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I promise not to make any promises (2)

10.06.2018 19:27, x239 (Viimati luges: Anonüümne lugeja @ )
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Last year I promised to no longer beg you for food and to only eat the food that's put in front of me, but I really couldn't resist wanting to try everything you put in your mouth. I promised not to wake you up before sunrise, but I knew you hated it when I peed on your carpets. I told myself to never bark at him again, but every time I saw him I was reminded of the time you didn't take me to the park for 3 weeks. You were too busy crying over the break-up. I decided not to leave my toys laying around the house anymore, but there's only 168 hours in a day, and I couldn't waste any of it. I promised to stop chewing on your gym shoes, but you never took me with you, so I couldn't let you go either! I made a lot of promises I couldn't keep. That's why I've decided to only make one this time around, and it's to not make any promises, because whatever I do, you'll always love me. It's hard to resist loving a puppy as adorable as me!

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