The Unity developer and creator advocacy team

Unity’s advocates help the real-time creator community flourish by producing example projects and sharing their passion and knowledge. By showcasing the power and potential of Unity’s real-time 3D platform and tools – at game jams, studios, conferences, online, or elsewhere – our advocates enhance users’ skill sets and spark excitement about Unity’s limitless possibilities for creativity.

Unity Evangelism Team

Connecting with creators around the world

Americas team

Ashley Alicea
Senior developer advocate, games

After 10 years as an indie developer and game creation event organizer, Ashley joined Unity as an advocate for the Americas. She spends her days empowering creators with the knowledge and skills they need to create games, films, and interactive media. You’ll find her at conferences, game jams, and hackathons digging deep into new Unity features and getting excited about the community’s latest creations. Her past roles at Global Game Jam, IndieCade, and Games For Change have made her a passionate advocate of democratizing gamedev – a mission she proudly continues at Unity.

Carl Callewaert
Global director, technical marketing

Carl is passionate about supporting and teaching developers around the world as Unity’s director of advocates and influencers. His background in architecture, VR, and VFX led him to join the games industry to create AR and VR experiences for several major game studios. Prior to joining Unity in 2011, Carl worked for the Canadian Space Agency, Measurand, Autodesk Education, and on a number of AAA and indie games. As an advocate, he strives to enable the success of all creators who use Unity. His favorite questions start with: “Can you help me with…”

Housein Cornell
Content developer

Housein joined Unity as a content advocate after over 15 years of professional experience with 3D technologies. He brings hands-on expertise from working in VFX and automotive visualization, as well as a BFA and training in mechanical engineering. He loves being part of a really great team of people who help each other grow while assisting others, and he enjoys learning new things on the job and off. He’s based in Bellingham, Washington, where he brings the same spirit of curiosity and collaboration to teaching children’s art classes, modding, and keeping unusual pets.

Drew Domokos
Drew Domokos
Technical specialist, Unity Solutions

Drew started at Unity Solutions in April 2019 as a technical marketing specialist, with a focus on XR and robotics demonstrations. For the past year, he’s traveled the world to showcase Unity Solutions’ projects, as well as hosting guests at the Holodeck: Unity Solutions’ XR workshop and demo space. As a relative newcomer to the industry, Drew shares his wonder and passion for new technologies in his presentations to current and prospective clients.

Mike Geig
Manager, technical marketing content

Mike is the global head of advocate content for Unity Technologies, where he develops and delivers recorded, live, and onsite learning content to help creators improve their Unity skills. He has experience as an indie gamedev and a university educator, and he even did a brief stint as a wedding DJ. A gamer at heart, Mike loves being an advocate because he gets to build awesome and absurd Unity projects while making game development fun and accessible for everyone. He really, really hopes you’ll ask him about DOTS.

Elizabeth Guzman
Technical specialist, AEC

Elizabeth is a Technical Specialist for Unity’s AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) business. As an architect, she has spent her career in professional and academic settings focusing on project management, BIM, energy analysis, experience management, and how these affect the development of smart cities. Elizabeth holds a MASc in building engineering and has published multiple peer-reviewed research papers that continue to influence the AEC industry today. In her spare time, she volunteers assisting workshops to help engage youth about science, engineering and tech.

Alexandre Kikuchi
Head of developer advocacy for games, Americas

Based in Sao Paulo, Alexandre leads advocacy projects in Latin America. He works closely with Unity’s user community to understand their strengths and needs. With a background in computer science, Alexandre has broad expertise in the game industry, having cofounded two studios and gained a deep understanding of both the technical and business aspects of game development and publishing. As an advocate, he’s excited to support developers in his region, still considered an emerging market, by helping them find both the technological and the business solutions they need for success.

Patrick Matthews
Patrick Matthews
Product manager, technical marketing

Patrick Matthews is a program manager with a background in film and animation production. He has a knack for managing projects, from organizing single-day live events to producing international comedy show tours. Patrick is passionate about the games industry, and he especially loves working with and supporting indie game developers. When he’s not working, Patrick enjoys playing video games and spending time with his dogs.

Ben Mcilmoyle
Developer advocate, education

Lifelong gamer turned Unity Developer Advocate, Ben joined the Unity team with eight years experience as a Unity Programmer and three years as a college educator. His recent work includes developing and optimizing console ports, real-time multiplayer VR experiences, and XR simulations. Educated as a low-level C++ programmer, Ben brings technical expertise and a passion for game development to the education field.

Dan Miller
Senior developer advocate, XR

Dan was first introduced to Unity in college, and he worked on indie game projects until landing his first job developing mobile games. Now a Unity AR/VR evangelist, his primary interest is programming, but he also enjoys the design and art aspects of game and application development. Dan loves exploring the new kinds of experiences and interactions that are made possible by new media, such as virtual and augmented reality, and he often finds himself bouncing around ideas and prototypes with friends.

Elena Nizhnik
Senior manager, technical insiders and community advocacy

As a Unity advocate, Elena works with community user groups and insiders to support creators at all skill levels. She joined Unity in 2018, bringing to her role a marketing MBA and experience mobilizing players around video game launches, including for the iconic Japanese mobile game The Battle Cats. She believes that great educational content and support for learners are key to ensuring a strong and vibrant developer community, and that any new user who gets through their first month in Unity will use the platform forever.

Arturo Nereu
Senior developer advocate, operate solutions

Arturo is a developer advocate for Operate Solutions. Even before he finished his computer science degree in 2011, he’d been prototyping and developing games for console and mobile for four years. Arturo is passionate about computer graphics, game-feel and programming, and a diehard horror fan in any format. As a Unity developer advocate, he loves it when users ask him questions he doesn’t know the answer to, so everyone gets to learn from real-life scenarios together. Arturo’s work focuses on Unity’s operate, monetize, and engagement solutions.

Holly Rees
Holly Rees
Technical specialist, Unity Solutions

Holly started her career in QA for AAA games at EA and as a localization liaison at BioWare. Finger Food Advanced Technology Group (now Unity Solutions) gave her exposure to AR/VR applications, and this familiarity led to her showing the industrial AR/VR solutions to users and potential clients globally. She loves the look on people’s faces when they see an innovative AR/VR solution for the first time. When she isn’t working, you’ll find her playing video games or out on walks with her two French bulldogs.

Mark Schoennagel
Manager, technical marketing

Mark is a Unity advocate with a strong technical background in 3D animation for both film and video games. For nearly 20 years, he was the lead evangelist for Softimage 3D, where he enjoyed a front-row seat during the emergence of the 3D industry. From witnessing the humble beginnings of the first ray-traced animations to the development of today’s blockbuster AAA game titles, he’s seen it all. When not pushing the limits of 3D, Mark enjoys Formula 1 racing, photography, and VR – which is of course just more 3D.

Katie Stocks
Katie Stocks
Content developer

Katie Stocks is a program manager with over 10 years’ experience in corporate event planning and strategy, harnessing her ability to solve complicated problems in new and imaginative ways while leading successful programs. Katie is passionate about creating the right opportunities, programs and activations to empower technical specialists who are changing the world by inspiring creators with the power of Unity. When she’s not working, Katie enjoys puzzling, wine with friends, and exploring new places.

Craig Vega
Craig Vega
Manager, technical marketing

Craig built his first video game as a high school freshman in the 1980s, and he’s been hooked on games and tech ever since. He manages the technical marketing for industrial and media and entertainment fields, where he focuses on building a strong team to show people Unity’s power and potential in these industries. Craig is passionate about technology’s ability to improve people’s lives, and he loves solving problems and connecting people to achieve shared goals.

European team

André Cardoso
Content creator

André is a game designer and developer from Brazil, based in Copenhagen, and creator of the Mix and Jam YouTube channel. He loves being a Unity content creator because he gets to inspire people at the beginning of their game development journey and help them to learn accessible tools. André always tries to remember the time before he knew how to code or use Unity, so he can better understand and empathize with new users and their challenges. He always hopes users will ask for his help getting started with technical art tools like particles and VFX, and with general polish techniques.

Ciro Continisio
Head of creator advocacy for games, EMEA

With Unity since 2016, Ciro leads the EMEA advocacy team. He has a graphic design background and over 12 years of development experience, including two commercial game releases with his own company, Tiny Colossus, and work as a tester at EA. Ciro and his team travel the EMEA region to spread the word about Unity, focusing on games. He likes to draw advanced development practices and optimization tricks into his talks, occasionally touching on game design, too. He is also the creator of the Unity Playground, an asset that helps kids make games in Unity without programming.

Chema Damak
Creator advocate

Chema is a proud self-proclaimed geek, a longtime gamer who’s thrilled to have realized her dream of working in the video game industry. Armed with a computer science degree, she’s held numerous roles working on games for different platforms, and she started in game design over seven years ago. Drawing on her passion for games, teaching experience and dev chops, today Chema is a Unity advocate based in Copenhagen, educating users and sharing her passion for Unity.

Amel Negra
Creator advocate

Amel is a Unity creator advocate based in Copenhagen. She joined Unity after graduating from the IMAC Engineering School in Paris, where she studied multimedia engineering. Amel enjoys projects that involve both art and technology, and she’s worked on interactive and immersive experiences, VR, and the design and development of both serious and hyper casual games. She believes that anything imaginable can be created in Unity, and she’s keen to help others find a way to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Ben Radcliffe
Ben Radcliffe
Media & entertainment technical specialist

Ben is a media and entertainment technical specialist with 20 years of experience in VFX, CG feature and TV animation.  He’s worked for a variety of top studios, including Dreamworks Animation, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Disney Feature Animation, MPC, and Industrial Light and Magic, and he’s worked as a digital artist supervisor on major franchises including Avengers and Transformers.  In his role at Unity, Ben works with technical decision-makers and influencers at key studios to advance the art and science of visual effects and animation through the use of real-time technology.

Andy Touch
Senior global content developer

Andy is a global content advocate for Unity, where he focuses on creating example projects to demonstrate upcoming features and inspire users to take their games to the next level. He studied interactive media production in school, then worked as a gamedev before joining Unity in 2013. His favorite part of the job is experimenting with new features and tools, and he believes that everything Unity makes should be helpful to users in real-world scenarios, mechanics, and visual effects. Want to make him happy? Ask how to replicate a big-budget movie effect using Unity shaders.

South Asia-Pacific team

Marek Marchlewicz
Creator advocate

Marek is an advocate based in Singapore. With a background in applied physics, he’s participated in the development of multiple video games and VR experiences while holding senior programming positions at Sumo Digital, Crytek, and Dr. Panda. Marek joined Unity in 2016 to enhance the bridge between developers and the latest technologies, and he loves that his role lets him meet inspiring and talented people. He’s convinced that hands-on workshops are the best way to learn Unity, and he hopes you’ll join him in one soon.

South Korea team

Vanz Kim
Head of advocacy, Korea

Vanz is the head of Unity advocacy in Korea, where he shares his passion for real-time media creation with anyone who will listen. Over a 25-year career in the field, he’s worked in 3D animation, game design and feature film production, applying his MFA background in roles from storyboard artist to cut-scene director, and from game designer to creative director. As an advocate, Vanz tries to put himself in users’ shoes to help them find solutions for visualizing their ideas in Unity.

John Oh
Lead developer advocate, Korea

John (Jihyun) is Unity’s lead developer advocate in Korea. He has over 15 years of experience in the game industry, in fields including PC online game development, services, software development, and lecturing on gamedev in university. Since joining Unity in 2014, John’s worked to share the latest tech news and knowledge, especially in XR, media and entertainment, and graphics engineering. He likes to demo tools for users, then let them do it for themselves, and John loves it when he and Unity users are able to solve their production issues together.

Adriana Ryan
Creator advocate

Adriana is a Unity advocate based in Seoul, specializing in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) and industrial applications, as well as media and entertainment projects. She has an interdisciplinary visual arts background and has worked in graphic design, web development, and as a producer. Adriana joined Unity in 2018. She loves that her role lets her meet interesting people, and tries to create a positive atmosphere to make learning fun. Adriana is secretly afraid of birds, so you can ask her questions about anything but that.

SangYun Yi
Senior technical art advocate, games, Korea

SangYun is a seasoned technical artist and advocate based in Seoul. Before joining Unity, he worked for several years as a 3D environment artist and designer in the Korean game industry. As an evangelist, SangYun encourages users to share as much information as possible about their projects so that he can best help them improve visual quality and performance. He’s always studying up on technical art and new Unity tools, and he’s especially keen to help users enhance their projects for high-end mobile games.

China team

Jerry Bao
Creator advocate, education

As one of the pioneers of early mobile game development, Jerry is rare in having more than 10 years of experience in the field. He’s worked for big companies like SEGA, DeNA, and as a team leader and lead programmer for mobile game clients. Jerry joined Unity as a product advocate in 2016, and he also lectures in game development part time at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He loves being able to share new Unity features with developers around the world, but he says the best part is seeing the magic that devs create as they start using them.

Leon Cheng
Creator advocate

Liang (Leon) Cheng is a product advocate based in Shanghai. He brings a master’s degree in computer science and 13 years of experience in the games industry to the role. Leon has worked as a senior game developer at Tencent, where he focused on mobile games, and at Ubisoft, on console games. He specializes in graphics and optimization techniques. Leon joined Unity in 2017, and he loves that his role gives him early access to the latest tools and features and the chance to share them with users in fun and interesting ways.

Yining Cheng
Creator advocate, media & entertainment

Yining is a media and entertainment advocate and senior animator at Unity, based in Shanghai. He brings an impressive list of credits from his 14 years of experience working in animation for feature film and TV productions, including six years at Oriental DreamWorks. Yining has an electronic information engineering degree, but his work has focused on character animation, rigging, dialog synchronization, 3D layout, and game animation. Since joining Unity in 2018, he helped create an original real-time short film (Windup), and he loves that there’s always something new to learn and share.

Pengpeng Li
Pengpeng Li
Technical content producer

Pengpeng Li has years of experience for mobile games optimization. Prior to joining Unity, he worked for Huawei’s game optimization program to optimize popular games including PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and Honor of Kings for the Android platform. He works closely with the Chinese game developer community to source and develop Made with Unity cases as well as developing technical content that showcase Unity’s capabilities.

Han Lin
Creator advocate, art content creation

Han is a Unity advocate based in China, who joined the team in 2019. Over a 12-year career in the industry, he has worked for Virtuos, Tencent, and Oriental DreamWorks (a DreamWorks and SMG joint venture) as a senior artist. Han loves working as a Unity advocate because the position lets him explore new ways to apply his artistic training. He especially likes helping fellow developers and artists discover and fine-tune the art flow while they work on their games, and he loves to find ways to make learning fun.

Kelvin Lo
Creator advocate

Kelvin is a passionate Unity advocate and evangelist working in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Before joining Unity in 2013, he was a game producer for mobile and web games in Taiwan for over 10 years. Kelvin’s also an enthusiastic gamer himself and has an extensive network in the multimedia industry – the result of treating every user he meets as an instant friend. He loves that being an advocate lets him share his knowledge and experience, constantly learn new things, and help others make great games using Unity. And he’s still amazed that a job can be this much fun.

Richard Yang
Head of creator advocacy, China

Richard (Dong) is the head of creator advocacy for Unity China. He has 15 years of experience as a full-stack web and mobile programmer and worked as a Unity gamedev and project manager for Perfect World Entertainment prior to joining Unity in 2016. At Unity, his team creates training workshop materials, delivers online live sessions, and manages localized products and custom builds of the Unity Editor and Unity Hub for the Chinese market. He loves his job because he learns new things every day and spends his time talking to and sharing with like-minded developers.

Eveline Yin
Creator advocate

Eveline brings curiosity and enthusiasm to her work as a Unity advocate. Her professional history is broad – she has degrees in English, advertising, and game design, and she’s worked in project management and hosted numerous science and technology forums, conferences and exhibits. Eveline started working in games five years ago, and she’s never looked back. She loves being asked about AR, game design, and game applications beyond entertainment and says that there’s no such thing as a bad question.

Japan team

Yusuke Ikewada
Creator advocate, games

Yusuke is a Unity advocate based in Tokyo and is the editor of the Made with Unity Japan site. He started his career as a freelancer, creating content for web and advertising, then worked at Camouflaj game studio, where he was the UI designer for the episodic action-adventure stealth game République. He’s been at Unity since 2015, and he loves being on the inside track of the gamedev technology of the future. As an evangelist and as a creator, Yusuke says that it’s essential to never forget the beginner’s humility. He still loves making games.

Nobuyuki Kobayashi
Developer advocate, films

Nobuyuki is a community advocate for Unity Japan. Before joining Unity in 2012, he was the game director for PlayStation platforms, and he’s created many game IPs over his 22-year career in the gaming industry. At Unity, Noboyuki is also one of the planners behind the Unity-Chan Project and wrote the Unity-Chan ToonShader 2.0 (UTS2), drawing on his in-depth knowledge of Japanese animation. As an evangelist, he shares his love of 3D tools, deep knowledge of game design and asset creation, and whatever new shaders he’s been working on.

Hiroki Omae
Director of Unity Japan

Hiroki is a product advocate and the regional director for Unity Japan. His game development career spans 25 years, first working on internal engines in the Japanese games industry, then making his own games as an indie developer. He joined the Unity team in 2010. Hiroki’s a huge game-jam enthusiast whose passion is improving and fine-tuning the process of game development. When he’s not at his computer, he enjoys cycling, snowboarding, and canyoning – but if he had more spare time, he says he’d probably spend it developing new features for Unity.

Takeshi Oshita
Developer advocate, games

Takeshi is an advocate at Unity Japan, where he shares information on graphics and artists’ workflow on the platform. During almost 20 years in the industry, he has worked as a 2D and 3D artist, technical artist, director, product manager for Tose Software, and a part-time lecturer at Ritsumeikan University. Takeshi splits his time between Tokyo and Kyoto, and he’s currently fascinated by procedural and automated tools for asset creation. He tries to help users overcome any inhibitions about using the platform, and loves helping people solve their problems with Unity solutions.

Keijiro Takahashi
Developer advocate, games

Keijiro joined Unity in 2011, based in Tokyo. Holding a bachelor’s degree in information technology, he worked for 10 years in the console game industry, including many years as a programmer-manager on some PlayStation titles. At Unity, Keijiro’s excited by our cutting-edge technologies, which let him experiment with numerous cross-media projects. His creations include VFX, music and sound experiments, and holographic shows, and he regularly shares his Unity-based projects and demos with thousands of followers via his dev log, GitHub repos, Vimeo account, and other channels.

Issey Takeuchi
Developer advocate, AEC

Issey is a product advocate for architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) at Unity, where he hopes to eliminate the barriers between architecture and other industries. In the past, he has worked as a community manager in architecture and developed AR/VR experiences for AEC. Issey launched UnityJapanOffice on the Asset Store to explore the potential for architectural visualization in Unity and make this asset available to others. As an advocate, he tries to help bring about a world in which anyone can create with Unity.

Koichi Tamura
Community advocate, Japan

Koichi is a community advocate for Unity Japan. He brings over 20 years of experience in online marketing, services, and media to the role, and he’s a hobbyist game developer. Koichi co-launched, the online digital version of Japan’s most famous video game magazine, and he also operated a Japanese prime minister’s website. As an advocate, he tries to keep things simple, easy and fun. Based in Tokyo, Koichi loves connecting new users with Unity and can’t wait to help them get started making a game.

Tatsuhiko Yamamura
Developer advocate, games

Tatsuhiko joined Unity as an advocate in 2011. He’s also a field engineer who works in learning seminars, on helpdesk support, and also writes blog posts and articles about Unity. Based in Japan, Tatsuhiko loves that his job gives him opportunities to explore new features and interesting graphics and to share his interests with other Unity fans. Before coming to Unity, he was the main programmer for an indie studio. These days he specializes in mobile games, AR/VR, learning, and trying out Asset Store packages. Tatsuhiko works very hard to create maximum fun for Unity users.

Yohei Yanase
Creator advocate, academic

With Unity since 2013, Yohei is a product advocate and education lead in Tokyo. He has over 25 years of experience in the industry, including work as a game design engineer and scenario writer, and he is also currently a guest researcher at the University of Tokyo. Yohei loves that his job gives him opportunities to connect with many people. He has two pieces of advice he tries to share with the community: “Don’t think, try!” and “Prototype first!” If he has any spare time, he spends it playing video games.

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