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Free Counter is a free web counter service for your website or blog. It's truly 100% FREE and there is NO email registration required! We have dozens of different styles to choose from. Our counters work on all blogs and self-help websites, such as blogger (blogspot), wordpress, tumblr, wix, webnode, hubpages and so on.

Help/Frequently Asked Questions

What is a web counter?
A web counter is a software application which displays the number of hits/visitors to a particular webpage. Once a web counter is installed, it is incremented by one each time the web page is accessed by a unique visitor/hit.

Are your website counters free to use?
Yes, our website counters are completely free to use. We do however ask that you do not alter the code as this contains a little link back to our website.

How do I create a counter?
Just fill out a simple form above then place the HTML code on your web page.

Where can I place the counter HTML code on my webpage?
The counter HTML is formatted in a way that it can be placed anywhere on your webpage, however we recommend placing it at the bottom of your webpage.

Can I use more than one counter?
Yes, you can use as many counters as you need.

Can I remove the sponsor link?
The sponsors are the reason we can run this free service and provide such a fast trouble free counter. Please do not modify your sponsor link or text.

Can I change the HTML in the counter code?
Unless you are very familiar with HTML and JavaScript I do not recommend changing the HTML code. However, if you insist, please do not modify the text or destination of your sponsor link or make it invisible.

How come my Counter displays 'no work' on it?
It means you have violated our terms of use and your counter has been disabled. Most likely you have removed the link to our sponsor or changed the link to our sponsor to go somewhere else. If you would like a new counter you can request a new counter using the signup form.

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