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The day Lucifer was born. (8)

22.09.2013 16:02, x342 (Viimati luges: Anonüümne lugeja @ )
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''It wasn't the world that killed him. It was the God himself.''

''Your job is to make people happy. Your job is to turn enemies into friends. You can make the world a better place." said the God once to one boy. The boy was surprised when he heard the God's voice inside his head, but he accepted that job because he loved seeing people smile.

He became an angel. He got beautiful white wings, with a purewhite soul and purewhite thoughts.

He did his job well. People that once were enemies, became friends. People that cried, started laughing. The boy loved his job.

But as time passed, people forgot all the good things, that he did to them. He became lonely and sad. Things that mattered before, didn't matter anymore. He wanted to be happy, by making others happy, but he failed.

One day he discovered that his wings became black. His hair, that was once purewhite as the snow, became black as raven's wings.

He went to talk to the God. He asked: ''God, I don't understand! Why are my wings black and not white?''
The God said: ''Because your thoughts aren't the same as before. Your personality has changed and so has your appearance. It's because people can't accept you. You are lonely, and loneliness makes you sad and angry.''
He asked: ''Why didn't you tell me this when you offered me this job?"
The God said simply: ''You would've not accepted it then.''

The boy got really angry. ''It was all just so I'd do this job? Why can't you do the job? You are the God they all believe in. The almighty!"
And the god answered: ''This is the world, my son.''

The boy left. He was all alone now. He thought that the God was the only one who he could rely on, but the God abandoned him.

The boy started to hate the God. He thought he was a cruel creature.

As time passed, the boy's hatred became more powerful. He started deceiving people. He used their hatred and turned them into his underlings. He created an army of demons.

When God heard of that, he got angry. He did the same as the boy did. He created an army as well. An army of angels.

And then started a war between the bad and the good. Between hatred and joy. Between black and white. Between a boy called Lucifer and a man known as the God.


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Idee on minu oma. Minu loodud. Kirjutasin teksti inglise keeles ja lasin selle üle vaadata, lisati paar parandust ja lõpptulemus on teie ees.

Kokkuvõttes on see jutt kuidas sündis Lucifer, aga see pole nii nagu piibl

Teavita ebasobivast sissekandest!




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Nii hästi kirjutada :3
But actually I do not know who is Lucifer




Üli hea jutt : ))


Aitäh : )


ugh, this is great C:


Aw, aitäh c:


love it


denks C:

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