

07.01.11  The temperature came down to 35,5-36 after an intake of sedatives. He slept all day.

  During the day there was very high temperature from  38 to 39,5. Possibly, this is organism reaction to the visit of his friends and his grandmother. Lungs x-ray was done, blood test was taken this week but inflammations were not detected.

  No changes. Hivamat and gymnastics are carried out.

  The temperature has risen to 38.6. No measures are carried out.

  Whole medical personnel (except a man on duty) has gone on ten-day holiday, therefore no measures are carried out.

  He has been bending and straightening his legs as if he has been doing the exercises. He has been smiling in his sleep. When keeping awake he is at spastic, during the sleep he is relaxed. He has been examining drawings that had been sent to him by children from Narva schools.

  Judging by PET pictures there are positive changes (number of yellow and red areas has increased), i.e. glucose absorption zone has increased that is the base of vital activity of neurons. In the nearest time MRT ant PET documents will be placed on the website. Daily Kostya is seated in the armchair, inhalation and massages are carried out. Basic emphasis is put on physiotherapy.

  The results of PET examination has been received but  there has not been the meeting with the doctor yet. At present thorax massage is being carried out. Ozokerite is being applied on the large joints to remove spastic and influence on the nervous system. Inhalations are being carried out.

  Kostya was driven to brain institute for the examination with the help of positron emission tomography (PET). In comparison with MRT intended for examination of anatomical peculiarity of brain, PET reveals the picture of functional changes of brain. The results will be known tomorrow.

  The catheter was removed on Monday. Inhalation is done twice a day. Thorax and hivamat massage are carried out with the help of special device intended for normalization of fluids exchange in tissues around cells through lymphatic and blood vessels. The doctor sees the positive dynamics that show itself in the positive changes of electroencephalograms results.

  Preparations, that are conducive to cells rehabilitation and brain vessels dilation, are continued to be introduced through the catheter. Glucose and aminoacids are introduced internally. Additionally, in the capacity of nutrition, osmolyte, the source of protein, triglyceride, microelements, is given. He has begun to show emotions. When watching a film he smiled. He tried to begin to cry when his mother talked to him.

  A lung test was carried out. The lungs are normal. The legs are fixed to not damage the installed catheter.

  There are no considerable changes. The treatment is carried out according to plan. The temperature and the pressure are normal. Now medicine is supplied through the catheter. It is planned to remove the catheter on December 20.

  In the evening during two hours the catheter was installed to Kostya under local anaesthetic.

  There are no considerable changes. During the visit he was asleep practically all the time.

  There are five days Kostya breathes on his own without tracheostomy tube. The catheter installation operation is postponed till Monday.

  Two weeks has passed since Kostya's arrival to Polenov Institute. The measures of Kostya's condition determination are carried out: blood and urine tests are taken, medical examination is carried out by ophthalmologist, treatment ways are determined. Electroencephalograms and magnetic resonance tomography is made.

According to MRT results it is elucidated that there is a reserve for the treatment, because a callused body (an isthmus between the hemispheres) is grown poor but there is no total lesion and this is a good sign of the rehabilitation. He gets benzodiazepines after which electroencephalograms are periodically taken. The tests are positive that means the possibility of further treatment.

As regards the physical condition, the muscles are atrophied and good nourishment is needed  to grow them. In the liver  the occurrence of toxic hepatitis is observed that is connected with the application of medicines. It is remediable, as there is no virus infection. There is the problem with the kidneys that shows itself in the form of infection. Antibacterial treatment is fixed.

In the capacity of medicamentosa treatment it is suggested to introduce a catheter through the artery in the hip joint to the brain through which medicines  will be introduced. The dangers,  that can be observed during this, are the infringement of  heartbeat, clots of blood formation, epilepsy. The positive effect is observed in about 40 per cent of cases. Conjectural time of the catheter introduction is Friday the 10th of December.

  The tracheotomy tube is removed. He breathes through his nose but with addition of a little amount of oxygen. He is awake during the day.

  The joints are continued working out with the help of an electric massager. We noticed that he turned his head left and right. During the visit he sleeps almost all the time.

  The result of an electroencephalogram is better by comparison with the previous one. Massage is carried out, large joints are worked out, twice a day he is seated on the bed during 30 minutes. One more inquiry is postponed till the next week due to the breakage of equipment in the institute of brain.

  Plan inquiries are carried out, MRT is made. The spasticity decreased slightly. Massage is made.

  No medical procedures were carried out on the days off. He was in sleepy condition all the time.

  He was sleeping during the visit. Massage was made.

  An encephalogram was taken today. During the visit he was sleeping. A botox injection was made to decrease the spasticity.

  He has slept since 3 a.m. Since today the inspections has begun and results will be known approximately on December 3.

  A reanimobile with Kostya departed from Keila at 7 a.m. It was in Narva at 10 a.m. It crossed the border at 11 a.m. It arrived at Polenov Institute at 3 p.m. Kostya was placed immediately in a ward of intensive therapy for six persons. He has borne the road fine, he has slept almost all the time. The ward is well-equipped.

  No changes. Kostya conveyance to Polenov Institute in Saint Petersburg is planned for tomorrow.

  No changes. Indices are normal.

  No changes. Indices are normal.

  No changes. Indices are normal.

  No changes. Indices are normal.

  He did not sleep at night. Strong spasticity. Exercises were done with difficulty. Indices are normal.

  No changes. Indices are normal.

  No changes. Indices are normal.

  His look is more sensible by comparison with the previous days. The pressure is 116�77, the pulse rate is 90, the temperature is normal.

  No changes. The pressure is 120�75, the pulse rate is 90, the temperature is 36,0.

  He ate 200 g of vegetable ragout purée. Unfortunately, there are no changes of consciousness. The pressure is 118�77, the pulse rate is to 110, the temperature is 36,1.

  He ate well when his mother spoon-fed him. After that he fell asleep. Last night he had been sleeping. The pressure is 120�87, the pulse rate is to 110, the temperature is 36.1.

  Strong spasticity, he winces when touching him. The pressure is 113�70, the pulse rate is from 95 to 123, the temperature is 37.3.

  Kostya was moved back to Keila in the afternoon. The pressure is 120�80, the pulse rate is to 98, the temperature is 36.

  No changes. The pressure is 108�81, the pulse rate is to 94, the temperature is 36.3.

  No changes. The pressure is 91�64, the pulse rate is to 86, the temperature is 36.2.

  No changes. The pressure is 88�58, the pulse rate is to 80, the temperature is 36.2.

.  No changes. Parameters are normal.

  His eyes looked like scared at times. He moved actively his legs and arms. The pressure is 112�81, the pulse rate is to 130, the temperature is 36.5.

  A state of extreme excitement. Sedatives don't have a long effect. Kostya was moved urgently from Keila hospital to Mustamäe. He moves constantly his legs and arms. The pulse rate is to 140 in the evening, the pressure is 130�88.

  He behaved agitatedly. Visiting was limited. The pressure is 114�58, the pulse rate is 88, the temperature is 36.4.

  Today Kostya was on the inspection in Tallinn where magnetic resonance tomography and computer examination were made. Visiting was canceled. There was a spasm in the evening. The pressure is 110�60, the pulse rate is to 90, the temperature is from 36.6 to 36.8.

  No changes. The pressure is from 110�70 to 120�74, the pulse rate is from 74 to 100, the temperature is 36.6.

  He raised high his right hand and examined it. Gymnastics was canceled today due to a problem with the sleep at nights. The pressure is 95�55, the pulse rate is to 98, the temperature is from 35.8 to 36.1.

  Kostya was spoon-fed. When he was asked whether he would like to eat more he shook his head negatively. He watched the photos from the family album with interest. He sleeps bad at nights. The pressure is 112�81, the pulse rate is to 91, the temperature is 36.1.

  Half a year has passed since the accident. Visiting was limited due to Kostya's state of strong excitement. The pressure is from 105/90 to 110/80, the pulse rate is to 95, the temperature is from 36,3 to 37,0.

  He is tense enough. He reacts to a touch to his body. After the yesterday's seizure it was decided not to disturb him. It seemed that he made an attempt at our request to push off from the bed's back with his legs to rise higher. The pressure is 99/63, the pulse rate is to 90, the temperature is 36,4.

  At 2:00 a.m. there were spasms. At 9:00 p.m. there was an epileptic seizure. A sedative was introduced. He is sleeping now. The pressure during the day is about 110/70, the pulse rate is to 100, the temperature is 36,9.

  No changes. The pressure is 83/58, the pulse rate is 87, the temperature is 36,1.

  No changes. The pressure is 120/70, the pulse rate is to 110, the temperature is 36,9.

  No changes. The pressure is 115/68, the pulse rate is to 97, the temperature is 36,6.

  Repeated ten-day course of massage and gymnastics was ordered. He was sleepy all day. There are no other changes. The pressure is 100/60, the pulse rate is to 100, the temperature is 36,4.

  Kostya's head was washed with the help of special cap. He was spoon-fed with yogurt. It is obvious that due to the installed tracheotomy tube it is painful to him when he clears his throat. He watched "The Queen Of Petrol Pump" today. During the watching he rose wonderingly his brows, smiled at one moment. He was watching the whole film not tearing himself away from the screen. When watching the film the pulse rate was constantly changing. The pressure is from 92/50 to 110/62, the temperature is 36,6.

  Kostya learned to take in the liquid through a tube and ate whole plastic glass of broth that was given to him by his mother. We noticed for the first time that he smacked his lips with the tongue after meal. The pressure is 100/74, the pulse rate is to 93, the temperature is 36,1.

  He sleeps bad at nights, but he was not able to be woken for breakfast. He watches films with pleasure. "Cinderella" was shown today. Anything special was not noticed. The pressure is 95/60, the pulse rate is to 97, the temperature is 36,4.

  Nothing considerable is noted. The pressure is from 90/60 to 105/70, the pulse rate is to 95, the temperature is 36,4-36,6.

  No changes. The pressure is 105/62, the pulse rate is to 98, the temperature is 36,7.

  He behaved capriciously, there was something he did not like. Though, who likes lying in the bed five and half months? Physical parameters are normal: the pressure is 120/70, the pulse rate is 100, the temperature is 36,7.

  In the afternoon he was watching a film so that he did not even notice his mother. No changes was noticed. The pressure is 95/58 in the morning, the pulse rate is to 100, the temperature is normal.

  He sleeps bad at nights. It is difficult to say it is connected either with the reduction of anticonvulsants (1mg of rivotril is given only) or with the changing weather. His mother spoon-fed him in the afternoon. The feeding was finished with gastrostomy tube. After dinner he fell asleep. The pressure is 110/65, the pulse rate is to 90, the temperature is 36,6.

  His arms are tense enough. He ate a little when his mother fed him. He started to weep twice: he reacted either to the others or to tracheotomy tube. It is obvious that it causes painful reaction to him sometimes. The pressure is from 98/65 to 100/59, the pulse rate is to 95, the temperature is 36,5.

  He is active today. He eats with the mouth good. The look is clear. The pressure is 110/70, the pulse rate is to 90, the temperature is 36,2.

  The pressure is 105/62, the pulse rate is to 94, the temperature is 36,4. Nothing special was noticed.

  The activities continue to be carried out. A doctor showed the first part of "The Very Same Munchausen" with a laptop. Kostya watched it attentively. According to the doctor's words he smiled at some moments of the film. The pressure is to 120/80, the pulse rate is to 100, the temperature is 36,5.

  During the day doctors were actively occupied with Kostya. Massage, gymnastics, exercises for restoration of nerve endings sensitivity, spoon-feeding, seating on the bed were carried out. The pressure is 101/70, the pulse rate is 85, the temperature is 36,6.

  The pressure is from 90/40 to 110/50, the pulse rate didn't exceed 109, the temperature is 36,2. No changes.

  He didn't sleep at night. During the day he was agitated and tense. He didn't react to us. The pulse rate didn't rise higher than 110. The pressure is 120/70, the temperature is 36,8.

  The dose of anticonvulsants is being decreased. 1 mg of rivotril and 150 mg of orfiril are given for night. During a day he is fed with gruel, yogurt, kissel through the gastrostomy tube for better work of the digestive system. During a night he is fed with nutricomp. The pressure is 95/60, the pulse rate is 90, the temperature is from 36,5 to 35,9.

  The pressure is 120/80, the pulse rate is to 100, the temperature is 36,5. No changes.

  The pressure is 115/61, the pulse rate is 76, the temperature is 36,4. No changes.

  No changes. The pressure is 100/60, the pulse rate is from 60 to 80, the temperature is 36,4.

  Nothing considerable was not noted. The pressure is 120/60, the pulse rate is to 99, the temperature is 36,8.

  He reacted to the appearance of his mother: became agitated, it seemed that smiled. The pressure is 100/62, the pulse rate is 78, the temperature is 36,4.

  A visit was canceled. The pressure is 105/52, the pulse rate is 68, the temperature is 36,6.

  Yesterday at 9 in the evening there was an epileptic seizure. It was scarcely connected with our visit, as we were limited time in the ward and left at 5:30 p.m. Today we were observing him from the corridor. Kostya behaved quietly. The doctor has increased the amount of orfiril twice (to 900 mg). The pressure is 99/55, the pulse rate is to 95, the temperature is 36,4.

  Five months have passed since the accident. During the relatives'
visit he did not react anyhow. The pulse rate did not exceed 90. 15-day course
of brain work activization medicines dose has begun today. After that the
removal of encephalogram is planned. The pressure is 100/60, the temperature
is 36,5.

  The pressure is 96/62, the pulse rate is to 90, the temperature is
36,4. The amount of the antiepileptics are being reduced: rivotril - to 1 mg per day, orfiril - to 450 mg per day. Kostya is relaxed and calm enough.

  The pressure is 115/60, the pulse rate is from 83 to 91, the
temperature is 36-36,5. Doctors try spoon-feeding Kostya with yogurt. Massage and physiotherapy are made.

07.09.10  The speech therapist and the physiotherapist examined Kostya. Massage has being made. Everything points that there are positive changes. The pressure is 99/63, the pulse rate is 92, the temperature is 36,9. It is decided to continue giving brain work activization medicines.

  The condition is stable. Analyses are good. The pressure is 105/65, the pulse rate is 102, the temperature is from 37,1. We didn't notice anything new as we were limited with five-minute visit.

  The pressure is 120/70, the pulse rate is 100, the temperature is 36,9. At present moment there is a break of medicamentous treatment. At this time a speech therapist and a physiotherapist will work with him. Amount of nutrition is increased as physical exercises are appointed to Kostya. We have noticed that Kostya rise his right hand to take a ball at a nurse request.

04.09.10  The pressure is 114/66, the pulse rate is 102, the temperature is 36,6. We were observing Kostya from behind the door not to disturb him and not to cause a spasm. He was watching what nurses were doing. Little by little he started to turn his head towards a look. He tried to hold a ball with his second hand.

  The pressure is 110/60, the pulse rate is from 92 to 100, during the day the temperature is from 36,6 to 37,1. He is calm. The doctor gave him Activia yogurt for the checking of swallowing reflex. Sometimes it succeeded, sometimes not.

  The pressure is 124/73, the pulse rate is 103, the temperature is 36,8. Due to the active reaction to close people the visit is canceled today.

  The temperature is within the limits from 36,2 to 36,5. There were spasms in the evening.

31.08.10  When visiting he was crying. He can't speak due to the tracheotomy tube, even he would like, but we had a feeling that he was trying to speak with his lips. The temperature is 36,9.

  He is very active today. When visiting we are afraid to disturb him once more, as the pulse increases to 130 strokes per minute. His arms are fixed that he would not pull out the gastrostomy tube and tracheotomy tube. The pressure and temperature are normal.

  He was sleeping during the visit. The temperature is 35,2, the pressure is 85/54, the pulse rate is about 60.

28.08.10  The pressure is bigger then usually (130/70). During a visit the pulse rose from 110 to 130, the doctor had to give a sedative. The temperature is 36,9.

  He lifted up his arm preventing from shaving. The pressure is 110/60, the pulse rate is from 50 to 80, the temperature is 36,4-36,6.

  There was a spasm in the morning. The doctor gave him sedative. He slept all afternoon. The pressure is 85/49, the temperature 36,4.

  His eyes are open all the time. He express no emotions. The pressure is from 88/56 to 96/58, the pulse rate is till 86, the temperature 36,4.

24.08.10  The pressure is from 95/61 to 101/69, the pulse rate is 84, the temperature is 36,6. There are no changes.

  The pressure is from 90/60 to 112/60, the pulse rate is from 72 to 99, the temperature is 36,0.

  There are no changes. The pressure is 105/65, the pulse rate is till 80, the temperature is 36,0.

21.08.10  Nothing noticeable happened. The pressure is 94/62, the pulse rate is 83, the temperature is 36,0.

20.08.10  Today positive moments were not marked. The pressure is 92/58, the pulse rate is 78-89, the temperature is 36,7.

19.08.10  He reacted to the voice of other speaking by transferring the look. The pressure is within the limits from 102/63 to 92/55. The pulse rate is from 61 to 80. The temperature is 36,0.

18.08.10  He is more active in the afternoon before the sedatives dose. After some doctor's requests to stretch his curved leg he carried out the command. In the evening it seemed that he reacted to a smell of deodorant. The pressure is from 96/60 to 110/62. The pulse rate is from 70 to 83. The temperature is 36.7.

17.08.10  When approaching to Kostya he moved twice his eyes towards the sound. He observes very attentively the movements of others. His eyes are practically open all the time. The temperature is 36.0. The pressure is 99/61.

  It is the fifth day of medicines dose for brain activity. Possibly this day will be the new birthday for Kostya. The temperature is 36.0. The pressure is 99/70. The pulse rate is from 56 to 76. As a doctor said the positive dynamics was being observed this afternoon. He nodded his head when the doctor asked him "Do you see and hear me?". He shruged his shoulders when the doctor asked "Whether to put ear-phones with music?". When the doctor showed him the photo with his girlfriend he began to cry. He reacted analogously to the photo of beloved cat. He tried to open his mouth when doctor asked him to show the tongue. In the evening during our visit he turned his eyes at the voice. It seemed that he smiled
sometimes. Before he had been slobbering, now he swallows it.

  During the day the temperature is from 36.0 to 36.7. The pressure is 105/60. He reacts to a touch to his body.

  During the day visit his eyes were open. His look appears intelligent but don't react to carry out any command. He clenches strongly things which are put in his hand. He budges his fingers more actively. The pressure is 101/60. The temperature is 36.0.

  After tenth visit of recompression chamber at three o'clock in the afternoon Kostya was moved to Keila. During the evening visit he was not opening his eyes. The pressure is 97/60. The temperature is 35.5.

  Today we started a treatment course according to the method of the head neurologist of Smolensk hospital with the use of medicines such as gliatilin, cortexin, cytoflavin, semax.

  EEG result is gotten. It will be placed in the site in the nearest time. There are no particular changes.

  Four months have passed since the accident. Kostya hasn't regained consciousness. EEG was made today, the result will be known tomorrow. The doctors began to reduce the amount of sedatives.

  There are no particular changes. It was noticed that when talking with him on subjects which are dear to him he reacts changing the mimicry of his face (possibly it is coincidence). When we hold Kostya's hand he clenches it touching by each finger.

  There are no changes.

  He is inactive. The pressure is 88/53. The temperature is 36.2.

  He practically didn't open his eyes in the evening. An influence of sedatives tells on him.

  He stands the recompression chamber fine. Today the oxygen supply through the tracheotomy tube was completely turned off. He breathes on his own.

  The third day of recompression chamber visit. He stands it fine. There are no changes.

  The second day of recompression chamber visit. There are no changes.

  During the evening visit he almost didn't open his eyes. Today there was the first treatment in a recompression chamber that lasted 25 minutes. As a nurse said Kostja reacted to something and was crying during 3-5 minutes before the recompression chamber visit.

  Nothing new was observed. The condition is the same.

  The temperature is normal. He is inactive. There are no changes.

  In the afternoon Kostja was moved from Keila to Tallinn. He was sleeping all day.

  There are no changes in the condition. As a nurse said she noticed Kostaja's frightened face during the thunderstorm. Moreover, when turning to him that it was time to stand up and go home a pathetic look appeared on his face. We want to believe that he understands something.

  During the day his eye were open. /he pressure and temperature are normal. Any reactions on others were not noticed. On Friday Kostja is being moved to Mustamäe to carry out a barotherapy course.

  He showed no activity. The temperature is normal.

  There are no changes in the condition.

  He practically did not open his eyes. He is sleepy all day.

  There are no changes in the condition.

23.07.10  He is more active today. During a visiting his eyes are open practically all the time. Two interesting moments were being observe. At the first moment when shifting a ball from his one hand to another it was noticeable that the fingers of his free hand were reaching for the ball. At the second moment when turning on a player he was trying to begin to cry twice when the song "��� �������, ��� ��� �� ����� ������� ���������" was ending and "�������" by O. Mityaev was starting. At the third time it was not being observed.

  The temperature is 36.8. He rarely opens his eyes. He is flabby and sleepy.

  There are no changes in the condition.

20.07.10  There are no changes in the condition.

  He is apathetic. He rarely opens his eyes. He follows the movements of people. The temperature is normal.

  The temperature is normal. There are no changes in the condition.

  Due to the big dose of sedatives he is inactive and rarely opens his eyes. The temperature is normal. There are no other changes.

  The temperature is normal. He is inactive.

  The temperature is normal. There are no changes in the condition.

  The temperature is 37.4 in the afternoon. It fell to normal by the evening. The tracheotomy tube was changed. There are no changes in the rest.

  The temperature is 37.5. The pulse reached 129 strokes per minute. The pupils are wide. He is very exited.

  There was an epileptic seizure in the morning, therefore a treating doctor took the decision to increase the dose of sedatives. Due to the hot weather or the fit the temperature rose to 37.5

  The temperature is normal. His eyes follow the environment turning very slightly his head.

  Today it is three months since the accident. He moves actively his legs and left arm. In order not to damage the gastrostomy tube and tracheotomy tube the left hand was tied to bed. With the object of the gastrostomy tube healing the nourishment is limited and it amounts to 700 ml of nutricomp.

  After the sedatives amount reduction his eyes are constantly open in the afternoon. He reacts to outer irritants with a change of mimicry on his face. The temperature is normal. The rest is without changes.

  The temperature is 36.4. There is a big spasticity in his legs. His eyes are open widely but don't react to the environment.

  The temperature is normal, the pressure is 94x58. There are no changes in the condition.

06.07.10  Doctors decreased a dose of anticonvulsants. Kostja is more active today. He opens his eyes more often. The temperature is 37.

05.07.10  The temperature is normal. There are no changes.

  The temperature is normal. He opens his eyes from time to time. He is inactive. He reacts to outer irritants.

03.07.10  The temperature is normal. Doctors give B1, B6 vitamins, anticonvulsants and solution of potassium for the cardiac muscle strengthening. He is inactive.

02.07.10  During the day the temperature is changing from normal to 37.7 in the evening. There are no changes in the rest.

01.07.10  The temperature is 37.1 in the morning and it fell 36.5 by the evening. Due to the gastrostomy tube installatin the gymnastics and massage are temporarily canceled.

30.06.10  In the morning a gastrostomy tube was set up in the stomach instead of the nasogastral tube which Kostja was fed through. About 2:00 p.m. Kostja was moved to Keila. A chamber is for five persons. The temperature rose to 37.5 by the evening.

29.06.10  We lingered by a day in Tallinn. Kostja was active since morning, the activity fell down by the evening. The temperature is normal.

28.06.10  There are no changes. Tomorrow Kostja is being moved to Keila.